There have been many changes since Doctor Who showrunner became Chris Chibnall. The most "symbolic" of these is the shift of the Doctor Who Christmas Special to the New Year Special. Although the news was not taken with happiness by the fans, as for the British it was an important tradition (remember that Doctor Who has accompanied fans for countless decades) given the years of waiting we came to pray for something decent. This New Year's Eve episode played every ace up its sleeve that the appearance of an old Doctor might have missed and, considering all aspects, it was a good bet.

Humans never learn anything

Given that planet Earth is invaded every Tuesday and Thursday, in the Doctor Who series, one could suspect that humans are now learning to juggle and deal with these situations ... huge mistake. One of the unwritten assumptions of the Doctor Who series is that the human being, understood as planet Earth, never learns from his mistakes and is cyclically destined to repeat them.
In this specific case we are talking about the discovery of a dead Dalek, complete with a shell armed to the teeth. We see one of the best-written characters of recent seasons return, Jack Robertson (played by an outstanding Chris Notho), the terrible billionaire who puts earnings before ethics, to take care of this strange device in the shape of a coffee pot.

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Doctor No More

Meanwhile, our favorite Gallifreyana finds herself in a space prison reflecting on the latest revelations of last season. In this state the Doctor reflects on his past following the greatest retcon of the whole series: she is not a gallifreyana; it actually has infinite regenerations; is the being from whom the Time Lords learned the art of regeneration; he has several regenerations of which he has no memory.
Without explaining (it is not the right place) why all these retcons are nails on the blackboard that do not go well with the idea that the Doctor is just an escaped from Gallifrey with a Tardis who has never learned to drive (so much so that he drives with the handbrake on), we can at least understand that the character needs some time to reflect.
Her captivity is broken when the great, the one, the one, Captain Jack Harkness bursts in to take her to safety. However somehow there is a detachment with the old figure of the Doctor, so much so that on some occasions she refers herself as "He" instead of "I". We just have to wait for next season and say goodbye to Thirteen.

The Daleks don't bother

When a Showrunner doesn't quite know what to put in an episode, the right answer is almost always a Dalek. These historical enemies of the Doctor (or is the Doctor their enemy?), Destined to always remain concentrates of hatred capable of destroying themselves in order to obtain something, are the real gimmick of this New Year's special. The good idea brought in the episode, however, is the next step, since the Daleks were also present last year, that is to have Daleks of different "purity" fight. The Doctor knows his enemy well enough to press all the keys to destroy them.

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Goodbye Comrades

Since Prime episodes of this new Doctor I said how to use three companions instead of one would spread too much the time dedicated to each, making the characters very dull. The New Year's special has decided to please us and finally bring the situation back to only one partner ... the wrong one. Unfortunately, to stay next to the Doctor was the only character who has his ethnicity in character, instead of real interests, and this is both good and bad. It is desirable that this opportunity be exploited to deepen and develop the last companion before the Doctor's greeting (which will take place at the end of next season) and perhaps it will be up to her to welcome the new regeneration but, at the same time, it means putting up with bets in to which the only contribution will be his.