After Fanucci's renunciation of rights, who will publish Brandon Sanderson's new books in Italian? When will Oathbringer, Skyward and the saga of Max and Wayne come out?

For Italian fans of Brandon Sanderson, whose works we talked about Thu, 2018 was not a simple year: although new publications of the author rained overseas, from oathbringer (released in November 2017) a Skyward (scheduled for November 2018), in Italy the editorial situation has become problematic.

Fanucci's famous renunciation tweet
Fanucci's famous renunciation tweet

As you well know, in fact, Fanucci recently stopped being the Italian publisher of Sanderson, announcing on May 24, 2018 that they would no longer publish his novels. But in reality, it seems that the editorial situation between Fanucci and Sanderson had not been the best for quite some time.

In fact, not only did Fanucci no longer publish books by the father of the Cosmoverso at least at the beginning of 2017, but the same reprints of the works already released were slow to arrive, causing titles now unavailable like The way of kings they could even cost € 100 each. And if the choice not to reprint the books of Sanderson en masse, therefore preferring prints on-demand with orders on Amazon, it was due to reasons of commercial prudence, the absence of new releases seems to have had more serious causes.

The problems between Fanucci and Brandon Sanderson

It is quite well known news that there were gods problems between Fanucci and Sanderson's agents, which is why the publication of new works had been suspended until the conclusion of the negotiations. Apparently, towards November 2017 the Italian publishing house was just waiting for the answers of the Americans, as he had briefly mentioned in a post on Facebook (written by Sergio Fanucci himself) that you can read in full Thu, but of which I report the most significant passage:

If we are not providing answers at the moment it is because we do not have any, we are waiting to receive news from its agents. As we will have them, we will let you know.

Skyward, one of the new releases of 2018
Skyward, one of the new releases of 2018

As for the nature of the problems between Fanucci and Sanderson, total silence and secrecy remain, as one can rightly expect. We can only make assumptions about the fact that, as unconfirmed rumors would like, that the Italian publishing house owed the author money or that the rights to Sanderson's books were too expensive.

Fanucci and fans: a complicated relationship

What is certain is that, after receiving pressures and petitions from Italian fans, Fanucci foreshadowed an improvement in the situation, explaining that have translations of some new Sanderson novels ready (oathbringer including, which in Italy would have been published under the title of Oath). In addition, in April 2018 the publishing house had also published on its Facebook profile a request (which you can find below) to Sanderson fans, so that they contacted the author directly to ask him to continue his relationship with Fanucci.

Dear readers,

for several weeks now we have been receiving your messages and requests for clarifications and updates on the new releases of Brandon Sanderson's novels.

Our answer, as you know, is that for some time our proposals have been under consideration by the author who has taken the time to decide.

The novels we have come forward for are the much anticipated "Edgedancer", "Oathbringer" and "Mistborn: Shadows of Self".

We have been ready for some time, the translations are complete and we need nothing more than the author's ok to be in bookstores and online stores within a month.

After so many messages and requests, we ask you to write directly to Brandon Sanderson asking him to give us the opportunity to publish the pending novels and complete these long-awaited series.

The author's site is, his facebook page

Write numerous!

We are ready. We are waiting for you because the fans come first ...

Shadows of Self, another book awaited for many years
Shadows of self, another book awaited for many years

However, the reaction of many fans was not what was hoped for: many, in fact, saw this post as a final attempt to appease angry and disappointed readers from the bad management of the publishing house. Indeed, it appears that many Italian fans had actually written to Brandon Sanderson, but to ask him to change the Italian publisher.

Which was evidently done in the end.

The new publishers: Mondadori and Armenia

Shortly after the post in which Fanucci announced that she was no longer the Sanderson publishing house, in fact, the administrator of the Facebook group Brandon Sanderson - Italian Fanpage received the message from the writer's agent for foreign rights, which brought new news:

Dear Raff,

Thank you for reaching out to Brandon Sanderson. I am the foreign rights director at JABberwocky Literary Agency, and I handle translation rights on Brandon's behalf. I apologize for the delay in reply, but I was waiting to have news I could share. I can now inform you that Mondadori have just licensed Oathbringer, Shadows of Self, The Bands of Mourning, and The Lost Metal. In addition, the first book in Brandon's new YA trilogy, Skyward, has just been licensed by Armenia. We are very happy to have found new publishers for Brandon in Italy, and to be able to share this news with the fans. When we know more about their publication plans, we will be sure to let Brandon know so he can publicize the information.

So, the Mondadori acquired the rights of some Sanderson books unpublished in Italy, but which are part of series already partially published by Fanucci.

We are obviously talking about oathbringer, the third volume of The Chronicles of Folgoluce of which Fanucci had already published The way of kings e Words of light. The work is expected for the 2019 and will be translated by Gabriele Giorgi, who had already dealt with the two previous volumes.

The reassurances of Mondadori
The reassurances of Mondadori

One of the major, and very reasonable, concerns of readers is obviously Mondadori's old habit of dividing certain large books into small volumes, as had happened years ago with the saga of George RR Martin. However, from his Facebook page the new Sanderson publishing house has assured readers that oathbringer will be published as a single volume, although on a flexible cover, being part of the inexpensive Oscar Fantastica series.

In addition, Mondadori has announced that it will also publish the books of the Second Era of Mistborn, that of Wax & Wayne, except of course Land law, the first chapter still owned by Fanucci. We still don't know the release dates for Shadows of self, The Bands of Mourning and The lost metal (still unpublished), but we know that Mondadori will wait to have published oathbringer before also bringing these titles to the bookstore.

Regarding the first volume of the new young adult trilogy instead, Skyward, the rights were bought by Armenia, which has not yet announced a release date.

In short, it seems that the Italian fans of Brandon Sanderson can be quiet for a while: you can never say that you are safe from new nasty surprises, but, at least for the moment, it seems that the crisis has passed. Of course, we will probably have to wait a little longer for Mondadori to recover the rights to Sanderson's works already published by Fanucci, however, finally, Italian fans will finally be able to read oathbringer, after over a year of waiting.

We hope to continue having good news and that the quality of the new books is always high.