Let's find out how the D&D Celebration will take place, including conferences, live-streaming and the Epic of the biggest Adventurers League ever!

Like all fans of D&D well they know, this year Wizards of the Coast will publish the manual Icewind Dale: Rime of the frostmaiden. This is a new campaign set in the Forgotten Realms, in the rugged frozen wastes of the north. Icewind Dale is scheduled for September 15th and, to promote the launch of this manual, WotC has decided to organize a special event: the D&D Celebration.

In this article we will see what the D&D Celebration will consist of, what novelties it will host and, above all, which all Italian guests it can boast.

The D&D Celebration program

The D&D Celebration will take place online from 18th to 20th September and will host more than just a series of conferences, but also a very rich series of online sessions organized by the Adventurers League. Furthermore, during this event previews and insights will be presented on both Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, be on Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. THU you will find the official website of the event.

Let's now look at the scheduled conferences in more detail. Please note that the times shown are based on the US time zone.

The conferences on Friday 18 September

On Friday September 18th, the D&D Celebration will host four conferences.

The premiere will be held at 10 am and will be titled Dungeons & Designers. It will have Jeremy Crawford and Chris Perkins as speakers and will focus on the new rules introduced by Icewind Dale and from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. The second conference will be held at 13 and will feature the Adventurers League, which will reveal the news it has in store for the future.

The third conference will be at 16 pm and will be entitled Invisible Dragons: Designing Mental Health Adventures. As the title suggests, it will be focused on how mental health can be approached through D&D. Speakers will include mental health experts. The fourth conference, which will begin at 19 pm, is entitled How to become a game designer. The speakers will be authors from the Dungeon Master Guild, who will give advice on how to write and publish your own adventure.

The conferences on Saturday 19th September

Saturday 19th September will be mainly dedicated to online gaming, as we will see, but it has some interesting conferences planned.

The first will be held at 11 and will be titled Behind the Screen: DM Roundtable. It will be a round table of famous masters, among which stands out Deborah Ann Woll. The second conference will be held at 15 pm and is entitled What It Means To Be A Bard. As you can guess, it will focus on how bards and storytellers have influenced the cultures of entire populations throughout history.

The conferences on Sunday 20 September

Sunday 20 September will see four very interesting and extremely current conferences.

At 10 in the morning we will have one entitled Inclusive Dungeon Design for the Intrepid Adventurer. It will focus on how to build an accessible design dungeon. It is not well understood in what sense we will talk about accessible design for a dungeon, but it will be interesting to find out. At 13, however, there will be the panel entitled Weaving Asian Stories. After the (new) controversy arose for Oriental Adventures, we will talk about how to write Asian-themed adventures without falling into stereotypes about “exotic” and “mysterious” Asians. At 16 there will be the conference Nights of Eveningstar, which is a recent addition to the calendar that is still unknown. Finally, at 18 pm, there will be the talk Inside the D&D Studio, which will talk about the future of D&D.

The cover of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, the campaign promoted by D&D Celebration
The cover of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, the campaign promoted by D&D Celebration

The role play sessions at the D&D Celebration

In addition to the conferences, the D&D Celebration will also host numerous D&D sessions organized by the Adventurers League. The matches will be spread over all three days of the event; Friday and Sunday, playing one session will cost 5$, while on Saturday the price will be $10.

Friday September 18th there will be sessions from 10 in the morning to 18 in the evening. The sessions will all focus on Ice Road Trackers, an introductory adventure for Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. The adventure will see adventurers stranded by an avalanche as they cross the Spine of the World, and fight for survival.

Saturday September 19th, instead, from 10 to 18 will be dedicated to sessions focused on Great Knucklehead Rally, which is always an introductory adventure to Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. The adventure revolves around a strange fishing contest organized by an eccentric dwarf, who will also attract unexpected visitors. In the evening, four tables will be added which, at 22 pm, will play the adventure for the first time The Frozen North.

Sunday September 20th, always from 10 to 18, they will play adventure The Frozen North. The Frozen North is always an introduction to Icewind Dale and will see adventurers struggling to survive a tremendous storm on the Spine of the World.

The total tables available each day are 200, for a total of about 600 tables in total. Each time slot will see the players engaged in a specific part of the adventure. The sessions will all be part of a big one Epic, which is a collaborative multi-table adventure. D&D Celebration sessions will feature characters between level 1 and level 4. With the numbers gathered, the D&D Celebration will likely host the largest online RPG event ever created.

The D&D Celebration logo
The D&D Celebration logo

The Italian contribution of Need Games

Among the 600 RPG tables that will be present at the gigantic Epic of the D&D Celebration, we are pleased to note that there will be three tables all in Italian. These three homegrown tables were obtained from Need Games and they will have as master Nicola DeGobbis. The DeGobbis tables will be 614, 616 and 617.

The table 614 will be held on Saturdays from 19pm to 22pm (according to our time zone) and will see adventurers engaged in Great Knucklehead Rally. The tables 616 e 617 instead they will be on Sunday, respectively from 19 to 20.30 and from 21 to midnight (always according to our time zone!), and will carry on the adventure The Frozen North.