epigoni is a new role playing game, with original system, created by Antonio Rossetti e Nicola Santagostino, known faces of the Italian ludic landscape and, one of them, my old adventurer on the website Lokee.

After abandoning myself, just for a moment, to the memories, let's immediately headlong into this game who will see his arrival on Kickstarter shortly!

What is Epigoni

epigoni is a role-playing game set in the present day, which draws inspiration from such productions American Gods e Percy Jackson, combining precisely classic and mythological atmospheres with contemporary pulp tales.
You will find yourself playing the children of a God, a Hero of the Myth or an Incarnation and a mortal, unworthy heirs who live between two worlds intertwined with each other but at the same time distant, and endowed with the ability to perform incredible wonders as well as being naturally better than a normal human being.

Gradually, however, the existence of a epigone it will become more and more chaotic and complex. On the one hand the old and comfortable life of the past is just a distant memory, on the other the character will have to adapt quickly to an invisible world made up of secret societies, plots and ancient rivalries between Gods, in which he and his companions are nothing else. what expendable pawns.
In addition to all this, the fate, a faceless force that shapes the fate of Myths and Epigones, has been lurking since the day of their awakening. He follows them from afar, observes their every move, waiting to be able to intervene and decide on their life.

The duty that Epigoni will find themselves paying for their divine gifts, is the Prophecy. More the Fact it will drop its claws on them, the more it will increase its grip and the more they will lose themselves, eventually, sooner or later, to become simple stereotypes, shadows of what they were and what they really could have been, for all intents and purposes vacui.

Art by Vanessa d'Ambrosio

A role playing game MythPop

With the role play Epigoni we introduced the concept of "mythpop".

Take the ideas of Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore and China Mieville, about the power of storytelling and what it is capable of creating, mix it up with the aesthetics of directors like Tarantino and Jonh Woo, with their elegant suits and their enormous theatricality, and finally throw in a little existentialist philosophy in sauce Elysium disk (videogame that I recommend).

The ancient mythologies of the past are painted in "vaporwave, dull and fluorescent gold“, The symbolic words are the epic and the journey, their scent is that of a storm that is about to arrive, the sum of all the imaginary that our society is full of!
Do you want to fight against the incarnation of the 80s, while sipping a martini made by Venus herself? Are you ready to find yourself in the midst of a war between King Arthur and Chinese myths for control of London's popular neighborhoods? Do you want to fight to defend rap from the attack of a Hero of the Myth like Salieri? If the answer is yes, then Epigoni is for you.

Image from the role-playing game Epigoni
Art by Mimir

Epigoni's role-playing system

The skeleton of the system on which it is based epigoni and the Copperhead System. This is a creation by Antonio Rossetti and Nicola Santagostino.
The regulation refers to the traditional master / players division and allows a certain breath in the management of the characters, thanks to the use of keywords.

In Copperhead, players throw some d8 whenever they want to change the course of a scene; to do this they must use keywords that describe their characters and the way they interact with the world. The creators tell us that these descriptors will help the character in his task, facilitating the shooting of every word used in this way.

The system therefore tends to balance the purely mathematical aspect with the interpretative one, thus finding a balance in favor of the player's inventiveness, action and will.
Copperhead only requires the use of d8 and the result will define whether the action will resolve with a "Success", a "Success, but" or a "Failure". The Consequences of a negative roll, however, do not automatically result in a "fail", it is also possible, depending on the context, to succeed in the action suffering Serious Consequences.

One of the most interesting things about this system is that the Copperhead System is available in a format Creative Commons. It has already been some time that the creators have made available, to those who wish, the use of their system even if, obviously, without the specific rules of Epigoni and with the license for non-commercial use, thus recognizing the authors of the original system.

I personally find this choice a profound awareness of the Italian role-playing community. Already in the past a similar experiment was done by Dura-Lande with its will to be Copy left. What can I say if you are not good?

The project will land on Kickstarter

To give more breath to this project, they decided to finance it through a Kickstarter campaign.

The goal is to be able to reach the amount needed to print the product, but above all to collect as many orders as possible in order to facilitate logistics.
They have decided to propose a funding campaign that will make the game community feel that it has supported the project from the beginning with a unique passion. Part of this story will also serve to give voice to new authors and reward fans' patience, offering them some extra little surprises.

Before the project can be presented on the funding platform, however, a will be released quickstart which will be structured as a video game tutorial. Remember that before we talked about Elysium disk, right? You may not have played with it, but I wasted half an hour looking for the shoe outside the window and didn't notice the tie. I would need a tutorial, so thanks guys!

Maybe the cover of Epigoni role-playing game
Art by Caterina Ferrante


An enthusiastic presentation? Of course, you would do it too if you had got to know Nicola at the time of Lokee, with his nickname Khaaaaan! (I bet you read it with Captain Kirk's voice ed).

When it comes to playing children of myths, and for once not of Cthulhu, although I do not exclude that in the future they may come to life, a light bulb is accessed, or rather a lighthouse.

Exalted for me it was a little too much (powa). City of Mist too little. Scion he was already a little more balanced. Let's see if Epigoni's RPG can give me what I'm looking for. In any case, I invite you to go to the group of Epigoni on Facebook, to be able to read some news about the game and stay informed about the funding campaign.

And above all, do not lose sight of us, because shortly, with the approval of the authors, we will present more information about the game!

An update recently is the opening of the dedicated website. Go and visit it!