"Fantasy Pug Quest”Is a card game, with a fantasy theme, released in Lucca Comics and Games 2019 published by the Italianissima Tin Hat Games.

This small but industrious Italian reality has been active in the creation of role-playing games and boardgames since 2014, the year of their first Kickastarter, the RPG "Urban Heroes”Which was, and still has today, a great success. We got to review it Thu and the Military and Rebel Dossier Thu.

In 2017 they presented their second project ("Dungeon Digger“, A dungeon building boardgame set in a comic fantasy world) on the same platform,, a campaign that also achieved an excellent result.

Fantasy Pug Quest

Presentation of the Game

"Fantasy Pug Quest“, Their latest creation, is a collaborative card game, for 2 to 6 players, lasting a total of about half an hour, once you have learned the rules. Each player chooses their own character, characterized by an iconic fantasy class, which guarantees us unique skills and characteristics (combo and special actions that can be performed during one's turn and only for one's hero). The squad from which to draw ranges from 10 possible classes. Thus we have, for example, the fearless Sir Bravepug the Warrior o Puga Yaga the Witch. It goes without saying that this wide range of choices ensures that every game is different from the others!

All the cards, from heroes, to loot, to opponents (the Corgyphon, a corgi-griffin, or the Bombarolo Schnauzer), up to the final bosses, are impeccably made with a truly unique care for the artwork and names. The general atmosphere of the game always manages to give the table a laugh.

I think, at this point, it has been understood, from the name of the game, that the heroes we are going to play are very brave pugs.

Pug Quest

Fantasy Pug Quest mechanics

A game of "Fantasy Pug Quest”Consists of exploring 3 different worlds, each with their own rules. In each of these, the heroes will find themselves having to work together to defeat the creatures that haunt him, in order to free him in order to then get to face the final boss.

Each world, as already mentioned, has peculiarities and characteristics that shape the game, thus forcing the Pugs to make strategic choices to avoid being overwhelmed.

The combat board resembles that of a J-RPG classic [Japanese role playing game (Japanese RPGs)], characterized by avant-garde and rear. The choice of the position of our avatar determines which actions the pug can carry out between those available to its class and the standard ones. In order to complete this action, the player must discard certain energy cards.

The available actions are manifold, some are common to all, others instead, the combo, are class specific, therefore unique and special. Initially the combo from which to choose will be only 3, but managing to defeat the opponents, and therefore going up a level, you can unlock the next ones.

The choice of class, therefore, has an incredible influence on the approach to the game, giving a wide variability to individual games. A dispassionate advice, try to choose the classes with criteria so as not to "steal" your energy, or not ...

As for the opponents, which we are going to face, they will perform the actions indicated on their card at each activation, thus allowing players to prepare for the next rounds.

As for combat, it is an alternation of actions between player and monster, according to the initiative order printed on each card.

Final confrontation in Fantasy Pug Quest

But having reached the final confrontation, things get much more complicated. In fact, the skirmish is established as in any other world, but the Boss is added to the fight, each of which adds mechanics, new obstacles and unexpected events, able to put a strain on the most prudent strategies. The right combination of worlds, opponents and bosses, is able to make what at first glance seemed like a simple challenge, extremely difficult to beat even for the most daring pug!

Fantasy Pug Quest


Does this game have flaws? Yes, perhaps some, such as the number of cards (especially treasures and worlds), but nothing that cannot be remedied with future expansions. Defect that is however lightened by the considerable amount of bosses, which before trying them all it will be a long time!

In addition, the things to keep in mind during the game are enough, perhaps a little too much for a title of this kind. But even here, nothing impossible since, after a few games, they will become automatic and you will hardly notice them anymore.

On the other hand, the game is fast and fun. The immediacy of the action, combined with captivating and nice graphics, and more or less simple mechanics, but which do not leave out anything, make "Fantasy Pug Quest”An excellent card game, suitable for all ages, which brings joy to the table and can be played on any occasion, also considering the duration of the matches.

Then, what else to say, there are the pugs! Only this should be enough, right?

Fantasy Pug Quest