“Frozen II - Arendelle's Secret” is a 2019 animated film directed by Chris Buck e J. This is the sequel to the Disney film "Frozen - The frozen kingdom" and is a direct continuation of it. Although the events had ended with the first chapter of the story, probably the appeal of marketing and the love of fans for the character of Elsa led Disney to produce a second chapter. The result is a film as pleasing to the eyes and ears as it is utterly inconclusive.


Some time after the events of the first chapter, the kingdom of Arendelle is at peace, governed by its sovereign who over time is learning to control her power. Anna and Kristoff meanwhile live their love story, with the growing awareness of being made for each other. Olaf lives a moment of profound uncertainty, beginning to ask himself philosophical questions about different aspects of life. In this perfect idyll a voice comes to disturb Elsa's peace. Although the queen does not want to abandon everything to look for the unknown, that strange call seems to touch the strings of her that until then no one had managed to reach. That will be the start of trouble for Arendelle.

Defects in the script

Unfortunately, the interesting part of the plot stops exactly in the first quarter of an hour of the film, and then becomes of a hallucinating banality. The themes of the first chapter are taken up again, such as fear and hatred, but in an all too mild way. Disney once again fails to realize that the real villains of these two episodes are the parents of Elsa and Anna, guilty of having raised their daughters as marginalized. The revelations about them, brought in this film, do not help the judgment on a father and a mother to the best deficient and worst mad.

Although the villain of the first chapter had gone wild, arriving suddenly with a real twist, this sequel even lacks an antagonist. Wanting to give ourselves to philosophy, we could say that the part of the "enemy" is made by secrets.


A sore note opens up on the characters. Unfortunately, the biggest evolution they undergo occurs in the first five minutes of the film, leaving the rest of the film with simple consequences. Sven and Kristoff win the jury prize for "The characters we had no idea where to place". Essentially the dynamic duo that many appreciated in the first film lives a separate story, often ending up willingly disconnected from the main group. Olaf, after his existential moments at the beginning of the film, is put aside until the end, despite being the protagonist of a scene as tragic as predictable.



Let's talk about the strong point of this film: the songs (in English). I find the overall quality to be incredibly improved over "Frozen". Although the main song does not reach the same power as “Let it go”, I still find that it has a great philosophical value. The desire to break the chains that oppress you is sacrosanct but also to face that thought in the back of the mind that calls you away. Although a similar piece is missing, all the others are very profound.

Visual aspect and conclusions

Visually the film is incredible. Despite the heights reached by Rapunzel, some scenes in Frozen II are truly astonishing. Colors and shapes mix to form astonishing visual rainbows. However, aside from the songs, very few things can make up for the lack of a convincing script. The new characters are almost completely useless for the purposes of the narrative, relegated to a few minutes of the scene in order to wink at the LGBT world. “Frozen II - Arendelle's Secret” turns out to be an unnecessary film. It has no moralizing intentions. He doesn't want to teach the public anything. He doesn't even want to satisfy the requests of those who wanted Elsa to be homosexual. It just feels like a high budget Fan Fiction of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”.