With "Death of a tyrant” concludes the long Rebellion against the theocrat Leario, priest of the Lady of Blood Tears, usurper of the Erondarian Empire.

The N. 36 also concludes the saga that has accompanied us for the last three years. Since November 2022, in fact, we have started again with the n.1!
I arrive with a “fair” delay to tell you about it… sorry!

Death of a Tyrant is the third installment of the mini-saga of the Erondár liberation campaign. It also marks the end of Dragonero the Rebel
The symbol on the title page indicates the mini-saga of the Erondár liberation campaign

As usual, those interested in the history of the "Dragonero the RebelCan find it in this article summary.
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After the battle is over
And the sands drunken the blood
All that remains
Is the bitterness of delusion
Your hand wields the might
The tyrant's the forerunner
You carry the will
As the morning is near

Circle of the Tyrants, Morbid Tales, 1984, Celtic Frost

Death of a tyrant

Death of a Tyrant is the third chapter of the closing trilogy of the Dragonero the Rebel saga
Leario's death is written, yes... but at what cost?

Since history is history, the usurpers must fall for the rebellions to cease and the Resistance to achieve its Victory!

For months now, the bloody war has been raging. Today the banner of the true Emperor returns to fly over the capital Valhendàrt, but there is a however: the theocrat Leario still resists!

In Death of a Tyrant the capital Valhendàrt is now taken over by the Rebels. Only Leario resists in the temple of the Lady of Tears
Valhendàrt is now back! Only Leario still resists in the temple of the Lady of Tears!

The cruel usurper has perched in his own temple, protected by the inviolable magic of the Lady of Tears. Of all the Rebels only Alben seems to possess the power to counter that bloody plague.
What price will the luresindo and Aura have to pay to obtain the coveted final victory?

In Death of a Tyrant it will be up to Alben to confront Leario, yes, but at what cost?
Alben's advance to the Sancta Sanctorum of the Lady of Tears is difficult!

Episode analysis

We have finally come to the final showdown!

In Mote di un tyranno we no longer speak of Rebels, but of the Swords of Justice that return the kingdom into the hands of the legitimate Emperor: Nahim
You can tell how the Rebellion will end, right?

The Swords of Justice, calling it a Rebellion now that they have Emperor Nahim as their maximum representative, is no longer the case, they are raging through the capital Valhendàrt. It is a book whose events narrated are contemporary or shortly after.
It is also a volume divided into two: the last stages of the reconquest of the Empire and the restart after such a long and dark period (and it's still nothing!). In addition, ideas have already been sown that will surely come back, as we have already become accustomed to…

Ian after the end of the Rebellion has the opportunity to return to his daughter Elara
The weight on Ian's heart seems to lighten a bit as he returns to his daughter Elara

Luca Enoch he knots the last loose threads of the great tapestry he created with the co-creator Stefano Vietti. The question we ask ourselves is whether the conclusion devised is satisfactory or not. The answer cannot be a simple YES or NO, just as we cannot fill it with "but" and "however" (which would deny what was said before and/or after). It's a conclusion, period. There are obviously more successful moments and others that might have deserved a few more cartoons. Each of us after reading Death of a Tyrant, will draw their own sums.

I have already written, several other times, that the two authors have demonstrated an undoubted ability to weave a wide-ranging story, with a myriad of characters and events, just as the emotions felt were innumerable.

Here, with a work of such great importance it goes without saying that if we go and check the individual parts that compose it, not all of them can be successful, but as soon as we move away a little and look from the "right distance", the picture it will definitely make an impact!

At the opening

In Chronicles of the Rebellion, Luca Barbieri accompanies us towards the last moments of the rebellion, dwelling on the beginnings, so unequal in the distribution of forces in the field and so similar in the closing keyword of the sagas: Death of a hero ("Black Dragon” no. 77, October 2019) and Death of a Tyrant (the book we hold in our hands). Death was a looming presence in both, but above all in this one it descended like a bird of prey and, we are sure, it will descend again…

Barbieri then puts the spotlight on what will be the new course of Dragonero: “Dark world”. Now, at the time of writing, we've already reached the fifth episode, so we tried the setting that was proposed to us. “Dark world” will develop according to a horizontal plot, punctuated by “digressions” on the theme, mini-sagas and “other”. A formula we've seen work (more or less) well for "Dragonero the Rebel”, we can only continue reading!

Drawings & lettering

The amazing duo Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors) place each player involved on the battlefield. Above all stands the Lady of Tears and her bishop Leario, at whose feet lies Alben. Aura and Ian appear helpless in the face of this overwhelming presence. Pagliarani and Francescutto in recent years have accustomed us to great covers and this one is no different!

On the shoulders of Gianluca Pagliarani also falls the task of illustrating the entire register, what can I say? We learned to appreciate Pagliarani's style and in “Death of a tyrant” we witness his great ability to move from scenes with few characters to those of a group, from narrow and internal places to open spaces. There is no shortage of scenes of struggle and despair juxtaposed with others full of serenity, affection and melancholy. Truly an excellent rehearsal for this grand finale!

Marina Sanfelice also takes care of the lettering of this third chapter which closes the Rebellion which is also the grand finale of the saga of “Dragonero the Rebel"!

Final conclusion

We can only thank all the people involved in the project Black Dragon, but above all to the Sergio Bonelli Editore for having published one of the best fantasy works that have appeared on the Italian publishing scene in recent years!

Now it awaits us Dark world, which has actually already started for about five months. It is noted that I had difficulty completing the History of the Rebels, but if you are interested in the new course, I could try to recover the accumulated gap and start analyzing Dragonero for you again.
Let us know!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár