Game of Thrones is nearing its conclusion but fans have not lost the desire to speculate and theorize. If you've seen the 8 × 05 episode, you know very well about what are you talking about. If not, you just have time to escape from the SPOILER before being trampled by their hooves. You have been warned.

We come, therefore, to the white horse and the theories that concern him and that are clogging the net.


Has the Three-Eye Crow finally re-established the lost internet connection? That he has decided to do something useful in his own existence, sending a horse to facilitate his sister's escape? Currently, it seems to be among the most accredited theories but it cannot be excluded that it is driven only by the desire to find meaning in the role of Bran in the story.
Always assuming he had one.


In support of this theory, a passage from the Holy Scriptures is reported:

"And behold, a white horse appeared to me, and he who rode it had a bow, was given a crown, and then he came out victorious to win again. "

The figure of Arya, therefore, would seem to match the description of one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. Although there are also positive interpretations of this biblical character, the one that sees the young Stark as the queen of death, therefore as Death itself, seems to be the most popular. Inevitable, at this point, the analogy with the God of Death to which she replied with conviction "Not today!". Could she herself have become that God? A reference to the Christian religion in Westeros would be a bit bizarre but now we are no longer surprised by anything.


According to some, the horse would be a reference to that received by the Queen of Dragons during the first season. The fact that this is covered in blood could therefore be interpreted as a sign of Daenerys' corruption, which has gone from innocent to bloody. Did Arya add her name to her list? It would be even now, given that the series is winding down.


Remember, in the first episode of Season 4, how much Arya pestered Sandor Clegane (RIP) to have a mount of her own? Well, he had refused but she, after killing Polliver and recovering Ago, had obtained a white pony. And here, shortly after the death of the Mastiff, an "adult" version of the animal appears on its path, allowing it to get away from the burning city. Could it be wanted? Although it is undoubtedly a poetic image, the link between the two events does not seem very likely.


At this point, you will have understood how these online theories develop: anyone who has (or has had) a white horse, is thrown into the cauldron of hypotheses without getting too many scruples. Among the eligible candidates also Ned Stark who, according to some, would have "sent" the steed to guide his daughter in the escape. Even more unlikely than # 4, in my opinion.


Always following the same trend in style Guess who?, there are those who pointed out the similarity with the horse of the captain of the golden army, especially for the spots on the muzzle. Now, I don't know if that's the case for you too, but it's difficult for me to distinguish two white horses in the midst of all that smoke and bloodshed. It could literally be anyone's, for all we know. Even if Strickland was involved, wasn't the body of her horse the one pictured after Daenerys entered King's Landing? Could Arya also die, leaving Jon Snow to stop the queen? It would be an opportunity to make sense of this man's resurrection, if nothing else. Unlikely, then.


In a moment of the episode, Arya tries in vain to save a woman and her baby girl from the flames. Attentive spectators have noticed that the latter holds a white wooden pony in his hands. Could it be a sign of destiny to repay the young Stark's altruistic gesture?


What if the final sequence should be viewed with a more symbolic look? By deliberately ignoring the absurd theory that Jaqen H'ghar would have turned into the horse, the latter could actually be a metaphor for Arya's personal growth.

From this point of view, the wooden toy in the girl's hand would represent childhood and innocence now left behind. Recall, then, that Arya was trained in the House of White and Black in Braavos, so the colors would be recurrent. The fact that the girl entered King's Landing on a black horse and came out on a white one, could lead us to believe that her growth path has actually come to an end and that she is ready to fulfill her destiny. .


But to you, does the scene with Arya approaching the horse, saddle up and move away, not a little reminiscent of that of Chibiusa in Sailor Moon and the Mystery of Dreams? I expected that, at any moment, the music would start and they would fly by singing.


If there is one thing clear, in the whole matter, it is that there is nothing clear about it: we grope in the dark as if we had not yet left the episode of La Lunga Notte and it is not said that the ending will give us the explanations we are looking for.

But not all theories are straightforward. Maybe we will never know who the horse is, what it represents and how it got there but we have finally understood the meaning of the "spiral" of Strangers.

And here it is, we have always had it under our eyes and we have never noticed it: the symbol of all the hopes we had for this series, which went straight into the drain.

But the fans didn't give up on the constant disappointments, far from it: they rose up and petitioned, asking that the eighth season be filmed again, this time with "competent screenwriters". The target is set at one million signatures and, at the time this article was published, about ¾ of those needed were collected.
Obviously it is not at all said that the proposal is considered by the production but, if you are incurable optimists, you would know where to invest the next two minutes of your day.