“Evolution Pulse Rinascita” is a role-playing game resulting from the collaboration between The World Anvil e Black Box Games, based on the horror universe of Evolution Pulse. The manual presents a completely new setting that, starting from the "mother", moves the hands back a few abundant millennia. The result is an easy-to-learn RPG that rewards creativity and fluid storytelling. The proposed system is elegantly smooth and slender.


“Evolution Pulse Rebirth” is set in an ancient world, far from civilization as we know it, which has taken a different time path from ours. In this parallel universe the great Alexander the Great has, under deception and naivety, freed the alien and divine entities in our world, which quickly set off a campaign of unique conquest and civilization. The result is a world ruled by the Emperor, and other divine beings, which contrasts with the savage world outside the confines of the immense state. 
Players will be able to enjoy different facets of this setting: will their characters bow for power or will they fight for an idealistic freedom of the world?
The proposed aesthetic is a breath of fresh air in the panorama of role-playing games, since something that recalls the pre-Columbian civilizations is not seen every day, and the harsh sounds of the proposed terms help the identification.

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Structure of the manual

The “Evolution Pulse Rinascita” manual stands out with its three hundred pages which contain: the complete rules of the Monad Echo system; every facet of the setting, such as the Caste, the Gifts and the Bestiary; and a system to quickly help the Master in the creation of npc, monsters, events.
The only sore point, in our humble opinion, is that the manual is purely black and white. However the illustrations are very well cared for and pleasing to the eye.

The Monad Echo system

“Evolution Pulse Rinascita” adopts the Monad Echo system, a simplified and lightened son of the Monad System, which makes ease its strong point. There are only two types of rolls and the master will never pick up a die in the entire session. These aspects alone should make us understand the lightness of the title and its narrative structure. The system makes extensive use of descriptors to influence every aspect of the game.
The basic mechanics of the game are simple: you roll as many d6s as indicated in the value of the corresponding attribute, if you roll at least a 1 the action is automatically failed, otherwise you can see how well the test went. 
Combat is handled with the same simplicity: players roll to hit or defend against fixed values ​​and inflict 1 injury (barring extra powers and abilities) with each successful attack.

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The new Valraven release

We took the opportunity to review this manual when we found out about Valraven, which in a few weeks will see the light on Kickstarter, and the fact that it uses the same system. It is therefore very important to recover these two works that offer many quality elements to the panorama of narrative games.