After the success of the first edition, the Genderplay II Edition arrives! This time we invited prominent guests to talk about emotional security in role-playing games.

Many months have passed since it was held in November 2018 the first Genderplay!

AICS Bologna, in collaboration with i Seekers of Atlantis, Morning gift, Women, Dice and Data e The Guild, organized that first night, bringing together around 60 people who are passionate about role-playing games. After a conference / round table where the topic was discussed discrimination and gender roles at the game table, the evening continued with an aperitif and, of course, the role play! They have been tried several RPGs focused on gender roles, like Sagas of the Icelanders, Kagematsu, Big Gay Orcs, Bluebeard's Bride e Monster hearts.

Given the success of the last edition and seeing that many people asked us to replicate the experience, Genderplay will return in Pride Month, with a second edition!

Let's see who the guests will be and what role games will be offered!

Genderplay II Edition: what will we talk about?

For this second edition of Genderplay, we will talk about the emotional security in role play.

Not a second too early compared to infamous discussion born from the choice of a master to insert a gang rape of the pg, during a fair and without saying anything to the players! In this Genderplay II Edition, we will talk about all the techniques useful to ensure that all the people at the table can play without fear to find oneself in unpleasant situations.

We will consider both X-card (also recommended on Vampiri da Jason Carl), as much as the 0 session and we will talk about phenomena like the Bleed. In addition, we will also bring to the attention of the public a whole series of role-playing and LARP games designed not as a fun pastime, but as real therapies to deal with traumatic experiencese.

It will be very important to compare the experience of the speakers with that of the public, so participate in numbers *!

All the speakers of Genderplay II Edition!

For the Genderplay II Edition, we will have some guests from the first Genderplay as well as completely new faces!

Old friends who return: Pietro Guermandi and Claudi Pandolfi!

From the old guard, we will have Peter Guermandi de La Gilda. Longtime LGBT activist, Pietro is one of the founding members of The Guildplayful workshop born within the Cassero LGBTI Center association.

Will also come back Claudia Pandolfi, co-founder (together with Giulia Cursi!) research group Women, Dice and Data. Recently, Claudia has worked with me, Francesco Giovinazzi, Aurelio Castro and Roberto Lazzaroni on one studio on discrimination in the Italian world of role playing, whose data can be read Thu!

The new levers: Giulia Cursi, Francesco Rugerfred Sedda and Helios Pu!

They are always members of Women, Dice and Data also two of the new speakers: Julia Cursi e Francesco Rugerfred Sedda.

Giulia is a table and live role playing player and is in charge of disclosure of non-traditional RPGs thanks to the project Down the Screen. In addition, Giulia founded the group Sisterhood of Evil, safe space (we deepened Thu the issue of safe space!) dedicated to people who play role and who recognize themselves in the female or non-binary gender.

Rugerfred, on the other hand, is a Game Designer it's a game consultant, dealing with both RPGs as well as live role-playing games, virtual reality video games, urban games and hybrid experiments. Judge of Game Chef and 200 Word RPG ChallengeRugerfred is actively involved in popularizing role-playing games in all its forms, including those that are not aimed at fun.

Always among the new speakers we will also see Helios Pu, who who played at Well-Movie will already know well. Helios, in fact, is the founder of Helios Games, a collective that gathers authors, players and illustrators, with whom it develops role and table games and advises young authors.

Finally, a moderare the whole shack will always be me, Gloria Comandini of the Seekers of Atlantis.

Bluebeard's Bride: from the first Genderplay with fury!
Bluebeard's Bride: from the first Genderplay with fury!

The games we will try at Genderplay II Edition!

Also in Genderplay II Edition, we will have several thematic games that will be tried after the seminar. Some of these games have already been brought to the first Genderplay and all, somehow, bring into play the emotional security of the player. Let's see them better!

Returning games: Bluebeard's Bride, Nightwitches, Sexy Time Adventures, Sagas of the Icelanders, Kagematsu, Monster Hearts II e Big Gay Orcs!

Directly from the first Genderplay, old flames return that have conquered us! Whether you want to cry or laugh, all these games are to be treated with some caution and would need an X-card at the table, as well as awareness of their issues.

Serious games, of exploration of gender roles, of change and abuse

If you want to impersonate a group of women who, in medieval Japan, have to seduce a samurai to convince him to stay and protect their village, Kagematsu it will do for you, as it explores the limitations imposed by gender roles. A similar experience is also given by Sagas of the Icelanders, Historical RPG in which the hard life and the iron social roles of Icelanders of the seventh century AD are experienced

If, on the other hand, you want to take the situation in hand and put yourself in the shoes of a group of Russian aviators during the Second World War, competing both with the Nazis and with the male colleagues of the other allied regiments, Nightwitches gives an experience more suitable for you.

If instead you want to go deeper into the introspective, Bluebeard's Bride tackles the theme ofmarital abuse, putting you in the shoes of Bluebeard's wives, forced either to forgive and justify the violence of her husband to survive, or to rebel and die. Heavy topic, without a shadow of a doubt. This is why, if you prefer a psychological game but with less (perhaps) more sorceress, too Monster Hearts II can be a good choice: in this case you will interpret a group of teenagers and their difficult relationship with peers and adults, who perceive them as deviant and, therefore, as monsters, more or less literally.

A random Big Gay Orc from Several gay monsters
A random Big Gay Orc from Several gay monsters

Caciaroni games, to explore toxic machismo and stereotypes with a smile!

For those who want to spend a more relaxed evening, there is also Big Gay Orcs, which explores the toxic machismo and the stereotypes that men face: you will face your last battle being yourself, showing your sensitivity, or you will continue to pretend to be Orcs MachoTM?

If you just want to laugh at it, just sign up for Sexy Time Adventures, in which one of you will play the Macho HeroTM and others will experience the joys of being the Sexy Female CharacterTM, perpetually in danger or that can only be freed thanks to her talents as a seductress. And the ability to break the spine to make the pose tits + ass. That you will have to do, physically, at the game table.

Dream Askew: one of the new games of the Genderplay II Edition!
Dream Askew: one of the new games of the Genderplay II Edition!

The new arrivals of the Genderplay II Edition: Dream Askew e Vasen Road!

Dream Askew, created by Avery Alder (former creator of Monster hearts), explores the apocalypse from the perspective of the queer community. In a world where the society has been flaked in waves, the LGBTQIA + community has also been affected. Now, a queer enclave is formed in their post-apocalypse staff to survive, find refuge and perhaps start rebuilding. More than ever, the LGBTQIA + community must be united, as everyone is responsible for the survival of the group!

Vasen Roadinstead, it is the first LARP to be held at Genderplay! It's about a realistic ghost story for four players and an organizer. Individual scenes are played chorally, the links of which are decided by the players. The players will play roles related to a family in which the most horrible events have happened, starting with the death of a thirteen year old, Zenia. Vasen Road was inspired by real horrors occurred in Tønder, Mou, Amstetten and other rural locations where unspeakable acts are committed behind the scenes, far from the attention of the authorities.

Vasen Road: the first LARP of the Genderplay II Edition!
Vasen Road: the first LARP of the Genderplay II Edition!

The Genderplay II Edition program: dates, times and places!

The Genderplay II Edition will be held in Bologna, in House of Baraccano Associations di via Santo Stefano 199/2, on Saturday 15 June 2019, from 18:00 to midnight.

From the 18.00 19.30 will be held the round table, in which audience and speakers will discuss emotional security at the gaming table, bringing their experiences and sharing their respective points of view.

From 19.30 to 20.00 there will be an aperitif, why not role play without something to munch on! The aperitif, which will be held at the Baraccano bar, will cost € 7.

From 20.00 to 24.00 you play role to the titles listed above, with players divided into various tables.

To try a RPG, you need to bookotherwise we don't know how many masters to call and how many tables to bring! The reservation is made by writing what game you want to play in Facebook page . of the Genderplay II Edition!

For the rest, if you just want to hear the conference, admission is free and free. You also pay nothing to try role-playing games.

We wait for you numeros *!

How to get to Genderplay II Edition!
How to get to Genderplay II Edition!