I have a problem with horror. Indeed, it would be better to say that horror is the one who has a problem with me: they can't terrify me, they don't leave me afraid or terrified, just a gigantic “meh” at the end of each vision. Of those recently released except exclusively That house in the woods, Hereditary e Midsummer. Fear Street 1994 it's a horror like many others, I don't deny it. Despite that, he somehow managed to hit me.

Please note:, the following review is full of spoilers regarding the first film in the Fear Street trilogy. Advance with caution!

Seen, spotted, banal yet cute

Fear street begins in 1994: a young girl is brutally killed inside a supermarket: the killer is an unsuspected friend, and the event shakes the two neighboring cities of Sunnyvale e Shadyside, the first peaceful city, the second killer city. The presence of so many murders in the city of Shadyside seems to be related to a witch killed centuries before, Sarah Fier, which somehow cursed the whole city.

In 1994, a group of teenagers (as well as protagonists of the whole story) are paying for the witch's curse. In particular Deena Johnson (Kiana Madeira), his brother Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr) is Sat (Olivia Scott Welch) try to escape from a masked killer, only to encounter various reincarnations of the witch's curse. Their plan is successful, albeit temporarily, and the three look for a way to remove the witch's curse: this search will be the very engine of the film, set in three different periods, retracing heinous crimes related to the witch herself.

Fear Street 1994, a scene from the film

A series that seems to improve over time

Fear Street 1994 (and in general the whole trilogy) is inspired by the novels of the same name Robert Lawrence Stine. Initially announced in 2015 and then reached us with Netflix in 2020, delayed due to the size of the project and the arrival of the pandemic. To direct the entire series is Leigh janiak with the help of Phil Graziadei, with some guest stars and young emerging actors. As you may have understood from the plot summary, however, it is a fairly canonical horror: classic group of kids struggling with a killer / curse / monster. I could cite at least ten films on two feet that have the same opening, if only there were memorable ones.

Yet, thanks to its structure linked directly to its sequels, Fear Street 1994 fails to pass me for trivial (although, in reality, it is) because it is part of a large project; a bit like a King's book where the characters meet in the same setting, so Fear Street (and the second film is better than the first in this one) is directly related to his successors. This is not, therefore, the usual Jason or Nightmare.

Fear Street 1994, a scene from the film

Good effects even if more could be done

If taken individually, leaving aside the correlation between every other film in the trilogy, Fear Street 1994 is however not exempt from the classic flaws of homegrown horror: jumpscare, absolutely unmotivated choices, protagonists often dedicated to putting themselves in uncomfortable situations kinky sex scene too much. It is, therefore, the classic horror film with stupid protagonists and unrealistic choices, despite the fact that there are some amile taps of scenography and It Follow, so to speak).

If, therefore, we are able to detach ourselves from the need to have protagonists sentient, without wondering where the adults are (or why they are so reluctant to mobilize in the face of heinous murders) Fear Street 1994 it turns out to be a pleasant film, with some highs and some lows, but definitely average. To bring the result higher is its being linked with the other films, which improve the final result.

Fear Street 1994, a scene from the film