Devil May Cry 5 is a Hack and Slash video game produced and published by Capcom. In Italy, the fifth chapter of the famous Devil May Cry series has been released onMarch 8 2019. After more than eleven years after the release of the fourth chapter, with an easily forgotten intermediate reboot, the continuation of the story of Dante and Nero has all the elements to amaze. Let's analyze what will surely be one of the competitors for the Game of the Year.

Plot of Devil May Cry 5

The prologue mission opens with Dante, Trish and Lady intent on facing the new king of demons. Through Morrison, the broker of the legendary albino demon hunter, we immediately understand that the situation is not going well. It is at this point that Nero makes an appearance, accompanied by the mysterious V, to help Dante. We understand from the outset that the young Nero has lost the Devil Bringer and that Urizen, the opponent to face, is responsible for the theft. Things will soon turn to the worst, forcing Nero and V to run out of luck while Dante, Trish and Lady do everything to buy time.

A month later, with the trio disappeared, the two young men return to the city more fiercely than ever, intent on not giving up and saving friends and the world.

Devil May Cry 5 characters


The young demon hunter looks profoundly different from the boy in the fourth chapter. With a new look, one less arm and a more boastful character, Nero finally acquires his identity, abandoning the shadow of Dante and becoming a character in his own right. It is undoubtedly the character who grows the most in this work (as well as being the youngest) and prepares ideologically to take the place of Dante. In this chapter he founds his demon extermination agency, located in a pickup truck with a gift signboard by Dante himself.

Dante Alighieri

Without too many spoilers, the legendary demon hunter will close the accounts with his past, reaching that mental maturity and demonic power that will lead him to definitely overcome Sparda. Dante learns a very hard lesson in this chapter, being brutally defeated by a seemingly invincible enemy. He will lose the Rebellion sword and, with it, much of his swagger. We have never seen Dante really defeated. This event will mark him deeply.

Lady and Trish

Dante's two inseparable friends will appear in this episode much more mature, wise and less reckless of the past. The burning defeat, which will make them almost lose their lives, will push them not to throw themselves head down in the heart of the action. Urizen will trap and weaken them, making them batteries for demons. Despite this, they will show themselves in a much more human side, listening and inciting the protagonists of the adventure where necessary.


The mysterious V, the one who will hire Dante to stop Urizen and who will also involve Nero in the story, remains unknown for two thirds of the title. We see it gradually weaken and, at the same time, acquire a great maturity. It uses the demons that come from Dante's memory, directly from the first title of the series, but they don't have the strength to kill. The introduction of his character represents an interesting point of view, especially from the point of view of the gameplay.

Big spoilers
After V becomes Vergil again, his psychological growth is greatly diluted. Although in the moments near death V said he understood the mistakes of his life and was ready to remedy them, Vergil does not seem of the same opinion. His obsession with Dante's defeat returns predominantly and, even when he finds out that Nero is his son, he doesn't seem particularly impressed by it. It is only after two long clashes with his brother and with Nero that, in the end, he will understand how all his efforts have served only to reach the strength of his family, not to overcome it.
During the course of the adventure, we understand that Vergil's inferiority complex towards Dante, and his desire to overcome him at all costs, date back to his mother's death. Vergil is convinced that he was abandoned in favor of his brother, when in fact it was by accident that Dante was found first in the burning house. From this episode also comes the obsession with the father and his strength, surely seen as a way to earn maternal love. The discovery of the truth, combined with the repeated failure to overcome his brother, will lead Vergil to understand that he must lay down hatred and embrace a new cause.

Gameplay of Devil may Cry 5

From the point of view of Gameplay we are in the most beautiful and varied title of the series. Three playable characters, four fighting styles, thirteen devil breakers, three demons to maneuver from a distance, a pair of sunglasses and a hat (not to mention the rest of Dante's weapons). The gameplay is varied, with secret missions that are not easy to find and new enemies to face and defeat. Wonderful the return of the demons of the previous games, which constitutes an excellent element of continuity with the series, combined with the new ones. With the arsenal at our disposal, the fun taunts and enemies to face, reaching at least the S style degree will not be difficult.

Nero's character changes from the fourth chapter of the series. The absence of the Devil Bringer is replaced by the Devil Breaker, which with their varied functions allow you to do many more things and vary the gameplay according to the tastes of the player.

In addition to the styles we are used to, Dante's character also has a great variety of weapons. Although almost all of them have been presented, the fun of using them remains unchanged.

The character of V is a somewhat unusual novelty in the gameplay of the series, which leads the player to keep away from the clashes. They will fight demons instead of V, leaving the latter only the coup de grace. If hit too hard, the demons will go into stasis, forcing V to retreat and wait.

The only small deficiency so far found is the absence of 90% of the objects of the previous games.

The Cameo system, a feature that allows you to play in the same space as other players on different missions, is a nice idea that reaches its full potential only in very few stages of the game.

Soundtrack of Devil May Cry 5

One of the driving elements of this game is the soundtrack. For the saga, having the right mood with the right music has always been fundamental. I believe that in this chapter they have really gone beyond. All Battle Themes are more than worthy but Devil Trigger could be the song to keep in the background for all the past, present and future Devil May Cry. You never tire of listening to it and it manages to really make you feel all that Nero is going through in those moments, making you identify yourself perfectly.

Graphics and Performance of Devil May Cry 5

The performances are at the top on all consoles, with a small improvement in graphics on Xbox One and with the peak obviously on PC. On the latter, in particular, the effects of Denuvo are being evaluated, which could be causing you to lose as much as 20 fps (which are already hovering around 80 for anyone with an average gaming PC). As for the purely graphic aspect, the game essentially stands out in a very well structured urban environment, with details of an incredible obsessiveness, and an infernal one. Just like in the first chapter, the infernal section is, although very well done, less compelling than the urban one. However, I believe that, in terms of suggestiveness, they managed to perfectly make the growth of a hellish plant.

Goodies and Datamining of Devil may Cry 5

You can end the game right from the prologue. By managing to defeat Urizen it will be possible to unlock the next difficulty and a very short but incisive secret ending. This challenge becomes much easier after finishing the game in a classic way but, with a lot of patience and cold blood, it is absolutely feasible even in the first minutes of the game.

The datamining revealed that in Bloody Palace, a mode coming in April, Vergil will be playable and perhaps also in Coop mode.


As anticipated in the introduction, it is one of the games that will fight for this year's Game of the Year. I tremble for opponents who will have to clash with such a colossus, returned to the limelight after over ten years of silence. The launch on PC was such an important success that Capcom declared it to be the second best-selling game ever (the first being Monster Hunter World). It seems that success for these brands is now assured, as well as their future.

Whether you are a fan of Hack and Slash or not, I think this game should be absolutely tried and enjoyed. It will surprise you, challenge you and make you have incredible fun.