The year that separated the EVO 2017 from the EVO 2018 was very positive and prolific for the fighting game genre thanks to new gameplay solutions that made competitions more engaging and more accessible participation without sacrificing the depth of play typical of the genre.

This approach, accompanied by well-structured introductory tutorials, seems to have represented a winning strategy for Arc System Works. Thanks to it, and to the collaboration with Bandai Namco to use a series as famous and loved as Dragon Ball, would appear to be dominant in the fighting game market alongside Bandai Namco itself. The Japanese company with Tekken 7 seems to have created a title that lends itself excellently to export broadcast thanks to its dynamism and technicality, easily identifiable by the viewer allowing it greater involvement. This vision is confirmed in thead of the second season, in which the gameplay changes and the use of a character from a popular television series like The Walking Dead seem to be aimed precisely at a technique linked to the presentation to attract new players.

After more than 30 years of domination, on the contrary, Capcom seems to falter before the hard blows of the competition: the seasonal strategy of Street Fighter V, which has seen several iconic and identifying characters of the series as DLC and has adopted a strongly linked business model cosmetic microtransactions, combined with an approach aimed at simplifying the game by reducing some more technical and complex options to make it more accessible to new players, however sacrificing the control that players can have on the game systems, have apparently removed the players from the franchise, so as well as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and its cast proposal that has excluded several classic characters from the series, later released as additional content.

The spread of exports as a mass activity, of content creation and of online competition in the world of video games have certainly contributed to the re-emergence of this type of video game making it regain a popularity and a diffusion that has been lacking for many years.