What you are reading is part of the weekly column on our Coriolis campaign, Di Necessità Virtù. The summary will cover the current session and will also add information about the next session. The content is teeming with spoilers, of course. You can find the Live WED.

Coriolis: Meeting

The group is divided into teams to stop the extraction of Bionio 322 and at the same time destabilize the capture of the Legion on Zhau; Ja'Far, Haydee e Reem sneak at the party of Iltay Naby, Ismael within the underlying mining sector e Ardashir e Al-Malik await the go-ahead on a hunt.

Reem, Haydee and Ja'Far's plan goes exactly as hoped: Iltay turns out to be such a man petty how easy to entertain e excite curiosity, and the arts Reem learned make the task terribly simple. In fact, a couple of dances and a few whispered words are enough to grant the group access to private rooms of the governor.

Ismael manages, through a well-studied plan, to create enough diversions to enter inside the compartment shields. Here, thanks to his sharp and diplomatic language, he convinces the workers not to resist the "big plan" and starts the demolition of the mining sector.

The two on the hunt do not have it repeated twice and, without too many problems, enter the mine; a particularly loyal soldier on duty, however, hits the hunt with a emp rocket, and the ship must stop, temporarily surrounded by security soldiers.

The alarm starts from the mining center and arrives at the governor's chamber, where Haydee bounces him with a good delay to the center of the Legion, unfortunately attracting the attention of the governor. Reem avoids the worst, knocking Iltay ma out suffering a bad side injury, promptly medicated by Ja'Far.

Coriolis: Towards an explosive ending

The fighter resumes its normal functions suddenly, leaving an unfortunate Ardashir on the ground, grappling with three well-equipped soldiers. Fortunate is the intervention of Ismael who, helping his companion on the ground while he is selling the skin dearly, convinces the soldiers to leave the camp, and flees with the Paria among the Paria.

Meanwhile Al-Malik painstakingly carries the fighter (very fast and perhaps too luxurious for his hands, accustomed to very different ships) on the command center and, with a quick blow, blows him up. He escapes from the mine e from self-destruction just in time, barely noticing the tiny Ardashir and Ismael on the ground, among the escaped workers and guards.

Reem and Jafar kidnapped, in an illustration of our talented Alessia.
Reem and Jafar kidnapped, in an illustration of our talented Alessia.

The Governor's party is interrupted by one rapina by terrorists already known to the crew. Ibrahim Al Baluch he is a determined but weak man in Reem's gaze, trying to buy time. Unfortunately this is not enough and the Courtesan, along with Ja'Far, comes kidnapped.

Ardashir, Al-Malik and Ismael arrive at the Heir just in time to discover the crime, save Haydee and begin the pursuit of the Corsair ship that has kidnapped their captain and doctor.

Coriolis: Prologue to Divinity between Men, part 2

The group manages to triangulate the position of the pirate ship only a week later, off Mira, the place where they have already been. Once on the planet they locate the ship and begin the search for their two companions, aware that they cannot be too far away.