What you are reading is part of the weekly column about our Coriolis campaign, Of Necessity Virtue. The summary will cover the current session and will also add information about the next session. The content is teeming with spoilers, of course. The whole summary will be exposed from the point of view of MADAR, the Artificial Intelligence of the Stargazer ship.

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The crew recovers with a hundred different questions in their heads: where are they? Where have you been Ismael? Where the Stargazer? Where have you been MADAR? How much time has passed? Between feelings of guilt and research, the crew members are informed by the doctor Latifa Sabanci that the Stargazer is anchored in the foundations of the Monolith, Ismael was found dead, of MADAR there is no trace and the entire crew has been sleeping for about 3 days.

But it's not all bad news: Ja'Far seems to have become billionaire thanks to a set of donations voluntary from all over the horizon. It seems, in fact, that his signature on the Vaccino del Baecilla made the doctor in disgrace famous and incredibly rich.

However, things seem to get worse when a handful of executioners arrive at the doors of the crew's room / cell asking to be able to question nothing but Ardashir. Once led away from prying eyes, however, the Pariah among the Pariahs is saved by Ismael, disguised as an executioner and arrived just in time to avoid the collapse. The escape from the hospital is quite hasty and exploits Ismael's hooks among the humanites and, in the absence of a safe house, it is the Captain Reem to take command and lead the crew to a place known to her.

It was while Alessia regained command of her team that I realized that I had to make something happen to allow the crew to be a tool to Reem and not vice versa; his role as captain might stagger, but not his centrality in the story as a character. So I decided to make her meet an old acquaintance.

Coriolis: Return to the past

Indeed, inside Casa di Reem there seems to be a foreign presence: its name is Yasir and apparently shared part of his life with Reem. The captain does not seem at all happy to see him again and, even if he does not spend words on him, he makes it quite clear that he should not be there. Tied up, gagged and stunned, Yasir is thrown into a closet waiting for a more useful use than doorstops. The crew rests for a few moments and then decides to split up. The Captain, Al_Malik, Ismael and Ardashir will head to the Stargazer while Hayee and Ja'Far will try to get a new ship.

Ja'Far and Haydee realize all too quickly that they are walking the streets of Kua without attracting attention unwanted is not at all simple: the Golden-Handed Doctor, as Ja'Far is called, is followed by beggars and citizens of all social classes, to the point that to escape he slips into a clinic.

Haydee, on the other hand, focuses her eyes on such an Algolian poet Nalband Totuk, who reaches his friend's surgery in critical condition: the doctor's hands, however, save him from certain death. The three walk away from the surgery with an excuse as they reach a less visible place. Their goal is to find a new ship. IS Aktay, a fixer and smuggler friend of Haydee, to provide the crew with everything they need. A building in the conglomerate, armed guards, a new ship and an escort of a dozen fighters throughout the Kua system.

This session wanted to give both characters a way to resurrect from what they had gotten into. Ja'Far saved a life while not in an altered state, while Haydee saw the opportunity to recover his lost honor thanks to the doctor's immense capital, equivalent to about 157 billion Birr.

Coriolis: The Stargazer

Retrieving the Stargazer, on the other hand, requires a little more effort: the crew find themselves walking the dark corridors of the Monolith's foundations looking for the place where their ship is kept. A few steps from the randez-vous a torch illuminates the faces of Ismael and Reem while the other two run for cover. It is a foundation guard who, thanks to Ismael's honeyed tongue, is promptly manipulated to lead the two, now in the role of two "Foundation spy agents".

The ship is in critical condition and does not allow the crew to make a direct approach: a decision of armed riflemen guard about forty doctors, mechanics, technicians and scientists. The two find a way to enter the ship, to pass into the smuggler's hold, where the stasis bed with the armor recovered on Odacon is kept. Two riflemen accompany Reem and Ismael and are the first (and only?) Victims of the armor when it activates. The armor appears to be neutral towards the crew, however, which raises many questions. As Chaos is created all around Ardashir is struck by strong visions, and it is Al Malik who takes the lead. Rising out of the darkness he throws a barrel of phosphoric acid on the car, allowing all four of them to make a stampede. The burning machine reaches out towards Reem for the last time, while the artist is enveloped again by the darkness of the Monolith.

It is increasingly complex to try to carry on the episodic plot by doing without the rules, which crack and break the narrative time, and the opposing shots. Fortunately, the kids always manage to create something special around the "game table", albeit with few sentences available due to tight times.

Coriolis: Prologue to Sabbia Siamo

The crew begins to reckon with what they have discovered and, with a brand new ship, the Heir, sets course for Aiwaz. In fact, a letter reaches Ismael and, signing himself with “Il Liberatore”, invites him to return “to where it all began”. With the escort of ten fighters recovered by Aktay, he leaves the Kua system in complete tranquility and lands on Aiwaz, headed for the "Palace of the Dreamers", the designated meeting place.