Eberron, for the uninitiated, it is a setting born from the mind of Keith baker, winner of over eleven thousand participants in a competition organized by the W, who then actually published his work.

There would be much to be said about Eberron, but let's start with the basics. Eberron is a setting for "Dungeons & Dragons"Characterized by strong themes of high magic, steampunk, pulp as well as a good dose of fantasy mystery. We have always liked D&D settings that are a bit particular, so much so that we have taken one into consideration for this article.

I have to make a little personal confession before moving on to examine this latest product with setting Eberron. I have always been very reluctant to play D&D, either because in the last century I began my play experience with MERP (GIear of Rrole of Signorant of Anelli), or perhaps because, in reality, my loyalty in fantasy goes to the Undivided Chaos of the Old World. However, in that period, only one setting had breached my heart: Dragonlance.

But after a long time, back in 2005 to be exact, when I got my hands on the basic manual of Eberron, I fell in love with it almost immediately. In fact, I had managed to follow all its editorial releases and found the 4th edition manual exceptional, especially for the lore.

But let's examine the new volume of "Eberron - Rising From The Last War".

A battle over Eberron

Structure of the Eberron - Rising From The Last War manual

As you can imagine, right from the title Il lingua mare, this review will be for the English edition of the manual (sorry but I have a limit, I tend to buy volumes in English only).

The manual has, as always, been produced in two editions, the normal one and the collector's one. Both have a hard cover, but while the first one has a forged and halfling design, the second one is glossy black and shows a glimpse of Sharn with various Skyship (flying ships) floating in the air.

As for the composition of the manual we find ourselves in front of a volume quite in line with the previous ones, of over three hundred pages, all in color and, perhaps, a little too full of tables, but we all know that the players like them!

The manual is divided into six chapters, each of which deals with a specific part of the world of Eberron.

Subdivision of the Eberron manual

Chapter one

The first chapter helps the player to create their own archetypal character; among the novelties were included original playable races and another class, theArtificer. In addition to these innovations, in the same chapter, we can find an additional gift: i Dragonmarks (Marks of the Dragon). These brands give the owner greater power than those without it. Furthermore, thanks to the Dragonmarks, we can also get a clear idea of ​​the various power influences of the various Houses.

Chapter two

The second chapter projects us into the world of Eberron in all its splendor. All continents of the world are examined in more or less depth, from Khorvaire a Sarlona, passing through the jungles of Xen'drik, or its subsoil.
In this chapter it is also possible to find the various religions and some of the sects present in the world.

Chapter three

Sharn, in all its glory! This chapter actually disappointed me a bit, trying to summarize in a single chapter a city, which during 3.5 had a manual of its own, made me turn up my nose. Everything seemed to me to have already been seen and already read, without any actual innovation or expansion of information.

Chapter four

How do I build you a campaign? With this chapter! In addition to being presented many ideas on where and how to set a campaign of Eberron, in these pages we are offered both the modalities on how to actually choose the supernatural and non-supernatural threats, for one's own history, and how to effectively develop a pulp plot.

Chapter five

Cross and delight of masters and players, in this chapter we find the specific magic objects for this particular setting. We have been accustomed, in the old Fifth Edition manuals, to seeing few magical objects, here, however, there are many, many, but above all, Wonderful.

Chapter six

We have monsters for all seasons. In this chapter we can find all the fauna of Eberron, spiritual, psychic monsters, monsters from the Realms of Dreams, Forgings and many generic NPCs to use for our campaigns.

Eberron Last War


"Eberron - Rising From The Last War”Is an interesting manual that helps all those who do not know the setting in question, but for those who were not dry mouth, it does not add much more than previous releases. We can say that it is almost an upgrade of the manual Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron.

For all that this manual he says, the pages should have been at least five hundred. We must not despair however. Keith Baker has already announced that he is working on a new manual called Exploring Eberron which will see the light soon (hopefully)!

Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron