You remember epigoni, the role-playing game of Antonio Rossetti Nicola Santagostino we had already talked about previously in one of ours article released a few months ago?

Here, for those who don't know, our diplomatic and espionage service works fine. It works so well that we managed to get our hands on some very interesting confidential documents. Among other things, you remember true that shortly epigoni will go to the platform Kickstarter?

I would really like to tell you the story of how we managed to get hold of these sheets, but I think it is more interesting for you to know what they contain.

The nature of the characters in Epigoni

Browsing through the documents we found some basic steps that we would like to share with you:

In Epigoni there are no "classes" of the characters but it will be their nature to define them, their Destiny, and in addition to the Epigoni themselves there are two other types of beings of a mortal nature that act in the mythpop universe.

The characterizing archetypes of the characters are: the Progeny, the Atheists and vacui. Then there are the Monsters. But let's go and analyze them a little better. Obviously a small disclaimer: any information that we are going to divulge is possible that, in the course of the works, it will be adapted again, changed, altered, to meet the reality of the Myth and the tests of the game.

Destinies of Epigoni
Destinies of Epigoni. Art by mimir

The offspring

Could you give a face to Fire? In the dark? At the time? This thought reminded me of a book by Alan Moore, The Voice of Fire
And how many other concepts are so vast and so alien to the mind of an ordinary human being that they need witty metaphors and stories to make them more understandable? What if, somehow lost in time, these primordial concepts had touched human beings and changed them forever?

Here, these are the legends that surround the Progeny, real ancient bloodlines that live in the human world as in the best conspiracy theories. But what is a Scion and what makes it different from an Epigone? The answer is cruel and merciless: the offspring are doomed, from birth, to become monsters. Fate does not touch them, because from their birth their ending is already written.

Their end is therefore marked and, too often, those who know their end, give in to the most abject ways. This awareness means that many of them are among the most aberrant individuals that can be met on their path, as they are dedicated to the worst perversions and the most ruthless ancestral cults, after all their life is just a dream that sooner or later will end, so they don't see why to oppose their real self.

Could there be anything sadder?

The Atheists

They say the truth sets you free, but nobody ever talks about the price.

What meaning can being an atheist have in a game, like Epigoni, where every aspect of mythpop oozes from its pages?

Atheists do not deny the existence of the supernatural, they simply do not want to enslave themselves to it and they know that mortals, from the very beginning of their history, have been both jailers and victims of their creations. They act on the force which is Fate and at the same time are "afflicted" by it. Anyone who does not believe must still pay a duty for what he is doing.

Let's take a strange and a little old example, like me. You remember My Name is Earl (2005)? The series began with this sentence:

[...] You know the kind of person who does one bastard after another and at some point wonders that his life sucks? Well, that was me! Whenever something good happened to me, something bad was lurking around the corner: it's Karma! That's why I decided to change: I made a list of all my bad deeds and have been trying to make up for the mistakes I've made ever since. I'm just trying to be a better person. My name? Earl! [...]

Here, he tries to dominate Fate, but at the same time he is dominated by it.

Atheists are rare and solitary individuals to whom, due to their mortal nature, it is impossible to access some powers, the use of some Relics and Artifacts, but they can in turn change reality where the threads of Fate are less tense.

The Vacui

I am what you see, and nothing more.

When an Epigone definitively cedes his History into the hands of Fate, he discovers the bitter truth. He is not a History, he never was and, after having lost every piece of himself little by little, now he has nothing left.
Now it is only an Emblem chosen by a faceless mechanism, a mask that hides the memory of a person: it is a Void.

The life of a vacuo is marked by the constant maintenance of this farce, forcing their nature of the past to remain as close as possible to the condemnation they have decided to inflict on themselves, under penalty of definitive disappearance, since they are not and have never been a History, but only ghosts of the memory of a potential gone to waste.

The Monsters in Epigoni

What is the Monster?

For the Latins the word monster (monster 'divine sign, prodigy', from monēre 'warn, admonish') indicated something, or someone, with prodigious abilities, but without negative or positive meaning at the end.

In the world of Epigoni, any Story that comes to life and does not represent specific concepts, such as a Hero of the Myth or a God, is called a Monster, such as the myrmidons of Achilles, the Chinese terracotta warriors, the "videodrones" of the God of Television. If they do not have a unique Myth, if they do not have a single identity, but only as a group, then they are Monsters, incarnated prodigies that move among men.

I mean, are they the bad guys? Maybe, but that's not necessarily the case. Yours the narration, yours the ideas, yours the Monsters!

Monsters are bound by Fate to never be able to get out of their History and their nature: a dwarf will always be a craftsman, aʿIfrīt will always try to offer cheating pacts, a gremlin will always be tied to sabotage and so on.

Do you already have any Monstrum ideas to create?

Art by Valentina Pinti

Conclusions and thoughts on Epigoni

A taste of the world of epigoni that was proposed to us by Nicola Santagostino has a though! What you have read is all in the making. What he wanted to show us will happen, perhaps, if the Kickstarter campaign goes beyond the best expectations. In addition to the basic manual, and other interesting surprises, it will therefore be possible to play both Progenies and Atheists, two system hacks.

You will be able to live the life and the fall of a Void, thanks to a separate game with a masterless matrix, and, if still not enough, noises and images hover in the distance giving rise to chatter about the Visions, still not well defined but of which we really hope to be part of.

What about then? Interesting this new material? Are you ready to support the Kickstarter campaign?

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