Let's say a few words about the 2019 Emmys, explaining why Game of Thrones won the award for best drama series.

At home, mine self-therapeutic monologues on frivolous topics they are introduced like this: “I wanted to say something about…”. A formula that would sound like “Sorry, I don't want to bore you, I know I'm interested in silly things, but let me just say that and then I promise we'll go back to the real world”. And which instead means "Now I'll explain to you what happened and why reality as you know it is about to capitulate without you even noticing".

And after I explained my reasons, in the belief of the calmness of my tones and the measure of my words: - Wow, they really pissed you off, huh?

And then I notice the foam that I have already cleaned from my mouth.

- Emmy 2019 were awarded, and there was a shower of headlines immediately to reassure us that yes, it is Game of Thrones (HBO, who also took home the prize for Chernobyl!) to win the prize Best Drama Series. Why, did you expect something different?

The Game of Thrones cast at the 2019 Emmys! Photo by Phil McCarten / Invision / AP / Shutterstock
The cast of Game of Thrones at the 2019 Emmys! Photo by Phil McCarten / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

Game of Thrones the best drama series at the Emmys 2019: why?

Let's face it: the Emmy for Best Drama Series could only go to Game of Thrones. I like to lull myself into the illusion that it's not true, but it is, and the last season in this counterweight game doesn't count.

Just read the other names vying for the 2019 Emmys (B, Bodyguard, Killing Eve, pose, Succession e This Is Us, on whose dignity there is no doubt about it!) to realize that they are big titles that confront a giant. And the rewards are also for this: a recognize giants and consecrate them, even when they knocked down some bell towers on the way.

We talked about too much hype for the last season Thu, while the terrible ending was commented on Thu. This article instead it analyzes how Benioff and Weiss have nevertheless been successful. If you want to enjoy our spicy reviews, here they are: 8 × 01, 8 × 02, 8 × 03, 8 × 04, 8 × 05 e 8 × 06!

How, who and why do you reward yourself in these festivals?

The world of film and television awards (including the Oscar 2019) does not comply with the rules of sports competitions. If you cross the line first in the 100m, you win, but in the Emmys where is the line, and what does it mean to cross it? To answer, you must first understand how the game works.

Without going into the merits of the differences between one festival and another, between the audience to which they turn and between the products they take into consideration (because I suppose you are not in the mood to read a manual!), There are various factors that enter into field in the choice of the work to which to award a prize. As far as the performance level in itself it is important, it is not always decisive on its own, and it does not always end up giving recognition to the best performance in itself.

We take Leonardo DiCaprio: for years, audiences and critics have agreed in judging him an Oscar-winning actor, who, however, won only in 2016 with Revenant. Was it your best performance, superior to all previous ones? Maybe not, but on that occasion, more than DiCaprio star of Revenant, DiCaprio was awarded actor.

Did Peter Dinklage get a little fed up with winning all these Emmys?
Maybe Peter Dinklage got a little tired of winning all these Emmys?

Game of Thrones he has been awarded for his career. But did he deserve it?

Prizes can consecrate an artist or work, to underline the value that the jury attributes to a "new" message, point of view or idea. Without forgetting their weight from the point of view of image and marketing (remember when Game of Thrones has been used in one meme war between Trump and Iran?). In many of these respects, therefore, Emmy a Game of Thrones it is an element that clearly finds its place in the history of one of the most important television series in recent years.

Yet I do not shake off the feeling that trying to erase the last season with a sponge. To end the debate on what has been a great disappointment for many. Last season he won Emmy for Best Drama Series, end of speech and spin-off below. But it is so?

In fact, excluding the 10 well deserved technical awards, at the Emmys 2019 Game of Thrones only two more trophies are brought home. Among them, the prize for best supporting actor, won by Peter Dinklage for the fourth time. (And only I had the impression that he couldn't take it anymore?)

But there was no shortage of removes stains. Not being able to get recognition for the best supporting actress with 4 names in the running (including Lena Headey) is an example. Although the technical aspects are crucial for the success of a product like Game of Thrones, really a series that doesn't have the best actors, the best directors and the best script is The best series? Answer yourself, I am here thinking about it.

Fleabag brings home four Emmys!
Fleabag takes four Emmys home!

Emmy 2019: two words about the other winners!

What is certain is that, if I do that very wrong thing to compare very different products, the truly true victory of Fleabag it seems clear to me, even if there won't be a third season (probably).

It will not have the stellar budget of 90 million dollars, but the BBC comedy-drama brought something not around the corner to the screen: the chemistry. A palpable complicity between the protagonists, who with a few glances beyond the fourth wall manages to reach the spectator too. And then, come on, there's this:

For the rest, some purely personal consideration, do what you like most:

  • I was expecting more accolades for The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon), but we'll settle for blockbuster of the last edition;
  • I would not have bet on Jodie Comer having Sandra Oh among the candidates (both for Killing Eve, BBC America);
  • I would have liked to see more nominations and accolades for The Act (Hulu).

What is certain is that the absence of a giant like Game of Thrones change the cards on the table in view of the next edition: what will await us for 2020?