The twelfth season of Doctor Who officially started on January 2020, XNUMX. After a year without the Doctor, the now diehard fans of the series were able to enjoy the return of their favorites on the small screen. Despite a sensationally subdued eleventh season, even compared to the Moffat era, and the more than five million viewers lost between the first and last episode, it seems that the break has benefited the series.

A start with a bang

The first episode is called "Spyfall" and will be followed by its second half, which airs this Sunday evening. The idea of ​​starting immediately with a long story, to be divided into two episodes, turned out to be a necessary and brilliant idea. The comparison with the last season it is immediate and, at the same time, merciless. If the 2018 episodes seemed disconnected from each other, with very few scraps of history to carry on, the presence on the end of a noteworthy antagonist can only make the antennas of all the fans stand upright. Without doubt the second episode will focus on the relationship between this opponent and the Doctor.

Doctor Who

Thirteen is not the Doctor of the impossible

Often and gladly we have seen in the past a Doctor close to omniscience, used to solving the most disparate situations with a smile. In a way, his presence was covertly reminiscent of Superman's - if he's there, you know things will be fine in the end. Unfortunately Thirteen has never been that kind of Doctor and this episode proves it. Often and gladly we see her without a path to take, at the mercy of events, and in the end she cannot save the situation. It almost seems that, in her heart, she has not yet been able to inherit the sonic screwdriver. Unfortunately, seeing her tinkering with the Tardis (since when can pipes appear outside?) Is not enough to give us the idea of ​​a Doctor aware of what he is doing.

Humans are always surprised by the existence of aliens

This is a particularly painful note from the world of Doctor Who. The human race, despite being invaded every Thursday of the week, is always surprised by the existence of aliens. In this episode the thing touches the ridiculous when Torchwood is named. How can you be aware of the existence of such an organization and not realize that they are not throwing confetti into the sky?

The Doctor's companions have yet to find their way

The role of "Companion" is clearly a narrative expedient to stage an ignorant character who is not afraid to ask questions and ask the Doctor what is going on. Unfortunately, the multiethnic trio proposed by this Doctor Who run has not yet found its way, although the characters are now individually defined. Each of them is, at the same time, intrigued and skeptical of what the Doctor will bring him to discover. The ability to be surprised and moved is a fundamental aspect.

What will this season hold for us?

The hopes for this season are very high and desperate. After the transition to Sunday evening in 2018, in the hope of returning to attract the public, the series went from 10 million spectators to the poor 5 of the New Year's special. If the twelfth season continues on these tracks, it could be time for a long break for the longest running series in the world. Doctor Who must find his antagonists, his pathos and, perhaps, return to the ideas of the classic series.