It is always a bit strange to announce news like this: on the other hand, we know that Netflix is ​​absolutely not a guarantee of quality. It was therefore with a mixture of emotions ranging from "yay!" to the "here they make me the state of fury" that I learned of the news of the transposition of Dragon's Dogma on Netflix in September.

Some details (in update) and Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma is a 2012 video game released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, classic fantasy and quite enjoyable. In the game, Arisen is interpreted (even if it is a big word), a warrior who survived the attack of the dragon, bound with his heart to the monster. The adventure passes through the most canonical phases: initially we will kill wolves and collect herbs, at the end we will face monsters of the abyss and gigantic creatures. While trivial, the game was fun, with some interesting mechanics and intriguing variables. To help us during our adventure are the Pawns (or pawns), sentient beings from other worlds and other Arisen, interchangeable (adding a multiplayer feeling to the whole).

Capcom, in collaboration with Netflix, decides to bring this adventure to the small screen. The details for now are few and fragmented, but we have a release date and some additional plot details, which will break away from the game. In this, in fact, we will have a main character named Ethan, a man and father of a family who is killed during the attack on his small village. Instead of dying, however, Ethan will awaken as Arisen, a warrior destined to kill the dragon, and set out on an adventure.

Detail that makes me shiver a bit, during the adventure he will face monsters related to the seven deadly sins (and I immediately got a shock thinking that a series of animations on those already exist), then finally going to face, probably, the Dragon who made it so. Although for now I am neutral in my judgment, I admit to having strong doubts, knowing that a series can be sent to the cow very easily by changes of course and "new new ideas".

The release date is set for September 17th. We will continue to update this article as details unfold, so save the article so you can come back and see if anything new is discovered!