Nameless Land e Heavy Sugar they are the two sons of Simone "Aces" Morini and thanks to Heavy Sugar, one of the five finalists of the "Role-Playing Game of the Year“, Will participate in the contest that will see sanctioning the best role-playing product.

For those who do not know it, Simone gave us his opinion on the concept of dice and you can find it Wed his intervention.

While waiting for the winner's name, even if we were at the Oscars, Simone lent himself to answer a few questions. So let's go immediately to disturb him.

Hi Simone, how's it going?
First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on being among the five finalists for the Role Play of the Year competition. Am I wrong or is it the first time you reach the top 5?

Hi again, thank you! 
Well yes, very first time, but also the first time as a participant, as we did not participate with Nameless Land when it came out 7 years ago ... we forgot!

But let's get to the important questions. We have known each other for a few years now and you are now about to release the second edition of Nameless Land. I'd like to ask you a couple of questions, maybe a few more, about this first game.

First let's talk about graphics. Am I wrong or will this new edition of Nameless Land be in color? You know we like figures since not everyone can read

Yes, he will be a big big kid in color and hardback! We have invested heavily in the graphics and I must say that the goal of giving a complete imagery of what the world of Nameless Land is has been achieved!

Is there any innovation in the game system? Any additions? Any changes?

Well, there are many changes. It will always be a d% system, but we have simplified the "hardest" parts of the regulation a lot, making both the creation of the PC and the player's approach more immediate, without sacrificing any of the aspects that have always characterized Nameless Land, namely the breadth of game possibilities offered to survivors of the post-atomic era! We wanted to give a more incisive importance to the creation and modification of the equipment (as well as of more particular junk such as biomechanical grafts and vehicles) through which the player is encouraged to give bottom to his rusty creativity. As we have also anticipated on the page, there will be 4 playable races in addition to the human being, a renewed and fully illustrated bestiary and always a system of interchangeable masteries, but based on a more open choice by the player. Trying to say everything in three lines is extremely complicated, but the news are really many and above all, as the players will notice, also based on what their wishes have been since the release of Nameless Land until today.

We liked Squarci a lot, they stayed, right?

Oh yes, there are and have become even more present, more incisive and above all more characterized. Just to say, only the responses to contact with a gash are FIFTY! In short, if you like unreality and things a lot, but very bizarre, you will be satisfied..

Let's go to Heavy Sugar now if you're okay!

How come an expansion right on the nightlife of the city?

Nightlife is one of the most characteristic aspects of the Roaring Twenties and the very emblem of the optimism that characterized that decade. Charleston, jazz, galas, skimpy dancers, and most of all, gangsters sporting their best clothes at night parties. We could not therefore refrain from not basing an expansion entirely on the most flashy, chaotic and sizzling lifestyle of the 20s!

Don't take me for a fool, but how did the Cosplay contest go? Who won?

The winner is a lady, Miss Eva Bartolozzi, aka White Moth, in a splendid night gangster cosplay! 

Winner of the Heavy Sugar cosplay competition
I'll ask you one last question, perhaps the most unpleasant. How are you experiencing this pre-Lucca? Are you tense for the nomination or will you live it as always? In short, do you feel the weight of the final?

If living as always means with anxiety and impatience yes, absolutely! It is an extremely tough pre-Lucca, which has put the newborn to the test Aces Games and all his young staff, who nevertheless knew how to get by to the best of their abilities. And even if the work has been a lot, I am proud of how it has been carried out! As for the final, well, obviously like everyone else I hope to win, even though I am aware that the challenge is very difficult given the titles in the race. But well, if I win I OFFER YOU ALL TO DRINK!

Conclusions on Nameless Land and Heavy Sugar

First of all we would like to thank Simone for having lent to our not too inopportune questions. When I met him, years ago, before the “Heavy Sugar”, Nameless Land were many sheets inside a ring notebook.

Today, looking back, I see all the way he has done and I can only be happy for him and I hope that his work and that of all his staff will be recognized.

I am only very afraid. But if he doesn't win, will he unleash these on us?

an artwork by Nameless Land