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After the great revelations and the unpleasant events of the last episode, we find our team on the run. Without Professor Weller to guide them, the Gen: Lock project must ask itself what is right to do.

Gen: Lock episode synopsis

In the last episode, members of the Gen: Lock team fled, escaping, after the Union attacked the Polity military base. The new episode opens with an incredible revelation: the enemy manages to track the team wherever it goes. This obviously puts them in constant danger and, worst of all, takes away security from anyone who decides to host them. A noteworthy disadvantage when waging a war against an apparently invincible enemy capable of launching a heavy attack on each of the Polity military bases.

Valentina suddenly grabs Kazu's guitar and starts playing as if nothing had happened. To the surprise of the Japanese he replies that the memories took them from him. During the battle the two had pushed the connection even deeper and, apparently, their minds "contaminated" each other. The exchange will likely make understanding between the two even more profound.

Meanwhile, Chase begins to hear the thoughts of his Nemesis when he is inside the Holon. Analyzing this, the team realizes something that they should have already understood: despite being a corrupt version of Gen: Lock, Nemesi is still in the network that all of them can access. In this way, he has always been able to find them and he will be able to whenever they decide to load their minds. The revelation leads the team to ask questions about its future. Escape and live safely, in eternal escape from war, or fight and endanger everyone? Destroy Gen: Lock or continue the fight?

Weller's surprise

Thoughts are interrupted by Caliban who, in Dr. Weller's voice, speaks for the first time in the series. Thus it turns out that the robot represents the emergency plan of the scientist, who had loaded all his ideas, his theories and his plans for the Gen: Lock program into it. A hologram from the doctor explains what the next steps are. In Weller's last message, we discover all the emotional side of the man who had kept himself tightly closed until then.

Caliban suggests the next phase of the project to the team: after the prototype and production, the next step would have been to move Gen: Lock to RTASA (the beating heart of Polity's aerospace research) to continue experimenting.

A few hours later, while the journey to the base is underway, Yaz tries to console Chase. It must have been difficult for him to find out that he was a copy and that he was fighting himself, despite torture and mental manipulation. Julian wonders if he is real, if there is still something authentic in himself. Yaz replies that, for the team and for her, he is real.

The welcome at the base is not the warmest but, thanks to a researcher they had saved in the last mission, the team manages to gain access to the RTASA. Inside they meet Dr. Jha, who learns with immense pain of Weller's death. After finding out how quickly the Gen: Lock project continued, the woman put them in touch with Marc Holcroft. The two of them and Rufus Weller were friends, and remained so even after Dr. Jha and Weller got married.

Marc, Polity's main research funder, is well prepared to get to know them. Although it appears only as a hologram, it has all the profiles of the team members and seems to have studied them properly. The team exposes the problem of tracking by Nemesi and Camie proposes to rewrite the security protocols of the Gen: Lock network. Marc doesn't seem happy to learn that she knows things about the program that escape him.

Thanks to the resources of the RTASA, Camie manages to rebuild and customize the Holons, giving everyone exactly what they need to better express themselves on the battlefield.

Commentary on the episode of Gen: Lock

It will never be enough to show how perfectly the series balances the information in each episode. To date, one episode after the conclusion of the series, we have not had any episode without a new piece of history and the program. Unlike other Rooster Teeth series, such as RWBY, the writing has reached a balance that could be called perfect.

The interactions between the team members, who were superficial at the beginning of the series, became very personal. The ability to unite two minds and involuntarily exchange memories and entire skills will allow for greater understanding in the team.

It is not possible to give a unique reading to the figure of Yaz in this episode. His confidences with Chase could be only an attempt to reassure him, given his unique and particular situation, or a willingness to take things to a higher level than just friendship. With Miranda out of the way, Chase could conveniently find himself free.

Dr. Weller manages to be a key character in the series even when not present. His death, painful as it is, is not felt thanks to Caliban and the Omega protocol. The introduction into the narrative of his ex-wife and one of his best friends makes the figure even more mysterious. They both express themselves as if he were keeping them at a distance, but opening up with the Gen: Lock team and allowing them to discover things that others were barred from.