The final season of Game of Thrones has deeply divided the fans, displeasing many people. What did this ending leave us?


Important premise: I still haven't written anything about this season, because I wanted to see where we would end up. I waited A feast for crows e A Dance with Dragons, I could also have waited for 8 × 06 to write an apotheosis of disillusionment and sadness.

Meanwhile, if you haven't read them, here are the reviews of the episodes of the eighth season of Game of Thrones: 8 × 01, 8 × 02, 8 × 03, 8 × 04 e 8 × 05.

The long road to the end of Game of Thrones

Understand: I've been reading for 14 years A Song of Ice and Fire.

I see the "young" fans who have known this story with the first season of Game of Thrones and who complain about the "new" fans, who have made it GoT mainstream. I feel very old to read these things, really. And there are more fans of the first hour than me! I don't even remotely imagine what someone who started reading Martin should feel right after the first book came out.

The thousand thousand criticisms of the series

I have seen the first seasons of Game of Thrones and I read the criticisms of those who said that there was too little budget, Kit Harrington acted as dogs and the writers had added too naked and boobs. Then I saw the third and fourth seasons and I saw the audience grow, the dismay of the new fans at the Red Wedding, the criticism of "fillers" invented by the writers and criticisms of Kit Harrington acting as dogs.

Then we got to the fifth and sixth seasons, with admiration for episodes like Hardhome and Battle of the Bastards, the constant criticism of Kit Harrington, the accusation of "pulling it out" and indignation over the "rape" of the Dorne storyline. Finally, we got to the seventh season, where everyone was amazed by the wild speed with which the story proceeded, there was a cry of forcing for the love story of Jon and Daenerys; but still the fandom was not totally divided, although Kit Harrington still acted like dogs.

And there was thehype for the eighth and final season, the one that took two years to shoot, the one with a huge budget.

360 ° criticisms, more or less coherent or motivated

As a fan of books and a spectator of the TV series, I have seen and read the most disparate criticisms. Including the people who, prior to the series, hated the idea of ​​Catelyn Tully being resurrected in Lady stoneheart, and then complained that zombiecat wasn't included in the series. I read everything and the opposite of everything, the most disparate theories and the hatred of the fans themselves that almost made me lose the desire to see the new episodes. I have read for six seasons of people observing how Daenerys was one metaphor for the white conqueror who wants to civilize the savages, without really understanding the political situation and often even worsening the situation. Then I was invaded by a flood of people who tore their clothes for the "breaker of chains”Turned into a bloody madwoman.

I have seen people who have not read Martin's books criticize his way of building a story, I have read cheap Italian autoruncoli criticizing Martin for his "free twists". I have heard people for 14 years that he compared Martin to Tolkien, without understanding absolutely nothing of either one or the other.

Everyone literally said everything and the opposite of everything on Game of Thrones. It is impossible to say something that has not already been said.

Sadness in spades
Sadness in spades

A destroyed fandom: here is the legacy of the finale of Game of Thrones

Season eight destroyed the fandom of Game of Thrones. We are reduced as King's Landing: steaming rubble, with perhaps still someone fighting.

I saw divisive works (we only think of the fandom of Voltron!) and I've seen a lot of tensions within the various fandoms (let's just think of the Dragon Age!). But proportions of this kind are terrifying. Game of Thrones has millions of fans around the world and has a huge media echo. This season has caused an uproar in a gigantic community, moving even the million people who signed it petition to shoot the eighth season with decent writers.

This I believe speaks on many levels of how Game of Thrones is (or was) a work capable of involving its viewers. Between very human and well-written characters, a plot that always keeps to attention, beautiful costumes, quality photography and direction, highly talented actors and excellent special effects, this series really had all the cards to become the worldwide phenomenon it has become. But it didn't become famous because it was Game of Thrones, but because it was done well, because it had the attributes to establish itself in the world of television series and raise the quality bar.

Without Game of Thrones, we would not have had masterpieces like Black Sails and flop like The Shannara Chroniclesnor would we have had Amazon investing infinite capital for a series on The Lord of the Rings. Fans who supported Game of Thrones have been the fuel for this fertile season of major television series.

But with the eighth season, the great castle of Game of Thrones It fell apart.

The dry ending of Game of Thrones

I don't enjoy criticizing the final season of Game of Thrones. I love Martin, I love his books and I loved this series. I love the fact that it has become mainstream, because so many and many have been able to experience my happiness. I just wanted to write an enthusiastic review.

But I can't do it. I had already lost hope for a while that the series, without Martin behind it, could tell an equally curated story. Still, in the meantime I was hoping the story of A Song of Ice and Fire could finally be accomplished, without his greatest enemy, Martin himself. After all, we have already seen other works change hands from one author to another, such as Wheel of Time of Jordan inherited from Sanderson, or the saga of Star Wars after the renunciation of George Lucas. With ups and downs, however, we have often seen these works being treated with respect and reverence by those who had to deal with them: Rogue One it is an excellent example, in my opinion.

I was hoping to see a similar reverence for the biggest TV show of our decade.

But no.

A shopping list, that's what the story we love is

Instead, we found ourselves two screenwriters who seemed eager to get rid of Game of Thrones, and close the shack and puppets in six episodes.

Watching the eighth season left me feeling of read a shopping list. Are they all coming to Winterfell? Check. Do Sansa and Daenerys look bad? Check. Moving reunions? Check. Jon discovers his origins? Check. Night King killed by Arya? Check. Rhaegal killed by Euron? Check. Missandei beheaded by Cersei? Check. Mad about Daenerys? Check. Destruction of King's Landing? Check. Clegane-bowl? Check. Daenerys dies at the hands of Jon? Check. Bran on the throne? Check. "Ok, we have taken all the steps!" Achievement unlocked! "

But all these steps have resulted rough, too close to each other to be credible, too little supported by a coherent evolution and / or writing of the characters to seem natural.

Others have already noted that D&D's writing style is profoundly different from Martin's. Where old George writes not so much plots, but characters who bring the plot to life thanks to their deep characterization, Benioff and Weiss write plots in which the characters must move. This difference is very noticeable when the two writers have to take the reins of this huge wagon.

But having a different style of writing is an account; taking away the work is another. Yari has already talked about it extensively this article.

More list than Arya's list
More list than Arya's list

A beautiful final season would not have created this division

As many have said, it would have been impossible to make everyone happy with the finale of Game of Thrones. And okay, it's normal. But seeing fans angry for the entire length of the season? This is another matter entirely.

Now, I realize that there are many fans who enjoyed the final season of Game of Thrones, some in full, some in part. And that's okay, on the contrary: I'm happy for you. You are not stupid and you are not functional illiterate, as some have defined you: you are only people with tastes different from mine, perhaps more in harmony with writing plot-driven, maybe lucky enough to have seen your favorite characters treated well. It is legitimate to have appreciated the ending of Game of Thrones: Bran just knows how much I wish I liked it too!

However, other seasons in the series didn't split fans that much, and not just for not being the ending. The Red Wedding, for example, was a pivotal turning point and killed off many fan-favorite characters. They were unexpected and shocking, but they were built with criteria over the course of two seasons, dedicating time and space to the evolution of the characters. And this then paid off, because fans were shocked, cried and despaired, but in general the fandom did not emerge divided.

The comparison with the Red Wedding

Here, however, we have seen people wish each other death, and it is not "because the ending cannot please everyone". Even the Red Wedding did not satisfy everyone, but at least that massacre made sense. The ending of Game of Thrones did not receive a tenth of the care of the Red Wedding in terms of evolution of the characters and preparation of the conditions for the plot twist. The ending of Game of Thrones it was consumed in six episodes, ignoring part of what had been so carefully constructed before and quickly developing the elements for the twists.

In the rush to close the series immediately with more or less the ending of the books, narrative coherence has abruptly failed and it all seemed forced and botched.

This naturally raises the question: because? They had the money, we know. They had HBO approval. The cast wasn't happy with the ending, so they would likely have supported two seasons or a longer season. So why did Benioff and Weiss take the ending of Game of Thrones, the finale of the television series that made history, and they made the minimum needed to get to the end?

I obviously can't know, but probably, if the two writers had done a better job, more cared for and more respectful of their own product, our fandom would not be in pieces.

The final season of Game of Thrones it has left us angry, discontented, embittered, sad and divided. This would not have happened (or at least it would not have happened with the same gravity) with a more cured, more respectful and better written season.

A Song of Ice and Fire he deserved better. His characters deserved better. We deserved better.

And now we are here, without books that can fill the void and without an ending whose quality can leave us satisfied. I watch this season and I only see wasted potential, potential pulled away, potential that the writers have abandoned to get rid of it quickly.

Game of Thrones it is finished, and with only six bets it has left only ash behind.