Welcome back! This is the last appointment with the weekly column dedicated to homebrew material created by myself that revolves around the "desert". After prima and second part, the latter will be decidedly longer than the others: after the usual setting cue, dear readers, today we are talking about spellcaster

Desert Setting - "The Second Great Flood"

Over time, men moved further and further away from the gods: they stopped honoring them through sacrifices, praying to them and believing in their existence. This certainly did not go unnoticed: divine fury struck humanity, through what is remembered as the Second Universal Flood. Unlike the first, however, it was sand and not water that rained from the sky. At first very fine and impalpable, then it turned into authentic sandstorms that hit the entire globe. 

A hundred years have passed since the Second Flood and humanity must start living again in a new world, populated by creeping and hissing creatures, which have also fallen, like sand, from the sky. Some of the children born after the Second Flood, however, were born with strange powers that make them able to adapt better to the new environment in which they find themselves: will they be the saviors of humanity or those who will definitively condemn it?

Desert Subclasses - "Who casts spells"

Bardo - College of the Snake Charmer

The guard kicked the bum's face, which ruined it in pain. At the foot the man sheathed his club and spat on the crouched old man, who kept his face in pain.

That evening, while the guard was drinking a beer, he felt the urgent need to leave the tavern and head towards a dark alley. Waiting for him was the homeless man who played his flute smiling, while behind him, in a huge basket, a multitude of rattles echoed him.

Typical of the Middle Eastern regions and, above all, of India, the snake charmer is present in the collective imagination. I wanted to pay homage to this figure by sketching it as a subclass of the Bard: bewitching, snappy, he is an animal (specifically a snake) for the stage!

Through his Privileges, the Snake Charmer gains excellent skills debuffsas well as a good dose of survivability. Through the Irresistible Dance he gets a way to spend the Bardic Inspiration able to weaken the enemy, more than strengthen the ally! This subclass, thanks to its excellent 14th Level Privilege, is optimal if not multiclass.

Druid - Circle of the Desert

The old tiefling stopped and turned to look at his pursuers: the platoon of soldiers, once the arrows had been stuck, prepared to shoot. The old man smiled and with his feet touched the desert sand: he had taken them wherever he wanted. The arrows started in unison but there was no longer any trace of tiefling. In its place, a gigantic creature made of swirling sand rose up into the air, roaring.

I have come to what I consider my masterpiece, for these subclasses. When you decide to create a series of subclasses that have a natural environment as their central theme, the Druid is the one that usually benefits the most because of its strong connection with the aforementioned environment.

In terms of mechanics, the desert druid is a bomb. He obtains additional AC, the possibility of obtaining Temporary Hit Points, is resistant to the effects of high desert temperatures and, finally, transforms into a new, unedited, elemental. The price? The desert deprives him of the ability to transform himself into all those animals not present in that environment; what remains, therefore, are insects and arachnids. 

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Magician - School of Astromagic

The old gnome stepped away from the telescope and noted, on a freshly cut sheet of parchment, what he had discovered. According to his calculations, they had a few days before the meteor hit the ground: they had to hurry! He hastily picked up a few rolls and, putting his glasses on his nose, put his foot out the door, when he noticed the light of the moon reflected by some blades in the shadow. The old wizard looked around and a mocking smile appeared on his lips. Soon after, three tattoos lit up on his body: Cancer on the palm of his right hand, Libra on the back of his right, and Leo - the last, the largest - covering his back. 

The School of Astromagia is strongly inspired by the astronomical studies made by Arab scientists around the XNUMXth-XNUMXth century. Astromagia, as the name implies, is a type of school that draws energy from the study of constellations. The latter also influence the magician who sees the powers of his zodiac sign and ascendant activate.

The magician who chooses this school is very versatile. By choosing the sign for the Zodiacal Energy, he can choose to focus on various types of Spells (area, melee, remotely, or usable through Attacks of Opportunity). At 10th level his ascendant determines resistance to certain types of damage and, lastly, at 14th level the Wizard can spend Spell slots to lengthen the transformation that the State of Ophiuchus grants him.

Ranger - Shackle

The tamer looked up and looked at the audience. His position was in the center of the usual stage, in the usual cage, in front of the usual lion. The number was not difficult, he had succeeded dozens of times. He did it perfectly. The audience welcomed the performance with little enthusiasm, even heard a laugh coming from the upper ranks. It was far too much for the tamer, a person who constantly endangered his life to entertain an ungrateful audience. Something in his head broke. Did they not appreciate his art? Well, it would have forced them to do it. He wrapped a chain around his hand and hit the lion on the back: the beast roared angrily and ran out of the cage. The tamer followed him and, laughing unabashedly, incited the lion, slamming the chain several times on the ground. The animal ran through the stands, soon staining its fangs with blood, amid the horror cries of the public. 

I needed a strong archetype for the Ranger. Something of impact, which distorted the classic image of "cheerful protector of nature". Nature is used by the Chain operator as he likes, and the tool with which he does it is the weapon that I have created for him, that is the war chain.

The Ranger becomes very aggressive. Furthermore, through the Attack options provided by the Chain Click, he becomes much more able to control and weaken his enemies in some way. The spells with which I have equipped are, also these, mainly directed towards damaging the enemy as much as possible, bringing the Ranger towards the road of the DPS.


Sorcerer - Seal of the Jinn

The boy cried when his companions targeted him by calling him an orphan. He cried when they beat him. He cried when they told him he was, and always would be alone. One day, in front of yet another anger, he cried no more. The shadow he cast with his little body had grown in size, and now he had long claws and an evil smile. His companions wept.

The idea for the sorcerer Seal of the Jinn came to me after watching an episode of “The Witcher” featuring a slightly different Jinn from the one I developed. In my view, the Jinn is a weak but tenacious demon, and sealing it inside a child is one of the best ways to keep it in check. Obviously this subclass is inspired by series like Naruto, but also and above all by Arab culture. 

From the point of view of mechanics, the Seal of Jinn improves the Wizard from various points of view: ideally, in fact, the Wizard uses the power of the Jinn to enhance his skills. Through Tajâlli offensive and healing abilities are enhanced, while with Nasîhat excellent elemental resistance is obtained. 

Warlock - Patron: The Swarm

What is a hornless minotaur? An outcast, that's what it is. A joke of nature, embarrassing and disgusting even for one's parents. And that's why the boy ran away from his village. The only one who accepted it was Lo Swarm. And now, after years, the boy has grown up and is ready to go home. He is no longer alone, he has millions of hungry little friends, ready to help him destroy his village. 

The idea of ​​the Swarm as Patron came to me from the concept of the "hive mind". Also, imagine thousands of weak desert dwellers like insects, scorpions or small creeping animals, coming together to become a powerful entity, well, I really like it!

As for Privileges, a Warlock who chooses the Swarm as Patron obtains abilities deemed repugnant to most. It can improve its attacks thanks to the control it exerts on insects, and it can take their appearance to be repugnant and lethal. 

This journey into the world of “desert” themed homebrew is over. For me, creating subclasses and setting ideas was a struggle but I loved it. Thanks go to the Atlantean Seekers for giving me the opportunity to post on their site.