This is meant to be the diary regarding our campaign Coriolis, Of Need Virtue. The page will be updated weekly to keep up with the sessions. Some parts, in italic, will expose my narrator point of view, in advice, what if and more. This page will also serve to end the session and give the prologue of the next one.

Some images were provided by the page Alessia Sagnotti Art & Creative.

If you missed the prologue in which I illustrated the characters, you can find it Wed. Of Need Virtue it's about Coriolis, which we reviewed Wed. The session in question is entitled A Necessary Rebellion.

Coriolis: First scene

It is not easy to understand where it takes you fame, especially that obtained for saving hundreds of people thanks to an exceptional transport of vaccines. The good-hearted choice of the crew of the Stargazer has certainly had its media echo, which has led the ship to some truly advantageous transports throughout the system Baskets.

A small sketch by Alessia on Coriolis
A small sketch by Alessia on Coriolis

It is difficult to move one's steps in and close to Baskets. The place is quite loud and noisy, populous, without forgetting the small detail of the anti-government terrorist revolt Korpe Libera. The crew had heard of the organization before, and certainly hadn't been pleasantly impressed. Use the Baecilla, a highly infectious virus, on a civil hospital, on the other hand, does not bring a large public.

It is thanks, or because of, to the fame obtained that the crew of the Stargazer has re-entered the panorama of interest of his patron, Leah Marhoun. The charming lady decides to meet her subordinates at theKadif's cave, a pleasant and decidedly well furnished place.

Although the place is crowded and certainly well defended it is Ardashir to make the first move, going ahead. The warrior's past has left an indelible imprint on him, which probably leads him to treat everything as a battlefield. His colleagues arrive shortly after, going to sit with Lea.

I certainly did not expect to see Ardashir go ahead, so I put some bouncers inside the cave, to ensure safety and few fist fights. If things got bad they could have stepped in, as friend or foe, in which case the spectators had used Dark Points.

The mission is simple: deliver 50 tons of livestock in cryostasis to Criminal Station Salazar III in exchange for prisoners. These, always in cryostasis, are members of Korpe Libera, and must be tried on Korpe. Questions flood and the crew knows they are about to accept a dangerous mission, but 50 birr is too big a figure to give up. Preparations begin.

Coriolis: Second Scene

Ardashir, who has remained at the Den more than the others, notices Lea having a pleasant discussion with other merchants and patrons on Korpe. The speeches seem to focus on an artifact from Coriolis but, knowing Lea and her market, it doesn't seem so important.

I decided to reward Ardashir by giving him additional information about the Macguffin of the entire campaign. It was Riccardo himself who introduced me to this term, first called by me “something by chance that maybe I will dust off in the future. Thanks Rick.

The journey is fairly peaceful. Six days in space with little to do inevitably lead to boredom. Fortunately, a breakdown kills boredom, and the crew expands with a hen (belonging to the cattle in cryostasis) who has become the ship's mascot.

Some crew members decided to keep the hen, calling it Djajiaa which, in the famous language of the Third Horizon, means emergency food supply. It must be said that, with me, they have taken well. I rarely create characters who are distant from animals. So be it hen.

Some technical problems lead the Stargazer to understand that something horrible happened at the station. A riot probably brought the station into chaos. Ardashir e Ismael they decide to go to the deck to check while the rest of the crew stays on the ship. The road to the bridge is littered with bodies and rubble. The two struggle their way between watertight doors and turrets, gradually realizing how great is the horror and violence that have consumed the Salazar III.

Ardashir is clearly the man of action

Coriolis: Third Scene

On the ship they are all apprehensive, above all because of the frequent emissions of psychotropic gas very, perhaps too much, similar to the Baecilla. The vaccine of Ja'Far, fortunately, it grants partial immunity to its effects, also thanks to the ex-shell and the ship.

The two in advance, unfortunately, are unable to avoid the Baecilla and, as they reach the bridge, things begin to get worse; visions, moans and whispers begin to lead the two into oblivion. It is only thanks to Reem, who intervened promptly, that the incident comes close.

The spectators decided to use one point of darkness to stage a revolt and another to make the Virus pass beyond the Eso Shells of the two in advance. Even though my plans were different I had prepared this eventuality, so I fell to my feet. Always prepare an X plan for the drawbacks.
Recall that this mechanic in Coriolis is our invention to revive the live.

The crew locates the target of their search in a medilab on the lower floors. This time it will be Ja'Far to accompany Ardashir and the two set off towards the engines. The medilab contains far too many certainties, in addition to a face known to the medicurgo. Kalim Nikad, his fellow worker e rival, lying on the ground, probably suicidal, in a torture chamber. Unfortunately, the Salazar was used as study center for the Baecilla Virus.

It went exactly like that

Ardashir checks the doctor's body, finding a strange sphere. The artifact is obscure to the knowledge of the two who, as a precaution, close it in a watertight box for medicines. The collection of the station data follows the initiation of the self-destruct procedure. The Stargazer's escape from the station is as silent as the crew. Only they, for now, will have to know what happened in there.

The players had long debates on what to do with the Station: warning the Consortium would have brought unwelcome attention to them, while abandoning everything like this would have been even worse. To exonerate themselves from any accusation, they decided to cancel their presence both on MADAR and on the station. They came out almost neat and clean.

In 'Arboretum the funeral rite is consummated, while the debris of the station reaches the dark and forgotten space. The crew are left with many, perhaps too many questions, which only the spirits will be able to answer.

Coriolis: Epilogue and Prelude

Lea did not take the news at all well, which immediately arrived on the main news channels. The crew of the Stargazer, also thanks to Haydee's work, managed to clear themselves of most of the accusations and theories, even if someone seemed to know what had really happened.

Lea decided to leave the advance to the crew in exchange for another commission; get on Zalos-A and meet with the ship Omniric to receive a file from it. The encrypted file must be brought to Coriolis. The livestock, still in cryostasis, would return to Lea's large pockets.