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After the first series of devastating trainings, the group of candidates begins to see the first improvements. But a new obstacle appears on the horizon. What will happen?


The trio of candidates, now a team in actual training, repeat the same routine day after day. They wake up early in the morning, eat something for breakfast and then go for training. All these activities are done with the power-up suit, probably to get them used to having a stronger and more performing body than theirs. Over time, the team's tactics and weapon skills increase, as does their harmony. The problem with a group that spends every moment of the day together is the lack of a break that allows for rest. During one of Dr. Weller's explanations, we learn that the brain is the most important part of a Holon, because it obviously contains non-replaceable data. It is not possible to make a backup of the human brain, therefore it must always be protected. The concept of time limit is also introduced: If the neural image changes too much compared to what the physical brain is used to, downloading may be impossible. Therefore, if candidates do not want to be trapped for life, they must do everything within a limited time. Overclocking a Holon is possible, but obviously burns more time than a normal action. During the upload, all the minds of the Gen: Lock program are placed in a private network that allows them, with the right training and harmony, to share from thoughts to the senses. Finally, one of the most important explanations is related to age. Once the human body reaches adulthood, it stops regenerating neurotransmitters, therefore aging can be excluded from the Gen: Lock program, which takes advantage of this regenerating factor. One of Chase's comrades in arms, although compatible, was excluded because of his age.

Upon returning from training, Julian finally returns to talk to Miranda. The conversation is strange and when you tackle the topic of the girl's new man, she immediately gets defensive. It is clear that Miranda feels guilty for going ahead and that finding out that Chase is still alive makes her feel bad. Fortunately, he understands the situation and reassures her. Julian shows sympathy for the pain he must have felt and how difficult it has been to go on. After taking Miranda's defense, Chase can finally talk about his point of view. The girl is still confused but, if nothing else, seems to agree on the cessation of hostility.

GEN: LOCK wallpaper

The problem of free time returns predominantly when the group is closed in its own accommodation, without the possibility of being able to leave the base. Free time can be enjoyed only by accessing Ether, a network similar to the internet where you can send your holographic image. After a short discussion, the group agrees to take a tour online.

In a riot of easter egg and fantasy, we learn that in the virtual world everyone can be who or what he wants. Camie, for example, has a non-human avatar. Valentina has a male avatar and tells us that several times in her life she has changed sex even in the physical world. The discussion takes place with normalcy and tranquility, because nothing strange seems to upset the characters (apart from our Japanese, but he only wants beer and does not care about the rest).

The team's playtime is soon interrupted by a military mission, which immediately calls them to order. An attack on the Dallas Ether Center is underway and an immediate counter-offensive is needed. The attack pattern is very strange and requires a quick response, otherwise the Union may advance too quickly. The Gen: Lock team, after days and days of training, finally begins to show its potential. Opposing forces are easily defeated with minimal losses and even less injured. The situation seems to turn in favor of Polity forces until the entry of the new Union weapon. The external appearance recalls that of the Holons but the similarities seem to stop at that point. The new creature almost gets the better of Camie, who is saved only thanks to the contribution of the whole team. The Scotswoman's holon loses her head and the young woman panics. Fortunately, the absence of a visual signal is compensated by that of the team. Phase two of the Gen: Lock program allows you to share your senses.

GEN: LOCK Julian Chase


The series continues to throw us buckets of information on how the Gen: Lock program works, which makes me think that one of the focuses of the series is not to discover its secrets. In any case, the care with which knowledge is distributed in each episode is appreciable, leaving the viewer with an increasingly complete and easy to metabolize picture.

As for the characters, excluding the love drama of Chase and Miranda, Camie is the protagonist of the series. The other members of the program struggle to let their personality emerge, up to now relegated to a few aspects for each. I expect that the remaining three will also show what they're made of in the future. I particularly enjoyed Valentina's sex change interaction. The scene has the advantage of being simple, easy to understand and without too much morale behind it. I liked the fact that Kazu might not understand and I found it perfect that nobody cared. Valentina (or Val) does not need the approval or recognition of others.

The ending of the episode leaves many surprises, making us wonder what that horrible mechanical creature is.
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