Game of Thrones pushes us often and willingly to talk and confront each other. Well gentlemen, if you have opened this article I can only warn you; there will be huge spoilers, there will be spoilers so big that they will almost hurt. Therefore if you are back with the television series and have not yet arrived at the third episode of the eighth season close everything. We will also discuss the promo of the fourth, so watch out.

let's start.

Let the flame / rant begin, and that blood is shed!
Let the flame / rant begin, and that blood is shed!

We know that the series of Games of Thrones it is a miracle for the small screen and for everything that revolves around television series; it is one of the most popular series in the world, it moves a lot of people and almost everyone talks about it. The normal world has approached the series probably through the Game of Thrones, and that's a fact. If not for the series, he approached the Fantasy genre. Rarely do you meet someone who hasn't heard of Game of Thrones. And it's good that this is so, since it could have been much worse and we could have fans of Shannara Chronicles instead of GoT fans. That would have been a real suicide, let's face it.

Among the followers of the fantasy world GoT is practically a living legend; few are those who followed her when she was not yet born (when no one spun Martin's books). Few, little heroes who from their pedestals shout that "It's much better in books", with a braggart and also a little know-it-all. Some rumors started starting as early as the fourth season, but they were too few and too faint to be heard in the midst of the orgiastic chaos of the fans.

The couples loved by the Games of Thrones fan base
The couples loved by the Games of Thrones fan base

Bad "little voices"You are not stops. They have continued to increase in volume and have now reached their eighth season, now a stadium choir shouting one thing. Games of Thrones is no longer Games of Thrones.

And I have to give ragione to these voices. Just like a spy on the harmless machine, I ignored that noise as long as I could. Now I have tinnitus. But they were right, gentlemen. Games of Thrones has undoubtedly changed for the worse, and to pay for it is a story that started well, continued steadily and now in free fall. If you think the series will rise again in the next three episodes you are free to believe it. For me GoT is a Lost who also stopped believing it.

Start: the Dornian massacre

The first crunches had already begun to be heard with the death of Catelyn Tully the red wedding and its non-reincarnation. Michelle fairley he would never return and turn his role over to Beric Dondarrion, simultaneously with the entry into the field of dorne. A region and a house as enigmatic as interesting, launched on the solid shoulders of Oberyn Martell and the least popular Ellaria Sand. Oberyn, as we all know, leaves us but gives the Martell an excuse to go to war.

But in Dorne nothing goes as it should have. The characters of Doran, Tristan and Areo Hotah are swept away by the laziness of direction and thought of the writers, who demolish one of the most interesting Games of Thrones theaters (not to mention the absence of Arianne). Ellaria Sand, a truly weakened character, surrounded by forgettable snakes, becomes Dorne's head.

A rare representation of the writers killing Dorne's plot, 2014, colors.
A rare representation of the writers killing Dorne's plot, 2014, colors.

That was the beginning. Then everything went horribly down. I am not talking about one season in particular, but about writing and how everything has gone more and more flat after Martin's departure.

Caution; I'm not blaming the writers for it. I don't know what I could do if I put them in their condition, having to carry on a plot with many different characters, a huge amount of meta-plot to be developed and an audience so vast to please. Martin simply explained to them how it should end and they got by; the problem is that in doing so they killed half the Games of Thrones writing.

All the minor houses out of the game

I would like to talk specifically about what has been done to three families in particular: i Tully, the Arryn and Tarly.

The Tullys see the light again thanks to Jaime's arrival in Riverrun, under siege by the Freys. Brynden Tully holds the reins of the house and resists a siege Frey, we all remember the talk on the drawbridge and the Black Fish is expected to bear a siege quietly. The less famous Edmure Tully is simply unleashed in there and, after freaking out, he bends over (in every sense) and leaves his uncle in the hands of the Lannisters. Death off the screen for Bryndensad departure of a house (which will never be seen again) and of a great character. This I call laziness.

You are Robin, right? Is it your house? I am Mr. Petyr, I solve problems.
You are Robin, right? Is it your house? I am Mr. Petyr, I solve problems.

We come then to Arryn who, with his various lords and the little one Robin, can give emotions. I could talk about how it all started to look weird with Petyr who, after getting a scar in her youth for Catelyn, starts drooling on her daughter. I could go on wondering where Robin is, after giving half his army to Sansa (complete with attached generals). But I'll stop talking about him, the infamous par excellence, the sneaky one.

Petyr Littlefinger, a character with a thousand intrigues, quicker than a fox, sharper than a pin, to be slaughtered like this. Random. Court set up in four and four eights, summary execution without any "single combat", and the diplomatic incidents in Arryn of which not even the shadow is seen. Does young Robin agree to his godfather being killed like this? Where do we put Arryn loyalty? All thrown to the winds, to show us a naughty and sly Sansa who does not let her mustache fool her. A quick, lazy and sad way to cut out a character that's too difficult to manage and write.

And what about Turly, if not eternal idiots. Randyll Tarly (who fought against Robert during the Uprising and defeated him) decides to take the side of Robert's wife (when he fought for the Targaryen, let's remember that) and betray Altogiardino. I would have accepted this strange form of loyalty if it had lasted more than two episodes; Randyll is in fact used as an appearance before being cooked to perfection by Daenerys, including his son. The sense of calling the Tarly to report, even here, I don't see it. They simply pulled the Tyrells out of the scene (they had little to tell, all right) and have used the mezzuccio of treason. Lazy.

Game of Thrones
Perhaps it is appropriate to say that "I relieve you from office", or that "a difference of intent has arisen", or that "a conflict of interest has arisen", or that "you are supernumerary".

The 8 × 03 that demolishes half of the plot

I could also talk for a long time about third episode (which we reviewed Thu) but Seeker S took the words out of my mouth. However, I would like to focus on two elements in particular that make the episode a true narrative bedlam.

Primarily, The King of the Night. Little is known of him, Strangers appear in the prima episode of Games of Thrones, the King of the Night knocks down a dragon like laughing, is fireproof, is a villain badass. An enemy that has been built in whole seasons, episode after episode. With each season, the mystery surrounding this figure increased; everyone wondered "who will be? Is Bran of the future?".

And it is eliminated thus, at random. From no-one, nobody, that is Arya, validating the phrase "no one can kill the Night King". Not a word, not a gesture towards Bran (which he has been following for about two seasons, let's remember), not a nod from his many followers. Because the undead, you know, perceive the noise of blood falling on a library floor but not that of a girl in armor who launches herself 5 meters away.

They literally sliced ​​off the main villain of an entire season in one episode, gentlemen. And, as exciting as you want, I call this waste. It wasn't even a twist (Melisandre makes us guess), it was not an epic, it was a trick to save all the other characters.

Game of Thrones
Very rare representation of the King of the Night in the presence of Bran

Second element: the prophecy. When we look at Jon Snow we see clearly Goshawk Ahai, yet the Night King's killing leaves this prophecy unfinished. Despite this, Daenerys' crazy drift is now near, you can smell that smell of “I love you but you are too crazy, I have to kill you for the good of the seven kingdoms”And we know it will go like this.

So what's going on with the plot? We wanted to make the fan service leaving Arya the big kill, sending ramengo one of the most acclaimed fan bets? Arya will manage to kill EVEN Cersei, after the King of the Night? Why does everything sound so suspicious?

The Promo of the 4th Episode

The third episode has seen countless characters fall (not even many, actually, considering the narrow escape). Two "characters", however, remained an unknown.

The first is Spectrum; Jon's meta-wolf. Yes, it seems that his name is also his overriding quality, as he is not seen for about two seasons. During the battle, we saw him running alongside Jorah together with the Dothraki, but he has not returned. Many wondered if he had perished like the whole cavalry or survived. Also here, great screenplay hole, as it is shown to us in the promo of fourth episode alive and well. Good boy doggo, survive the lazy screenwriters.

Game of Thrones

Another "character" is Rhaegal; Jon Snow's dragon gently glides everything wounded and dented; many wondered if he had survived the battle with his revived brother (also because very little has been seen and understood). Well, the dragon made it, but he thought he wouldn't go back to the battlefield, he was very tired. Who knows what will happen to it.

The real problem with GoT is the hype

Summarizing therefore, there have been many mistakes, many blunders. Far be it from me to blame the writers (even if it's their fault); Martin has "sliced ​​their leg to head“, Quoting a reader, and I agree that the Games of Thrones race is complex, difficult and that with such a large audience it is difficult to please everyone.

What got us, gentlemen, was the Hype. The Hype generalized for this episode. It was supposed to be "the episode of the episodes" and we found ourselves in front of black pixels, fights with nothingness, living deus ex machina, hordes of undead that black friday discounts raised and tacky errors.

Game of Thrones

Because, let's face it, Games of Thrones still knows how to entertain (and he does it really well), the real problem is that it's called Games of Thrones. We always expect something more, episode after episode. And, I think, it got to the point that whatever happens will not be enough. Nothing will be like the Red wedding, or of the Battle of the Bastards, Or of Hardhome. Let us be content.

And above all, once the series is over, let's read the books.