After the brief introduction a Black Dragon (here) let's see how Ian Aranill actually did it, genhu Varliedarto, Break it, namely Black Dragon (has almost the same number of titles as Daenerys Targaryen, but above all more deserved!), former member of the mercenary company of the Senzanima, former officer of the Erondarian Empire, former captain of the Imperial Scouts, hero of the war against the Black Queens to become a Rebel, complete with a search warrant on his head , enemy of the Empire he had so strenuously served and defended!

Meanwhile, go with the intro!

"In the eyes of a rebel there is not only the flame
That anger ignites you between indignation and condemnation.
Sometimes it looks out like the sun among the clouds
A quick passage of laughing ghosts
Like the games of boys who clattered the courts
In the clearest vespers you remember.

“In the eyes of a rebel”, “Italy: last act”, 2009, IANVA

I don't hide being a fan of this comic (like many other series SBE [(Dampyr, Mercury Loi, Dylan Dog, Nathan Never, Cassidy, Demian, Stories from Elsewhere, just to name a few ...]), so for this new course I decided I would give myself a gift and start with a bang!

And how to do it, if not get hold of the collector's box "Black Dragon Rebels Box"?

The "Black Dragon Rebels Box“, Released at Lucca Comics & Games 2019, is the celebratory product of Sergio Bonelli Editore for the start of the new adventure course of Ian Aranill and companions.

But what actually contains this particular release of Dragonero? Let's find out together (although it is not a real unboxing as many youtubers and the like have accustomed us!)

The "Dragonero Rebels Box" freed from protective plastic

The birch wood box contains, lying on a straw bed, the regular edition of "The rebels of Erondár "(N ° 1, November 2019) and two of its variant editions. The first has the same cover image of the regular but metallic register, while the second has a special material effect that envelops the symbol of the Rebels.

In addition to the three albums, inside the box, there are the "notices of size" issued by the Empire against the most dangerous rebels and two games capable of catapulting us into the most typical Erondarian atmosphere. "Assault on the wall", A clash between two players, is equipped with die-cut pieces and a cloth that acts as a game board, while"The two armies“, Which can be played in solitaire mode, is playable on the path printed on the back of the box lid.

But let's briefly retrace how we got to the point that Ian Aranill and his companions were branded as infamously as Rebels.

The story so far

From "Dragon killers"(N ° 54, November 2017) we began to witness the change of Dragonero right from the cover, with the beginning of the collapse of the frame, now complete collapse in the next issue"The awakening of the renegade"(N ° 55, December 2017).

In January 2018 the saga that shocked the Erondár starts, Dragonero presents a new cover layout to indicate the beginning of the war against the Black Queens in the book of the same name, "The Black Queens"(No. 56, January 2018); the war flag accompanied us for 8 albums, until its conclusion "Ashes of an empire"(N ° 63, August 2018).

As you can guess from the title of the last mentioned issue, the Erondarian Empire, at the end of the war, saw it lose much of its influence, with a decimated army and a body of Scouts almost completely wiped out, as well as its own unity given that some kingdoms, once the common enemy was defeated, gained independence. The race of men has never been so divided!

The others are no different: the elves are increasingly isolated, intent on trying to heal from the wounds inflicted by the Black Queens, while the dwarves have raised their heads and started to carry weapons, which were previously forbidden to him, and even the orcs they are not doing too well.

But not only the world has changed, Ian and his companions have also been deeply touched and changed by those events. We followed their adventures for just over a year of regular releases (14 issues) before reaching the new shocking event created by the authors Stefano Vietti e Luca Enoch.

How is it that the saying goes? "There is no peace among the olive trees".

The key episodes to reach the opening of the new course are: "The red cry"(May 2019, n ° 72),"The Lady of Tears"(September 2019, n ° 76) and"Death of a hero"(October 2019, n ° 77). With this last number the classic numbering of the series is also interrupted!

Dragonero n ° 77 "Death of a hero"
The end is just a new beginning

The rebels of Erondár. Dragonero # 1

With "The rebels of Erondár"Dragonero resets the numbering to start again from n ° 1, it also presents a new graphic, with the words"The rebel“, And the banner of the rebels together with the logo of the SBE.

"Dragonero the rebel" n ° 1 "The rebels of Erondár"
The flame of rebellion is rampant

This choice was not made only to attract new readers, but to strongly underline the profound change in the life of Ian and his companions. The narrative continuity is not at all distorted, on the contrary it already lays the foundations for the evolution of our hero and his world! The numbers on the coast are a mere secondary detail (with all due respect to the most intransigent collectors!), What matters is the adherence, of the new course, to the essence of Dragonero!

We are therefore faced with an introductory but coherent episode, capable, in its entirety, of presenting explanations, personal plots and possible future scenarios, without neglecting the thread of the plot woven in a compelling way, as well as being a pleasant reading.

Ian Aranill, hero of the war against the Black Queens, is now a rebel against that empire he had served so much!

"Traitor? Not me .... NOT ME! IAN SON OF ARAN! This is my name! First mercenary among the Senzanima, then imperial officer, finally scout! I fought the enemies of the Empire for years ... before the Empire betrayed its people!"

Ian Aranill

Return to Solian - Dragonero # 2

With "Return to Solian"(N ° 2, December 2019), we start where the previous episode ended: with a mission that has as its theater Solian. It's not about Silverhide, paternal abode, (SPOILER) set on fire in "Death of a hero“, But it is where Ian, Gmor and even Sera have placed their hearts, at least until that moment, so it is (was) their Home!

"Dragonero the rebel" n ° 2 "Return to Solian"
Home Sweet Home!

Returning to those known places, hit by the war and changed after the recent political upheavals, serves the narrative to point out, if it were still needed, that the world we knew is no longer guided by pax erondariana but only from fear, it also marks a drastic change in the soul of the protagonists.

We are no longer faced with heroes, but with authentic people who have suffered too much pain and incurable grief and therefore have been marked in the depths of their souls. Bearers of the flame of rebellion walk on the edge of the blade, poised between yielding to ruthlessness (albeit tinged with irony on the part of Gmor) and cynicism (Sera has been crippled, not only in her body, by the war). Ian is perhaps the only one who tries to do what is right and stop his friends, after all his training helps him to focus only on the mission, repressing emotions, but he too is forced to compromise, turning his gaze on the other hand as Aura's powers manifest. After all, in a guerrilla war everything is allowed!

"Dragonero the rebel"Will be back on newsstands with"The stone guardians"(N ° 3) on 9 January.

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár