After the law that made it illegal Loot boxes in Belgium, many companies have prudently accepted the nation's new status quo and have adapted to not being able to sell certain products. However, there has been a house well known for his recent scandals, mainly due to greed far beyond the tolerable limit, which he has tried to appeal to court, stating that his Fifa Points were not comparable to gambling.

After what have been defined by EA PR like "Further comparisons with the Belgian Authority" it was announced that Belgian players will no longer be able to buy Fifa Points like everyone else but will be able to earn content as they have always been able to do.

For those unfamiliar with the matter, Belgium looked to the loot boxes last year with growing concern. The idea of ​​spending real money to get a random result, not always in favor of the players (usually minors), has not gone well with the authorities. According to experts, the loot boxes would in the long run activate the same mechanics of gambling in the minds of the players, a very serious danger that is not indicated on the game packaging.

Critics of this view stated that, in fact, it is a purely optional choice and that no one obliges players to make this choice. It is easy to answer this criticism. Anyone who has examined the games in question knows perfectly well that hundreds of hours are needed to obtain the same things, an event that aims to make the shortcut of money prefer.

The scandal had already affected EA, which it had removed from Battlefront II every form of microtransaction. However, the company seemed fierce enough for Fifa, their flagship series and immense source of revenue, but this was not enough against Belgian justice.

The position of other nations

The position of the Italian government and parliament on the matter, as for all the latest technological and web discoveries, does not exist. It seems strange to us that the "government of change", which has repeatedly declared itself opposed to gambling through its exponents, has not thought of protecting the little ones from its dangers.

The rest of the world, meanwhile, is evaluating the matter and important nations such as the United States, China and Japan are investigating. Our hope is that 2019 will see ever stronger and more decisive responses that push developers and publishers to try to earn in less random and harmful to the mind ways. A happy ending, therefore, that I hope will make the states of the European Union reflect further on the gambling issue.