“Eroi & Malvagi” is the first supplement for the role-playing game 7Th Sea, second edition, which has been localized by Need Games for the Italian market. It is also in this case a unicum among the supplements, although very different from “Pirate Nations”, since it does not expand the setting but introduces over 40 Heroes npc and 40 Evil npc, divided by category.
After talking about "Nations of Théah vol. 1", Of the"Empire of the Crescent"And" Pirate Nations ", the time has come to talk about this experiment too.

A note from John Wick

Often and willingly, the words of an author are excellent for introducing and presenting your project, so we will continue the tradition and let John Wick, author of 7th Sea, present this work.

“Heroes & Villains” is an experiment. We answered questions from Liz (editor's note: project manager Elizabeth Chaipraditkul) and her team, but otherwise we left them alone and when the material started to arrive, I was delighted. Yes, the manual was a useful guide, but the authors exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only had they retained the themes and tones of the Théah from the basic manual, but they had expanded its potential.
It is strange to say that I am proud of this volume, because all the work and creativity are to be attributed to others. Therefore, let me tell you, I am happy to present this manual. This is what I always wanted JWP to be: a means of allowing others to express their creativity. I hope you enjoy it as much as I liked it. "

John Wick, "Heroes & Villains"

Structure of the manual

The manual consists of 208 pages divided into three chapters. In the first the work is presented, the concepts of good and evil as badges of the Heroes and the Evil, the concept of redemption for an Evil one and some suggestions on how to use this book. In the second, the 40 NPC heroes are illustrated, divided by characteristics that bring them together and around which they were built. Finally comes the chapter of the wicked, which follows the same principle after giving some useful suggestions on how to strike up an excellent story about them.

Heroes & Villains

Not 80 Npc but 80 stories

In the face of a particularly inspired layout, which reflects Heroes and Evils and their stories, there are 80 truly wonderful stories. The heroes can be very easily taken by any player for a one-shot, since they come with a card, complete in every point, all their background, their objectives and some ideas to interpret them better. Keeping away from the banality to write eighty stories must not have been easy and, for this reason, the applause to the team of writers who got to work must be vigorous.

Who is this manual recommended for?

While at first glance it may be the least interesting of all 7th Sea expansion manuals, this should not mislead readers. In addition to featuring new mechanics, in the forms of backgrounds, perks, dueling and sorcery styles, “Heroes & Villains” will come in handy on more occasions than can be described. It is therefore recommended to all those masters who struggle to invent NPCs for every occasion, as well as those in difficulty with names (like myself).
The "Heroes & Villains" manual can be found on place by Need Games.