The Qwinn's Ultimate Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack is a huge patch that fixes 790 bugs and restores dialogues, choices and hidden objects!

While waiting for the fourth chapter of the saga of Dragon Age, produced by Bioware, some fans have well thought about doing a 10 years challenge on the very first chapter, Dragon Age: Origins.

Ok, this is not a 10 years challenge, but, approaching 10 years from the release of this historic title, the huge patch released by a fan is very apt (and appreciated) (even if it came out in 2017).

790 bug fixes and dialogues, choices and objects of Dragon Age: Origins Revealed!

The patch is called Qwinn's Ultimate DAO Fixpack and it is freely downloadable Thu, on Nexus Mods. Created by Paul Escalona (aka Qwinn) in 2010, it was then published in 2017, then being constantly updated until it reaches version 3.4.

Basically, this patch focuses on two things: fix a whole bunch of bugs from the original game and restore dialogues, choices and objects that had not been included in Dragon Age: Origins, presumably for time and budget reasons. In that sense, according to Escalona they were fixed 790 bugs and various previously inaccessible storyline content has been made playable again.

Among the latter, in addition to several minor dialogues, there is the possibility of abruptly interrupting the relationship with Leliana (a real harsh breakup) and to have three different reactions from Morrigan e Zevran if you leave them, dependent on the level of approval. In addition, the quest ending was made available to get the real library of Flemeth.

Surprisingly, there is now also the option of sue Morrigan as an apostate to Greagoir, the leader of the Templars of the Circle of Wizards of Ferelden. Also, during the Dwarf Noble origin story, Mandar Dace can now be spared.

Even the dialogues with and among the other characters acquire valuable additions, being revealed well 18 banter of the party and numerous other dialogues, including a new exchange of lines between Loghain e Anora at the castle of Redcliffe after the Meeting of Peoples.

Also, being able to complete or do some quests now, you can get them 13 new items.

The complex plot choices of Dragon Age: Origins presented in the Dragon Age Keep tapestry
The complex plot choices of Dragon Age: Origins presented in the Dragon Age Keep tapestry

It is not an attempt to distort Dragon Age: Origins

As Escalona points out, this Fixpack is not meant to be a MOD di Dragon Age: Origins, nor is it made to modify its texture according to Escalona's tastes. Quite simply, Qwinn made available game options created by the original developers of the work, but which were then hidden and set aside due to gaps in budget and timing.

Consequently, these choices and these dialogues are all flour of the Bioware sack. To quote Escalona:

Note that my intent here is to fix the game, not tweak it to my liking. I only change something if I believe the game's behavior in any given instance was more than likely -not intended- by ​​the developers. In other words, I try to fix bugs. Actual bugs. 

Hence, this patch will not affect combat mechanics, graphics or textures, nor will it fix seven hundred bug of Awakening and other DLCs from Dragon Age: Origins. Indeed, Escalona does not plan to do such a job on Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition, unless Bioware pays for it (and we would miss it more! He's practically doing him a favor and advertising it!).

Compatibility between Ultimate Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack and various mods

All instructions for downloading and installing the Fixpack are given at this link, but players who have already installed mods are better off reading carefully which of these mods are fully or partially compatible with the new patch.

We already know that this Fixpack will not be compatible with most mods that modify dialogues, quests and objects, but Escalona makes available a list of equivalent mods that are compatible instead. For example, the mod Equal love is not compatible, but can be replaced with the Complete Bi Overhaul, which is supported by the patch instead.

Italian players pay attention to subtitles: the Fixpack is not multilingual and therefore it will replace the Italian text with its English equivalent.