After an incredible first episode, the review of which can be read at this link, Gen: Lock immediately returns to the crest of the wave with a second episode full of answers. The event series of American animation, whose production we remember having been studded with successes and great actors, does not lift the foot from the accelerator and gives us a second episode full of events.

Synopsis Second episode of Gen: Lock

The story resumes at the exact point where the first episode left off, with Miranda Worth looking with surprised and affectionate eyes at the hologram of her beloved, Julian Chase, believed dead for four very long years. Dr. Weller marvels at the young man for his jokes and prepares to explain the situation but, against all military protocol, chaos erupts in the briefing room. Only after a few minutes, order is restored and the doctor is able to explain how things are: Julian Chase is alive. After recovering from the crash, he was treated and kept under observation. The soldier is the first person to have been part of a top secret program that began shortly before the war. The other candidates have been carefully selected from around the world, following tests done without their knowledge. With the incidence of candidates to the population being less than one in a million, possibly even one in a billion, Chase was kept in sight all the time and even after the crash he was not considered an asset to which give up.

The explanation at this point focuses on the new mechs seen during the Coyote mission. Dr. Weller calls them Holons, robots that are not drones, are not controlled remotely and have no space to house the pilot's body. What drives this new generation of mechs are the minds of the pilots, uploaded directly to the Holons after being digitized. Those compatible with the loading procedure are called Gen: Lock, at least in the first phase of the project. Dr. Weller later reveals that Madrani, the pilot who accompanied him so far, is the second person to have connected to a mech. After what many call "enough to digest" the briefing ends and the soldiers are sent back to their duties. The colonel concluded the meeting by stating that the research unit would move to the Anvil on a permanent basis for joint exercises with Polity soldiers. Against all expectations, Chase sees Miranda turn her back on him and leave the room without saying a word.

In the laboratory room, old comrades can find out what happened to Julian. Immersed in a regenerating liquid, deprived of an arm and the lower part of the body, Chase is attached to machines that can keep him alive with difficulty. Fortunately, the soldier has not lost his sense of humor and laughs at the jokes made about losing weight. The comrades ask if there is no possibility to regenerate Julian's body but Dr. Weller explains that only Union nanomachines could have a chance to do so, in any case not with the technology they have at Anvil. The story continues, explaining how Chase was lucky to have been briefly infected by the same nanomachines at the time of the crash, an event that allowed him to remain alive until the extraction.

A few days later, the remaining Gen: Lock candidates, gathered from all over the world, arrive at Anvil for further tests. They are not all soldiers and they do not all speak English either. We understand that current technology allows simultaneous translation through subtitles of others' speeches. Candidates are introduced by Dr. Weller as they get off the plane: Miss MacCloud; Lida-san; Valentina Roman something (the doctor has difficulty pronouncing the surname correctly, or perhaps remembering it) and the specialist Sinclair. The candidates find that further tests await them and that they have been gathered from all over the world without their future being confirmed.

Meanwhile Miranda still doesn't want to visit Chase, which allows the soldier to make the first move. Being essentially able to teleport thanks to the hologram, the two have a chance to be alone. Miranda, as foreseeable but not justifiable by a soldier, complains about the lies that have been told to her and says that in four years Chase could have been heard, sent a message or confirmed that she was alive. Unfortunately for her, Julian's participation in a top secret program did not allow him to communicate with the outside world. To Chase's claim that she worked four long years to be there, Miranda replies that he is not actually in that corridor. The young woman doesn't trust him and leaves without adding anything else.

The other candidates wasted no time and, while Chase was talking to his ex, they took care to wear the suits that Dr. Weller had prepared for them. Madrani comes to the aid of the four explaining that they are armor prototypes that ESU has developed for the vanguard. The explanations are interrupted by the guard of the Anvil who, by breaking into the room, declares all those present under arrest. There appears to have been a security breach and one of those present is a Union spy. Madrani claims to have belonged to the enemy but to have betrayed long ago, but the soldiers explain that they came for the specialist Sinclair. Man, abandoning any desire to cooperate, unleashes the nanomachines and launches an attack. Despite the heroic resistance of the guardhouse, the spy manages to make his way inside the base.

Upon reaching the laboratory, the Union intruder takes a hostage and closes himself inside, communicating with the outside only to get one of the Holons, in which he asks to be loaded. Dr. Weller infers that he is not the real Sinclair and therefore is not compatible with the program. By taking advantage of this fact, the doctor satisfies Sinclair and orders the robot Caliban to start the connection, fulfilling the spy's desire. Not being the real candidate, the intruder's body proves unsuitable for the connection that rejects him and kills him within seconds. The whole base thus has an excellent demonstration of why the candidates are few and only they can be loaded on the Holons.

Gen XNUMX Lock Episode Commentary

By doing some research we can find out how Genlock is a term used and which derives from the English "Generator Lock", indicating a technique that includes the synchronization of multiple video sources using the output of one to hook another. The abbreviated form gives the name to the animated series. After all, Dr. Weller's explanations may very well find space in the technical counterpart. The candidate's mind, with all the signals it produces and processes, is digitized and connected to the Holon, allowing the synchronization of brain signals with the movements of the mech. The reason why only a few candidates in the world can connect is still not perfectly clear but the fact that the incompatible are killed instantly is a good deterrent to certain thoughts about the characters.

In this episode the personal story between Miranda and Chase continues, with the first understandably shocked by the revelation but whose anger is misplaced. Being both Polity soldiers, it is understandable that they are used to the term top secret. Having seen, at the end of the episode, the state of Julian's body, I expect Miranda to change her opinion and understand that the ex-boyfriend was not exactly in a position to make decisions.

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