Detective Pikachu is a 2019 film, directed by Rob Letterman, and the first work of the franchise to be made in mixed media. This Japanese-American collaboration brought a small pearl to the screens for young and old enthusiasts. Legendary Pictures, The Pokemon Company, Toho and Warner Bros. were involved in the production.


The plot largely follows that of the eponymous game for Nintendo 3DS, which introduced characters and the same as Ryme City. The film opens with the escape of Mewtwo (that Mewtwo) from a research laboratory. Detective Harry Goodman is killed by the Mew clone who then vanishes from circulation. Tim Goodman, Harry's son and star of the film, comes to town to manage his father's legacy. It will be the meeting with the detective Pikachu to change the cards on the table, especially since Tim seems able to understand the Pokemon and make himself understood in turn. The newly formed duo decide to investigate Harry's death and find out more about his mysterious presence at the lab.

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References and quotes

We are in the same Pokemon world as the movies and the animated series, with some extra goodies for the more careful. First of all, the theme of the American theme song (and the first film of the franchise for Italians) is taken up several times. You can see several famous brands from the Pokemon world and the OAK sign outside Harry's apartment. In the spot of the coaches and the League it is possible to see a grown up Red who is about to face yet another fight match. At first we see Squirtles working with firefighters. Also very nice is the quote to jigglypuff, intent on casting glances and singing exactly as in the series. To all this is added the fact that Mewtwo is precisely that of the first animated film, with all the awareness accumulated thanks to Ash and Pikachu.

Direction and technical aspect

Although Rob Letterman doesn't have many films behind him, the success of the opera was practically assured. The production and the creative team brought a Pokemon-themed neon-noir story to the screen, with an amazing result. The CGI is very good, the world created is very positive (a new city that has never appeared in the games or series). They have laid good foundations for Worldbuilding to create a small film saga, thanks to one of the most loved versions of Pikachu ever and the presence of Ryan Reinolds as a voice actor.

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Small narrative gaps

Although the references to the Pokedex descriptions are particularly appreciated (Charizard's tail is an excellent example of this attention), some aspects of the plot, built more than anything else to create a show, do not adapt particularly well to the Pokemon world. Some clashes, especially the final one, are simply not credible (also because we take into account the Power Level of the films, not the video games).

A film whose sequel is awaited

A sequel was announced before the international release. After seeing such a beautiful and exciting film, we are eager to find out more about this new Pokemon cinematic universe. The conditions are there and, perhaps, many other goodies will come over time. Who knows, maybe in the next film they could make Lugia appear.