Free Rpg Day is one of the most important recreational events for role playing. The beauty of sharing something in all parts of the world, I can assure you, is something magical. Saturday 15 June we Seekers of Atlantis were literally in the front row to live the day not only as players and informants but as protagonists. Do you want to know what we played and what events we attended? Read on and get ready to be amazed!

Sword Art Online for Fifth Edition at Free Rpg Day

Having discovered the existence of this fan made product but with a very high potential, we rushed to the table of the good Bernie Salti. The unique opportunity to find yourself strolling through the plans of Aincrad, stuck in a deadly game, is something that can give space to the role in ways that don't need explanation. The game, in addition to being very well balanced, winks at the fans of the series, who can play with that additional quid.

For us Seekers it was an important event, since a person who came with us to the Free Rpg Day had the opportunity to play role-play at the table for the first time.

Community Event of Codex Venator Italia

As a Codex Venator Milano player and writer of the Hunter's Diary, Simone could not miss the event organized by Andrea Lucca and Enrico Romeo. There has been talk of Codex's path to date, of future projects, of the cities where the project is alive, is being born or unfortunately has not been able to take off. In addition, we had the honor of officially filming the event. Thanks to the help of Claudio Serena from Fumble, we have completed the registration set (which can be improved, without a doubt). You can find our event recording, in case you missed it, at this link.

Last but not least, Andrea presented the domestic version of Codex Venator, named Domus, which will offer a different and complementary experience compared to the multi-table version. The latter will be a small editorial project in all respects, although Enrico and Andrea do not want to open their own home, and will have professional and quality work behind them. The adventures of Domus will be offered for sale at a symbolic price, which certainly does not repay all the love and commitment for this project, but which if nothing else recognizes part of it to their respective creators and creatives.

Degenesis at Free Rpg Day

While Simone was filming and attending the Codex event, Yari had the opportunity to play and have fun with Degenesis' friends. Fascinated by the lore of the game, he reported the event with enthusiasm and expressed an interest in learning more.

Gdr Talk: The Role Play as an Entertainment Show

The real bomb of the day was the gdr talk, organized and moderated by Andrea Lucca, on role playing as an entertainment show. The guests were divided into respondents and interviewers, and over the course of a wonderful hour and a half, the focal points of the streams and role-playing footage were pitted. Simone has again also this event, together with the direct. It was an honor to be able to participate in such an incredible discussion that, we are sure, it will remain in the history of the Italian role-playing community. Among the interviewees Nicola De Gobbis participated for Drawings and Dragons, the boys of Italy Games says, Claudio Serena for fumble, Don Orsogufo and the guys from InnTale. Across the table (literally) they sat down Morgengabe, the boys of Sex, Drugs and D&D e 20 Faces. Through punctual and never banal questions, a beautiful discussion was born.

Need Games and the announcement of the Legend of the Five Rings

Need Games announces its partnership with Fantasy Flight Games and brings The Legend of the Five Rings to Italy. Little can be said about this event but we can begin to glimpse a position of leadership in the Italian market for Need Games. The little editorial jewel of Nicola De Gobbis, in fact, during its two years of life has made very important agreements with publishing houses all over the world, offering various products for all tastes. Fantasy Flight Games is definitely an important link in the Need Games chain of contacts, which could open the door to many things.

Tails of Equestria at Free Rpg Day

We had the opportunity to play Tales of Equestria, the product we had reviewed and that Simone defined already then as the role-playing game of the year. No matter how many times you play it, it remains a simple, innovative product, which pushes you to change your approach to the players and which is based on a solid setting loved by young and old. Time has flown and, fortunately, our ponies have managed to bring the missing puppies home!

Fumble Gdr's Dashpunk at Free Rpg Day

We ended the day as a tester (or rather guinea pigs) for a game of Fumble Gdr. Courtesy of Claudio Serena we tried Dashpunk. The game pushes players to create their own punk world, based on different genres and with rules chosen by them, and then to impersonate rebels, outlaws and people who fight power and establishment. The centerpiece of the game lies precisely in the struggle for technology and the main resource, which allow the Power to maintain an iron and almost always dictatorial power over the population. Taking our role as an example, we chose the Mad Max Dieselpunk world, choosing water as a resource and a purifier as technology.

The advantages of this game, still unpublished to the public, are the speed of preparation (it takes ten minutes to create the game world and characters) and the need to collaborate, since the players roll only one die (of increasing size based on different factors ) while Power always rolls a large number of d6, which has a statistically higher average.

It was our first Free Rpg Day as Seekers of Atlantis, a few hours after the three thousand likes on the Facebook page, but it was an honor to experience it as protagonists. We played a lot, chatted a lot, filmed unique and wonderful events. We want to take this opportunity to say once again thanks to Andrea Lucca and Enrico Romeo for organizing all this.