What you are reading is part of the weekly column about our Coriolis campaign, Of Necessity Virtue. The summary will cover the current session and will also add information about the next session. The content is teeming with spoilers, of course. The whole summary will be exposed from the point of view of MADAR, the Artificial Intelligence of the Stargazer ship.

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Coriolis: Lovable Remains

The crew of the Stargazer have detached the ships of the legion and are now in the chain of asteroids and remains of ships near the gas giant of Dan'namt, its Odacon.

During this session I decided to go brutally off the cuff, marking only the end and the beginning and leaving the center of the live free, so that the spectators and the characters could fill it. Despite everything they managed to amaze me and the ending was rather improvised, due to the time left and much, much more.

Coriolis: Space walk

The ring of asteroids / metal remains is certainly not easy to deal with, and the Pilot does not have the best of luck: a piece of Zalosian cruiser ends up on a collision course with the ship and leaves a lovable rest planted in the hull. Even if you initially think of an organic residue, it quickly turns out that it is a creature that finds sustenance in the ship's energy. The crew prepares to remove it and succeeds in the attempt, without obvious difficulties. A brilliant idea, indeed, allows the crew to add further distance between them and the ships of the Legion.

Fortunately, the boys did not bring that thing aboard, as the public had just received the suggestion to infect the crew thanks to the creature. They've probably seen Alien too many times to trust what comes from outer space. In spite of everything they managed to overcome this small inconvenience and, by inserting a locator in the carrier, they made the most of the achievable result.

Coriolis: Showdown

The latest story about mira, however, opened a sort of breach in the ship's balance. Ardashir decides to subject Al-Malik to a sort of interrogation / punishment, initially suggesting a rather severe punishment for the driver's insubordination. On the other hand, had it not been for the incredible accuracy of the latest arrival, the Captain and Han'Nam could have been injured. It is Reem, however, who brings the discussion to a calmer and calmer tone, re-establishing its status quo. MADAR is confused about the peaceful resolution, and expresses his point of view to the captain.

Also due to the limited time available to us, it was complex to devote ourselves to relationships between characters, therefore I welcomed this parenthesis between players.

Al-Malik and Ardashir know how to resolve situations in a delicate way

Coriolis: Lost

The crew has no intention of jumping into a warp jump with no information, so it continues on its course until it reaches a abandoned portal. Trying to get it back into operation, extracting the carcass of a bomber / asteroid, he finds an Order of Pariah stasis bed still operational. Fundamental is the intervention of Haydee: the queen of data succeeds in every procedure and turns out to be a very solid ship gear.

The stasis bed contains something rare: advanced combat armor, probably as old as Odacon's war, protected by a very aggressive AI. Reem gives MADAR consent to contain enemy AI, but digital combat doesn't seem to be going very well, and very apprehensive AI remains silent.

The crew, having recovered the stasis bed, arrives at a stall. Ismael and Reem differ on plans to get out of Odacon and the split it cannot be sedated by anyone; things remain suspended, even if you breathe a climate to say the least tense. The ship prepares to make the jump and the crew enters the stasis beds.

Coriolis: Epilogue and Prologue to Coriolis

The awakening of the crew is tinged with strange dreams and nightmares: when the hatch of the stasis beds reopens, all of them find themselves in a private clinic. To rescue them are numerous doctors of the foundation, who explain to the crew (in which Ismael is missing) that landed on the Monolith, on Kua, and that the ship was completely destroyed. Still shocked by the events, the doctors let the crew wake up quietly, escorting them to a recreation room.

The crew therefore understands that they are in a hospital on the Monolith; Ismael appears to have disappeared, the ship appears to be completely demolished, and the artifact was recovered by the Foundation, which he was working on Monolith.

With many, many questions, the crew is preparing to take stock of the situation.