What you are reading is part of the weekly column on our Coriolis campaign, Di Necessità Virtù. The summary will cover the current session and will also add information about the next session. The content is teeming with spoilers, of course.

Coriolis: Sand We are

The crew reaches Aiwaz, the system in which they have already been, without too much trouble, to meet The Liberator. Heir escort fighters patrol the skies as the large ship docks at one of the few docks of the Dreamers' Palace, a huge palace in the center of the capital of Aiwaz.

Once off, the crew finds themselves in front of a large group of nobles, aristocrats and courtiers; it is these who escort them to a greenhouse where, finally, they meet the Liberator. The man, paralyzed in a wheelchair, shows the crew what is left of Lea to the group, asking them to fight for the right part (his, of course).

Given the lack of information and guarantees, the crew seems to be a little reluctant to accept the Liberator's proposal, but the subsequent information is terribly convincing. It seems, in fact, that the Liberator:

  • Be a sort of fighter from the Second Horizon, just like Ismael. In fact, he turns to him in the language of the second horizon to convince him.
  • Be part of the Nomads, who had been in the Third Horizon since well before the foundation and any other faction. The Consortium has been fighting for some time.
  • He has information regarding the artifact that the group found on the Salazar III station, an access key to a sarcophagus, found under the monolith, powered by Bionio 322, capable of turning people into emissaries.
  • It is part of a group of factions including the Order of the Pariahs, the Draconites, the Syndicate, The Temple of Ahlam. In fact, Ismael manages to wrest the promise of freedom for Ardashir.

The group then decides to fight alongside the Liberator: he will head to Zhau where he will have to conclude operations at the Turk Birol Base, conducted by Governor Iltay Nabi. While the ship detaches itself from the piers, the group organizes the infiltration, action and extraction plan down to the smallest detail.