Dragonero the Rebel is the "new" course of the series Sergio Bonelli Editore inaugurated in November 2019.

After having accompanied us for 77 regular and several special issues, Ian Aranill, genhu VarliedartoBreak it, namely Black Dragon, former member of the mercenary company of the Senzanima, former officer of the Erondarian Empire, former captain of the Imperial Scouts, Hero of the war against the Black Queens, found himself forced to take up arms against the same Empire he had sworn to defend!

It is little more than a year that this new phase in the life of Ian and his companions has begun, so it is time to retrace these first, important moments of the Rebellion.

Dragonero the Rebel and his companions ready to do battle
Ian and the other Rebels ready to fight

The flame of the Rebellion crosses the Erondár

On the occasion of the start of Dragonero the Rebel, SBE released, during the Lucca Comics & Games 2019, a collector's box: the "Dragonero Rebels Box". In this article we analyzed the content as well as presenting the first two issues of the new narrative.

In fact, it starts from number 1 with "The rebels of Erondár"(November 2019), an introductory but coherent episode, able to present, in its pages, explanations, personal plots and possible future scenarios. A dutiful choice for readers who approached Dragonero with that register.

With "Return to Solian"(N ° 2, December 2019), the action resumes right where we left off, a register also intrinsically linked to the events of the last issue of the previous course,"Death of a hero"(N ° 77, October 2019).

Dragonero the Rebel and The Guardians of Stone

One of the two authors / creators of Dragonero, Luca Enoch, delves into the changes within the Erondarian society following the establishment of the Theocracy that follows the dictates of the Lady of Tears and its first priest, Leario.
In this article you can deepen the question of "The Guardians of Stone"(No. 3, January 2020).

The scream of the flesh

For Dragonero the Rebel and his companions, the fight against the Empire is also made up of expectations and memories. Neither "The scream of the flesh”(N ° 4, February 2020) we saw Ian tell an old adventure of his, almost a prologue for his next mission.
In this article we analyzed the episode.

Dragonero the Rebel between The gods of the arena

If you're curious to see how Ian and Gmor fare as gladiators, as well as suggesting you recover "The gods of the arena"(N ° 5, March 2020), we leave you here thearticle who takes care of it.

The voice of the deep forest

But it's not just Ian, Gmor and the Rebels. A very important character in the great Dragonero tapestry is the elf Frondascura evening. "The voice of the deep forest”(N ° 6, April 2020) is a very important book for this character. Are you curious?
In this article we delved into Sera's emotional ordeal.

Keyra's fate

What is a Rebellion without allies? This prompts Ian and his companions to help the oress Keyra, old flame of Gmor, in his Tagh-Hak. Ready to discover "Keyra's fate"(N ° 7, May 2020)?
In this article we presented, in addition to the episode, some strengths of the series Dragonero the Rebel.

Dragonero the Rebel investigates The secret of the Ubiqui

Just as a Rebellion cannot function without allies, so also it cannot function without a dense network of "ways" that favor its movements. Except that Ian and his companions maybe went too far ...
If you are curious to discover "The secret of the Ubiqui"(N ° 8, June 2020) you can continue with this article.

Checkmate at the Tower

Perhaps the first blow of the Rebellion against the Erondarian Theocracy and right in the heart of the capital Vàhlendàrt, a real "Checkmate at the Tower"(N ° 9, July 2020).
If you want to learn more about the Technocrats, the former order of Myrva, and the Tower of Tectuendart you can do it in this article. We also took care of the summer special "Heart of Darkness".

The Sleeper

"The Sleeper”(N ° 10, August 2020) is an important register within the saga of Dragonero the Rebel, for three reasons. The first is because we learn that the power of the Lady of Blood Tears is not as absolute as it was thought at the beginning, indeed there are powers that are able to oppose it. The second is because Ian takes back on himself the cloak of "dragon hunter ", in fact, reveals a further teaching of Varliedart. The last, but not least, is the skilful construction and analysis of some of the supporting female characters of the series, primarily Briana.
If you want to learn more you can do it in this article.

Dragonero the Rebel Lever The sword to the sky

Neither "The sword to the sky”(N ° 11, September 2020) we take a breather and look at the first days of the Rebellion. In this issue the elderly Gmor reappears, master ofOrder of Destinians, which tells us about those first turbulent days.
In this article we focused on the avenue of memories.

Dragonero the Rebel goes there Where the light dies

To counter the power of the Lady of Blood Tears, as well as the Imperial War Mages, it is necessary to recover as much magical power as possible. In "Where the light dies”(N ° 12, October 2020) we follow Ian, Gmor, Aura and Alben in their research.
THEarticle he follows both missions, in addition to dealing with the problems that plague a certain fanbase eager to witness the clash between the Theocracy and the Rebels.

The daughters of Karnon

"The daughters of Karnon”(N ° 13, November 2020) those who deal with the consequences on the passing of life in Erondár after the end of the war against the Black Queens and the establishment of the Theocracy are inserted in the wake of the books.
If you want to deepen the analysis of an episode that is difficult to deal with emotionally and that puts us to the test in examining the events, but above all in formulating a univocal judgment, you can do it in this article.


Come back 'Old Man Gmor', as the curator of the series Luca Barbieri calls it. It is his job to tell us three stories of the "real" early days of the Rebellion, when Ian and his companions became, overnight, all "Wanted!"(N ° 14, December 2020).
In this article we focused on the importance that Gmor holds, within the series, as it guides us in the three timelines (past, present, future) in which, often, the Dragonero narrative is proposed.

The inaccessible fortress

The Rebellion is starting to move, hitting the Theocracy where it hurts the most: in the pockets! Ian and his companions decide to make a withdrawal from the coffers of the imperial treasure, in the "safe" "The inaccessible fortress"(No. 15, January 2021).
If you are interested in learning more about this heist episode, you can try this article.

The flight of wyverns

The Empire is now devoid of any air force, so the time has come for the Rebels to take control of the Erondarian skies. Ian and his companions will have to follow "The flight of wyverns"(N ° 16, February 2021) and find the Great Mother to be able to form one's own air battalion.
You can closely follow the flight of these majestic, yet dangerous, creatures in this one article.

Yannah's sacrifice

Ian and companions return, through the narrow pass of Golkana, after seeking allies in the kingdom of Raghnar. Information from a mole among their ranks sets off the trap hatched by the ever more ruthless, and less and less human, Roney. What will be the "Yannah's sacrifice"(N ° 17, March 2021) for the salvation of Black Dragon?
Here you can find thearticle. I advise you to prepare a good supply of handkerchiefs.

Attack on Vàhlendàrt

Come back 'Old Man Gmor' in his THIS, which we begin to glimpse (and it seems to us in gloomy colors! ndA), but FUTURE for us readers, to tell us about events now belonging to PAST of the saga "Dragonero the Rebel".
There are three stories recalled, the first attempt to launch a "Attack on Vàhlendàrt"(N ° 18, April 2021), the journey by Yamara, the mutilated and seemingly lonely Mother Guardian of Alben, seeking purpose, and a dangerous and top secret mission undertaken by Vril Ausofer.
If you are interested in these four stories, you can find an insight into this article.

The Runaway Demon

The mission in a small but strategic village leads the Rebels to discover the massacre of an imperial garrison. Ian sets out on the trail of what will turn out to be "The Runaway Demon”(N ° 19, May 2021) protagonist of various popular legends, characterized by a twisted sense of justice. The meeting with Daron (formidable enemy or a future and unexpected ally?) Will push our Dragonero towards a never resolved question.
In this article we followed Ian in the pursuit.

When the waves sing

The Rebels, in order to attack the Erondarian Theocracy, need to accumulate large reserves of magical energy. Therefore, recovering a powerful relic lost from two Alben adepts during a shipwreck is of primary importance. Ian, Sera and Aleen set out on the trail of the artifact, but for Aleen, returning to the lands of her people means making cones with the past.
If you want to see how the hunt for the relic and the return to the origins of Aleen are intertwined, with in the background "When the waves sing”(N ° 20, June 2021), you can find in this article a brief analysis.

The magpies

Ian, Gmor and other rebels, in an attempt to free their comrades who have fallen into the clutches of the Bestiarii, cross their path with a singular group of outlaws / executioners: "The magpies"(N ° 21, July 2021). These are all women with a strong grudge against men. Whether they are friends or enemies, it will be the episode to tell, it is certain, however, that we will definitely see them again in the future!
In this article we have explored several aspects (thanks Luca Enoch!) that go beyond the medium of comics.

On the track of memories

Ian celebrates not one, not two or even three birthdays, but four! Our Dragonero, although now in his eighties, is once again engaged in a mission (which we will discover in the future). One of his "strange" travel companions gives him a gift for his birthday and from then on it is a journey "On the track of memories”(N. 21bis, August 2021), all linked to the first gift Ian received from Gmor when they were kids: a dagger that can cut anything.
For those interested in celebrating together with Ian can do it in this one article .

The Returning

Ian and Gmor, once again on a mission, find themselves having to manage three fronts in the town of Lungwall. In seeking support for the rebellion, they are forced to hide from the relentless bounty hunters of the gods Bestiaries, when suddenly a returning girl appears in the city, whom they had previously "saved".
If you want to know against those who seek revenge Gheal the Returning, just recover the register! If you are interested in delving into history, you can do it in this one article.

The onslaught of the hawks

Number 100 of each Sergio Bonelli Editore series is a special issue and this is no exception! The Rebels are ready to make a real coup, trying to free the Emperor Nahim from the nefarious influence of Leario. Ian along with a handful of former Raiders will try to sneak into the capital Vöhlendärt from the sky!
If you want to see by what means and if the raid will be successful you can find some more information in this article.

A wound in the earth

The Abominations have found a way to make their way from their underworld to theErondar. Beyond theArcelon, the Great Wall, in Varliendár, the Lands of Dragons, one has opened Nugrachava, an opening. Ian, Gmor, Sera, Myrva and Alben embark on a mission to avert an invasion, but they will need the help of an old friend, now their sworn opponent: Hecuba!
Those interested in finding out if the old Mother Guardian of Alben, now an irreducible nemesis, will decide to suspend, at least temporarily, her intentions of revenge in view of a greater threat, can deepen the discussion in this article.

On the way to nowhere

Nahim's release will not be enough to win the war, allies are needed, so Gmor and Ian go to theGreat Lakes Enclave. But the council is missing an old friend of Ian, Sheda. What is the reason for his absence? Perhaps a terrible threat looms over his life and lineage? Ian will be forced to choose between the path of duty that wants him at the council and that of friendship, which pushes him to rush to the rescue of Sheda.
If you want to know what path our Dragonero will take, just retrieve the register; if you have read it and want to deepen the themes of the story, you can follow us in this article.

The flames of the revolt

Ian and his companions are no longer rebels, but freedom fighters, after all, Emperor Nahim is in charge of them. The only purpose now is to overthrow Leario's theocracy. The moment of the final surrender can now be glimpsed; therefore, before the Attack that will free the Erondár, it is necessary to clear the way with targeted attacks.
If you are interested in learning more about the first three moves of the counterattack that Ausofer, strategist with a brilliant mind, organizes, you can do it in this item.

Told at night

Old Man Gmor brings to mind, forced by a lost bet, a particular moment shortly after the end of the War against the Black Queens. It is a memory made of memories, an important journey in order not to lose the roots at the base of the Rebellion, to remain faithful to oneself and to the values ​​that have always characterized Ian, Gmor, Sera, Briana, Alben and the others ...
It is possible to analyze the importance of remembrance as the values ​​for which one is fighting in order not to become like the enemy in this article.

Alben's past

Eventually we begin to know a little about the past of Alben, the Luresindo, companion and mentor of Ian, and of the others. First, of a two-part story, we will embark on a double journey into the memory of the old wizard and into the fulfillment of a mission left unfinished years ago, and which perhaps could help against the next dark threat that is about to spill over the Erondár: Saul Jeranas!
Anyone who wants to follow us in the analysis of the first half of Alben's story will be able to do so in this article.

The Luresindo

This issue completes (?) Alben's journey into the past (at least part of it) and launches a fleeting glimpse into the future of the Order! We are faced with a story with a clear testamentary flavor, almost a last mission, as if Alben felt the end approaching, and a clash with Saul Jeranas it could be. And what can a character who has always been a mentor, albeit sometimes reticent, leave behind if not Hope?
Who wants to deepen the bitter sweet of Alben's thread of memories, can do it in this article.

The army of evil

With "The army of evil"Opens the mini saga of the invasion of Erondár by a multitude of undead summoned by the necromancer Saul Jeranas. This scourge that begins to hit all the lands forces The Swords of Justice to temporarily put aside the fight against Leario's Theocracy.
Anyone interested in finding out how this invasion sinks the motivations into the past of Alben and Saul Jeranas, and what possible future developments it will bring, can do so in this article.

The grip of the dark

The second installment of the mini saga of the necromancer's undead invasion of Erondár Saul Jeranas develops on several fronts. The Swords of Justice they intervene to help the population abandoned to itself by the Theocracy of Leario, Aura e Sera set out in search of a relic to use against Jeranas, the two, separated, will face threats from the past. Ian, Gmor e Myrva they head for the capital Vöhlendärt, hunted by the horde chasing the "song" of our hero's dragon blood. But the dragon's blood also runs in the veins of Ian's daughter, Elara, still in Briana's womb.
If you want to know what our heroes will face, and how, you can delve into the various stories in this article.

The red streets of Vàhlendàrt

The evil army of Jeranas presses on the gates of Vàhlendàrt. The Swords of Justice, led by Ian, join the Imperial army, left without a guide by Leario, to repel this horrible threat. But the fiercest clash takes place in the basement of the capital: Alben and Jeranas face off in a tragic showdown!
If you want to deepen the third chapter of the mini saga of the invasion of Erondár by the undead of the necromancer Saul Jeranas you can do it in this article.

The days of hate

The survivors of the invasion of the undead army of Jeranas are frantically searching for a scapegoat: the returnees, those whom the Khame have brought back from the dead. An army of fanatics heads to the City of the Dead, with the intention of razing it to the ground and killing these "blasphemous" creatures a second time. Ian and Myrva embark on a desperate mission to save their brother Drev, who is also a returning returning.
Anyone interested in delving into the days of hatred that rage for the Erondár, can do so in this article.

The forgotten

After the defeat of Jeranas not all the undead, revived by him, have found a second and definitive peace. Some of them had pending situations that kept them firmly anchored in their sad existence. Three different stories far from each other, but all united by a sense of default that prolongs beyond due the presence of a feeling buried in a body.
Who doesn't want to leave The forgotten to oblivion, can delve into their last moments in this article.

Born in battle

First of the three final chapters of the Rebellion and of this phase of the Dragonero Saga, Born in battle sees Ian completely dedicated to Elara, the daughter that Briana is about to give him: it is in her that hopes are placed for a future of peace in the Erondár. However, she has to deal with the abysmal depth of the feeling of revenge harbored in Rooney's black heart. A book full of despair but also of hope!
In this article you can find some spoiler free ideas!

Conquering an Empire

Central chapter of the mini-saga of the reconquest of the Empire. We are getting close to the grand finale!
It is a number strongly connected to the previous one, above all due to the emotional impact resulting from the events that occurred. But there is no time for pain. In fact, we are plunged into the whirlwind of the events of the last siege of Valhendàrt.
In this article spoiler free (but how the story will end is easy to guess), let's spend a few words on the interweaving of emotions aroused by events and how these provoke inevitable reactions...

It is undeniable that Dragonero is currently the best fantasy work of the Italian comics scene. The authors immediately presented historical, social and personal themes treated in an adult and effective way. We are facing a work that has not stood still, on the contrary it has gone on evolving and renewing itself, not only issue after issue, but also thanks to all the other parallel releases (Dragonero Adventuressoulless, monthly, specials, magazines and novels).
For this we can only thank the authors Luca Enoch e Stefano Vietti, the curator Luca Barbieri, all the artists who alternate each month on the pages of the books and all the staff of the SBE!