Do you know Dungeon Builder? In 2016, on Kickstarter, a global campaign was launched to finance this software designed to create isometric interior maps, but not only, in style Diablo, Starcraft, Path of Exile. Do you know the isometric view that we like so much true?

Today we are happy to tell you that i Seekers of Atlantis they started a collaboration with the software house hobbyte, based in Denmark who launched the product in 2017, for the localization of the product in Italian.

Well yes, if you buy the program, soon, you will have the opportunity to have it Dungeon Builder the Italian! Not bad right?

But the surprises don't end there. In addition to translation, in the coming months, we will work on some tutorials on how to take the first steps in the software.

How much does Dungeon Builder cost and what can I create with it?

Kim Markfoged and Aage Jørgensen, respectively software developer and art designer, have thought about various possible uses for their product.

Users who purchase it will have the opportunity to choose from several options:

Dungeon Builder - This license will allow the buyer to create isometric maps, with all the necessary functionalities, without however exploiting it to receive an economic return. You will therefore not be able to publish paid material of any kind under this license. Cost 59 € and you will have the product forever.

Hobbyist License - Here things change. The license just described allows small companies, or those who want to produce large-scale maps, to create internal and external also to monetize. However, the software house requires that the product logo be inserted into the image created. Cost € 199 (recommended for companies with revenues of less than twenty thousand euros).

Dungeon Builder Indie - This license for Dungeon Builder allows medium-sized companies to use the tool to build their own maps and the logo inserted in the created image is not required. Cost € 379 (recommended for companies with revenues between twenty thousand and seventy thousand Euros).

Dungeon Builder Pro - This is the last of the three publishing licenses. Like the previous two, this also allows the sale of the material created with Dungeon Builder and has a rather high cost (€ 799) and is mandatory for companies with revenues exceeding seventy thousand euros.

Ah of course if you have to switch from one license to another major you will not have to pay the full amount, only the difference!

What does the product offer its users?

Cells built with Dungeon Builder
I don't know about you, but it also reminds me of HeroQuest

The product that hobbyte he created is very intuitive and easy to use. Consider that in less than ten minutes I was able to understand where the positionable were, how to build a multi-storey house and a small cave with a dragon. But that's not all: Kim was very far-sighted and allowed the system to be modified by users thus giving other creators the opportunity to share their works.

You can then download additional mods from specialized sites such as Nexus Mode and install in a special folder (Custom Folder) all the mods you want to make your isometric maps even more unique.

It's time to have fun

What can we tell you? As always, the limit we have is the imagination, but if you are not 100% sure if it is worth the purchase or not, we recommend that you download the trial version, which contains everything in the software, and try it for a few hours. The demo, however, despite being usable indefinitely, does not allow the export and saving of maps.

We are excited about it and we are happy that Hobbyte has given us this opportunity to collaborate with them!

An insight into an interior built with Dungeon Builder.
The interiors on several floors through the use of the isometric view