What is Fabcon 2020, the historic convention of role-playing and board games in Fabriano? Let's see the program and the news!

In a period in which the major Italian fairs dedicated to role playing come first postponed and then canceled, and in which in general many conventions have been held online with mediocre results, it is interesting to see the Fabcon 2020 experiment.

The Fabcon 2020 is a convention dedicated to role play, board game and collectible card games held in the town of Fabriano, in Marche. This year, the Fabcon has reached its thirtieth edition and is as always organized by thecultural Association Lokendil, founded in 1994. You can learn more about this convention by visiting his site.

To cope with the Covid-19 emergency, the Fabcon 2020 had to reinvent itself. Already strong by aonline experience during the quarantine, the Lokendil association organized a hybrid convention, which will feature both tabletop role-playing and LARP sessions in presence, physically held in Fabriano, both sessions and conferences totally online and. This is a different solution than those, for example, of Lucca Comics & Games and of San Diego Comic-Con, so it's worth taking a look at their schedule and security measures.

Fabcon 2020 will last four days and will be held from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 August in the city of Fabriano. The media partners of Fabcon 2020 will be the editors of Player.it. So let's see what awaits us!

The Fabcon 2020 program: activities in presence

Fabcon 2020 will host one-shot of role play and LARP sessions in person. You can scroll through the complete list of activities in attendance at Fabcon 2020 by going to this link. Here we will mention just the ones that interest us the most, but we advise you to view the complete list!

We report some matches organized by members of the association Lokendil: two a Coriolis (August 27th, 21.00 pm, and August 29th, 10.00 am), which we too have done an online campaign, an a Unglorious (28 August, 17.00 pm), one in the fifth edition of Vampiri (29 August, 10.00 am). By Friday August 28th, we report a one-shot a Alien RPG (21.00 pm). On Saturday August 29th, we report several one-shots a Lex Arcana (15.00 pm), About us (15.00 pm), Not the End (16.00 pm), Household (17.00 pm), Cyberpunk Red (17.00 pm) e 7th Sea (21.00 pm).

The third online talk of Fabcon 2020: Italian Game Design
The third online talk of Fabcon 2020: Italian Game Design

The Fabcon 2020 program: online activities

The online activities of Fabcon 2020 are divided between the talk and games on Discord.

Fabcon 2020 talks

There will be three talks and will be held on Thursday 27 August and Saturday 29 August. Each talk will be visible live on Facebook page . of Fabcon 2020.

First talk of Fabcon 2020: But do we live in Cyberpunk?

The first Fabcon 2020 talk will be held on Thursday August 27th, starting from 19.00. It will all be centered around the historic RPG cyberpunk 2020 and on the still unpublished cyberpunk 2077. For this, the title But do we live in Cyberpunk? it is particularly apt.

The speakers will be Nicola De Gobbis di Need Games, publishing house of cyberpunk 2077 e Cyberpunk RED in Italy, Marta Palvarini di Editions asterisk, author of Dura-Lande, Valentino Cinefra, editor of Player.it. To moderate everything will be Andrea Lucca, the innkeeper of the Red Dragon Inn.

Second talk of Fabcon 2020: Talking about Dragons

The second Fabcon 2020 talk on Saturday August 29th starting from 17.00. It will focus on the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, as you can already guess from the title: Talking about Dragons.

The speakers will be known faces of Italian disseminators and analyzers of D & D5e. We are obviously talking about Roberto Rossi de La Tana dell'Orsogufo, Stef Kiryan of the podcast The Dungeon Master's Den, and the translator Fiorenzo Delle Rupi. The moderator will be Valentino Cinefra, by Player.it.

Third talk of Fabcon 2020: Italian Game Design

The last Fabcon 2020 talk will be held on Saturday August 29th starting from 19.00 and will have the title of Italian Game Design. This talk is particularly close to our hearts because not only does it talk about the Italian publications and Kickstarters that we have followed and supported so much, but also because will be moderated by our Seeker G.

In addition, some of the most prominent personalities of Italian dissemination and game design will speak. The first two are Mirko Failoni, designer of About us, Angelo Peluso, author of Nightfell, both flagship titles of Mana Project Studio. He deals with game design, as well as playful information Claudio Serena di Fumble RPG, author of Not the End. They will then talk about Kickstarter and playful disclosure too Eugenio M. Lauro di I play e Chiara Listo e Giuseppe Vitale di Morning gift.

The games on Discord at Fabcon 2020

The RPG games on Discord will cover a bit of the whole event and will be held by different associations and publishers. You can find them in detail at this link, but here we will mention the ones that interest us most. We remind you that to play these online one-shots you must first enroll (go Thu and click Sign Up!); the inscription is completely participation.

We report some one-shots organized by dreamlord, which feature some of their new titles. We have already spoken in this article di The Sprawl - Touched (27 August, 21.00 pm) e Never Tell Me the Odds (28 August, 10.00 am). Here, however, you can read an article on crowdfunding de The ballad of the cruel sea (28 August, 21.00 pm).

We also have a series of games designed for the youngest a Tails of Equestria and D&D, organized by GamerMom (28 August, 15-17 pm) and from Role parents (29 August, 10.00 am). We will then have demos of recently funded RPGs on Kickstarter, such as Brancalonia (28 August, 16.00 pm) e Broken Compass (28 August, 21.00 pm).

We also mention the presence of Matthew Dawkins, writer for White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing and author of several World of Darkness. Dawkins will hold a game in English at the fifth edition of Vampiri, on 28 August starting at 16.00 pm.

Then, on Sunday 30 August, there will be some interesting experiments by Online LARP integrated with live LARP held at Fabcon 2020. They are an example The Dream of Kosmos e The nightmare of Kosmos, by Fria Ligan, who will be part of the LARP Last Cologne, which will also be held live at the convention at the same time.

The Fabcon 2020 poster, the work of Andrea Trivellini
The Fabcon 2020 manifesto, the work of Andrea Trivellini

The security measures of Fabcon 2020: a hybrid convention

As already mentioned, Fabcon 2020 will be a hybrid fair, which will be held both online and in person. This hybrid mode is needed for avoid gatherings during the convention and in any case to allow all interested people to participate.

Indeed, the Fabcon 2020 will have a maximum capacity of people who can physically participate in the convention. The addition of the online mode will allow those who may remain out and those who cannot / do not want to physically attend the conferences and role-play. In this way, therefore, the Fabcon will be opened to an even wider audience than usual.

Security measures for the Fabcon 2020 in attendance

As for the safety of the physical convention, here are the measures taken by the organizers of Fabcon 2020. You can consult the complete safety rules Thu.

First of all, as already mentioned, only those who will be able to enter the convention enrolled online, so as to avoid overcrowding of the fair. Entries and exits will have separate paths and in general the fair will be held in covered places, but outdoors, so as to always have a ventilated environment. The mask will be mandatory and numerous hand sanitizers will be available.

To avoid the passage from one hand to another of objects such as cards or playing pieces, the Fabcon 2020 will focus above all on role-playing games. In this sense, dice and pencils will not be made available by the masters at the table, but each player must bring their own. If someone forgets them or does not possess them, at the entrance you can buy a dice kit and stationery. For those wishing to eat inside the convention, a separate dining area will be set up, where it will be possible to buy food in packaged single portions.

As for the role-playing game, a special area will be set up to which only the staff and people registered at the tables will be able to access. Each table will have four players and a master, all one meter away from each other, and two meters away from the people at the other tables. The tables will be sanitized after each game and the character sheets will be either in digital format, or disposable.

EDIT: New safety regulations

Recently, the safety regulations have been updated. You can read them at this link.