What you are reading is part of the weekly column about our Coriolis campaign, Of Necessity Virtue. The summary will cover the current session and will also add information about the next session. The content is teeming with spoilers, of course. The whole summary will be exposed from the point of view of MADAR, the Artificial Intelligence of the Stargazer ship.

Coriolis: Divinity among Men - First Part

Our Ardashir and his memories. Drawing by Alessia
Our Ardashir and his memories.
Drawing of Alessia

The crew enters the orbit of View at the moment of flower celebrations; the holiday brings exorbitant quantities of tourists to the city who, united with the hordes of pilgrims, transform the city into a human river.

The crew's mission is to recover the pilot Al'Malik, already known by Reem by way of his career. The appointment is already determined: a small room on the landing piers.

In this session I had the double task of inserting Francesco, the pilot, and drawing the session on Ardashir. On the other hand, in every series there is at least one episode focused on the characters, and this time it was our big man's turn. It was not, however, an easy task: I did not want to overshadow anyone and at the same time everyone had something to do, to say and to watch.

The crew arrived in the room where Al Malik was waiting for them; The Captain comes crowned as usual and the pilot was happy to become a member of the crew; a propitiatory free exit followed.

Coriolis: Free Exit - End Guaranteed

Ardashir he immediately went to the temple of the Judge (Martyr) to pray to his Icon. Inside the Piazza del Pellegrino he witnessed a strange vision; red sand almost submerges him and drags him into an endless desert, with only the two statues of the Coryphaeus and Judge unaltered. From behind the latter comes an individual on a dromedary, with a crowned head and indefinite features. He speaks to Ardashir as a beast addresses a human, and prophesies to the warrior that he will find the truth only by looking at the sciences. Two individuals covered in black veils, distant, beginning to approach, while the vision disappears and leaves the Pariah among the Pariahs in stucco.

Our gunner decides to go to the temple of the Judge anyway and then to go to the library of Mira, stocked on all the knowledge of the precursors: here he meets two Zalosians. The meeting seems to point towards a decidedly inglorious end but, unexpectedly, the two give up Ardashir, who is called to order by Ismael. While out of breath from the bookstore, he recognizes in a third Zalosian the traits of a young woman whom he met years earlier, and saved from a tragic fate.

The girls on board, at times, are mysterious and reserved. MADAR approves.
The girls on board, at times, are mysterious and reserved. MADAR approves. Drawings of Alessia

I like working on Ardashir because he has managed to become a meme in the group in a short time and, as I said a bit further on, sometimes his way of acting escapes me. With this session I wanted to put him to the test: visions, requests for help, fights; everything served to boost his role and see how he would behave. It didn't disappoint me.

Reem decides to accompany the good Han'nam to go shopping, as Haydeè disappears and there is no trace of Ismael, Ja'Far and Al-Malik. The young woman shines during the negotiations, as she discovers that the old priest is anything but a dangerous member. Ismael and Al Malik share the same scene for a few moments, finding themselves involved in a clandestine Dhol race in which the pilot shows his innate skills.

Later the three reunite (Ja'Far remained on the Stargazer in the company of MADAR) and, while Ismael, Han'nam and Reem decide to visit the temple city, Al-Malik decides to go and see the ship, finding a locator. It is a sign that things are not going well.

Coriolis: When things get worse ...

Things begin to get worse when the three reach the temple: Reem is in fact taken along with Han'nam from a cell of the Legion, despite Ismael's excellent efforts.

Here I made a mistake that made me deeply understand how an agitator in the middle of a crowd can be… terrifying. Riccardo was superb at using his class to turn the faithful towards his enemies, and it was only thanks to Reem that his plan failed. (Thanks Ale for being so sweet and caring about your crew, make my tracks less difficult).

The Vision of Ardashir, designed by Alessia
The Vision of Ardashir, designed by Alessia

The whole crew follows the Legion cell to a house outside the hot zone of Mira: the preparations, however, are rendered almost useless thanks to Al-Malik who, with a lucky shot, knocks out the leader of the legion, while… something happens to the rest of the enemies. Something terrifying.

The crew knows that they will have to hurry to abandon the city of Icons, since the Legion does not seem to want to stop even in the face of faith.

Scattered considerations: to make a bet on a character I have to overshadow someone, and it's something that I don't like too much nor do the players like, however pleasant from the outside. Some episodes will be aimed at particular characters, at least from now on, without leaving the others too much in the shade. I will also try to do less railroad, as I found myself improvising a couple of situations.

Coriolis: Prelude: Amiable Remains

The Stargazer leaves Mira two days later, in the direction of the portal station. Immediately they notice that the station is guarded by Legion ships, so they queue up to a freighter bound for Odacon and at the last they manage to escape. The Legion ships follow the Stargazer into Darkness beyond the Stars, arriving with it on Odacon but spatially out of phase and with engines failing.

The Stargazer will have to find a way to bypass the legions - the Odacon wrecks could hold a key. A weak background radiation, in fact, alerts MADAR. What appears to be a portal lies dormant in the orbit of Dan'namt, the Gas Giant of Odacon.

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