It is useless to deny it fantasy recipes and fantastic in the kitchen have always been delicacies, for the stomach and for the eyes. From the dawn of genre literature to the present day, food has had a fundamental impact in the creation of imaginary worlds.

Sure, or at least for most fantasy settings we mean. Usually in science fiction and cyberpunk, nutrition is something that is no longer considered as fundamental. It is as if with the progress of civilization and civilization, there is at the same time a sort of cultural barbarism at the culinary level. Tablets replace actual food. Food Replicators synthesize synthetic proteins giving it the look and feel of real food.
Yes Star Trek, I'm talking about you! Give me back my Gagh that moves and writhes under my teeth. Keep your re-sequenced proteins to yourself!

Serpent worms fantasy recipes

To begin this column on the fantastic in the kitchen, I have chosen to explore the history of what may be the most iconic recipes.
In the article it will be possible to find some dishes taken from various books. If it is not possible to precisely replicate the food in question, because dragon meat is hard to find, I will try to find an alternative.

Tolkien, one of the first cooks in the fantastic

JRR Tolkien, one of the fathers of fantasy literature we have talked about extensively on our site, he was the first to put his characters in the kitchen.
Iconic foods such as Lembas, also known as Pan di Via, or the honey cakes of the Beorniani, accompanied travelers on their wanderings in Middle-earth.

But it is precisely with the Hobbits that cuisine in the world of Arda reaches its maximum expression. We all know how a second breakfast or a snack is essential for them, but it is also true that traveling does not always have the time to maintain the good habits of the County. So during the expedition in The Lord of the Rings, these little souls had to rely on Lembas to fill their empty stomachs.

Quoting Tolkien's words about Lembas:

No analysis in any laboratory would discover chemical properties in Lembas superior to those of other white flour loaves

J. R. R. Tolkien

The aura of mystery of this simple food is perhaps to be found in the concept of the Christian pilgrimage and the need to have bread that could be kept for a long time. In fact, for many scholars, from a symbolic point of view, this preparation has a strong link with the Eucharist.
This hypothesis is further reinforced by the fact that the first entity to prepare the Lembas was the Vala Yavanna, Aüle's bride and that it was Oromë who gave the recipe to the elves before they embarked on their journey to the West.

If you are interested in recreating this recipe, I recommend purchasing the book At the table with the Hobbits by Cinzia Gregorutti and Luisa Vassallo, which in addition to many good recipes, also contains some interesting ideas to recreate your dishes in the Middle Earth style.

Fantasy recipes also in Magic: The Gathering

"Although most people don't understand it, Gargoyles can be really delights,
if you have the tools available to slaughter and cook them "

from Asmoranomardicada's Underground World Cookbook
Among the fantasy and fantastic recipes, Granite Gargoyle meat cannot be missing
Image of the card from which the fantasy recipe in question is taken

Yes, even in Magic: The Gathering he has tried his hand several times in showing great Locullian courses in the depictions of his cards. Some were honestly unappetizing for us humans. Would you ever have the courage to eat a unicorn?
Well in the very old set of Origins (Homelands), someone did.

fantasy recipe with unicorn head
Art by Dennis Detwiller

But this wasn't the only time Wizards of the Coast tried to combine their game with food. During the de the Throne of Eldraine in addition to the famous Muffin Man (who lives in flour, cit!), we had the opportunity to see the gingerbread house of Hansel and Gretel, baked cakes with hands sticking out from under the crust and a good number of Food tokens very inviting, besides the inevitable Snow White apple.

Did you know that in 2019 the manufacturer of Magic: The Gathering organized a contest in which it invited players to submit their fantasy recipes based on the expansion mentioned above? There were also gods nice prizes for collectors!

At the Locanda dell'Ultima Dimora

To complete this article, before drawing conclusions and presenting the bill, I would like to share with you the first of the recipes that, as a youngster, I had the opportunity to read and that I asked myself how to replicate.
During the years I frequented the world of Dragonlance, I have collected many volumes, of all the editions of D&D, concerning that saga.

Those who have had the opportunity to read and appreciate it, at least in those days, cannot be, in any way possible, forgotten about the famous spiced potatoes of Otik, the owner of the Inn of the Last House, built on the imperishable vallenwood trees.
If, like me, you have been so attracted by the recipe, here it is, taken from the volume "Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home"

Recipe for 2-4 people:

Half a kilogram of potatoes (any type)
Three teaspoons of butter
Half an onion, finely chopped
A splash or two of cayenne pepper


Clean the potatoes and remove all impurities. Cut them into cubes of about one centimeter in diameter and leave the skin behind. Melt the butter in a pan, preferably with an iron bottom, and heat it until it sizzles. Add the cayenne pepper to the butter and mix. Place the potatoes in the pan and let them cook until crisp. Turn when needed. Add the onions and cook for an additional minute.
Serve hot, add just enough salt.

Typical fantasy tree house

Conclusions regarding fantasy and fantastic recipes

After this brief introduction, with the first of many possible bonuses fantasy recipes, I hope you are hungry. Of course, I'll go and prepare a portion of potatoes myself, because every time I think back to this recipe, my mouth is watering.

Before leaving, however, I would like to ask you if you are interested in sharing yours with us fantasy recipes and fantastic taken from your favorite sagas or even send photos of your dishes, or invite me to dinner, when we can!