What you are reading is part of the weekly column about our Coriolis campaign, Of Necessity Virtue. The summary will cover the current session and will also add information about the next session. The content is teeming with spoilers, of course. The whole summary will be exposed from the point of view of MADAR, the Artificial Intelligence of the Stargazer ship.

Coriolis: Clandestine

I knew that Zalos would not be a good investment, and I had confirmation of this as soon as I left the portal. My data collection systems are almost gone default due to the quantity of ships stopped to wait. Hundreds of ships stopped to await permits from City of Foreigners, its Zalos, all to send me data and request it.

I thought about bringing the characters to Zalos because the planet was definitely at odds with Ardashir and, at the same time, it was a great planet to reinforce the fanaticism of the factions already seen in the previous episodes. I also prepared a map of the City of Strangers, in case someone from the audience used Dark Points to move the action to the ground.

My comparative processes wake up the crew that, waiting to resume normal rhythms, spreads throughout the ship, including Haydee that runs to the monitors and gives me a hand in the encryption and decryption of the various sensors. I detect a huge monastery ship within firing range of us and a normal comparative report of possibilities gives us doomed.

Reem gives the order to enter the coordinates that he previously communicated to me. I establish contact with the Omniric ship and almost immediately receive information from the side of the SCNZ, the sacred Zalosian naval center. There Omniric it seems to have no clearance to fly to Zalos, despite the fact that it is a ship of Zalos: small, fast, equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry.

The crew remains to discuss this lack of authorizations and, after some time, decides to follow the Omniric out of the Zalosian portal space, in order to initiate the exchange. When the watertight doors line up and the tubular stretches towards us, the entire crew separates. I observe with pleasure Ja'Far in the middle of the festivity for discovering a type 001 vaccine for Baecilla, and fearfully Ardashir in the shadows, where only my thermal sensors could detect him. My sensors are shut down as a precaution.

Ardashir is scared of Zalos. The increase in his heart rate, blood pressure, 74% more dilated pupils as well as rather high cortisol and adrenaline levels are signs that I, unlike my crew, can see, hear, analyze.

The exchange brings an elderly priest named on board Han'nam, keeper of the encrypted key. The Omniric, after the exchange, returns to Zalos while the crew prepares to resume the route for Coriolis.

My sensors pick up the approach of a torpedo launched by a fighter Heer'na B-155 modified, not far from us. I immediately bring the power to the attack and movement departments as I try to monitor the entire crew.

The battle is long and exhausting, but Ardashir manages to bring down the enemy ship. There Legion seems interested in eliminating any evidence on the key, and the crew decides to turn the entire Mirana chain rather than go to Aiwaz, surely controlled by whoever blew up the fighter.

The battles on the ship boil down, at least for the captain, to a simple shot + choice and, although it is theoretically fast and lean, I found it a bit boring. I will try to include something in the next battles so as to make the captain a little more present.

Coriolis: Prelude: Divinity between men Pt 1

We land on Mira while preparations for Icon Day are underway; while our on-board technician makes an estimate of the damage caused by the enemy torpedo boats, I remain to watch over the ship. The crew heads, with Han'nam, to town, looking for help.

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