Darksiders III is the third installment of the acclaimed saga on the Knights of the Apocalypse.

Released on 27 November for Playstation 4, Xbox one and Windows, the title is making the gaming world discuss because of some aspects that we will deal with in this review.

We must in any case a THQ Nordic the chance to have played this game, given the troubled history of the title and the house that created it.

Plot of Darksiders III

Il Cavaliere War he lies chained to the feet of the Arso Consiglio, accused of going to Earth before the breaking of the Seventh Seal and, in doing so, of condemning the human race to extinction.

While the trio, keeper of the Balance, takes its time to establish the fate of the traitor Knight, a more urgent threat requires the attention of the Arso Consiglio: The 7 Deadly Sins. Having escaped from their prison, the seven entities that embody the vices so dear to Christianity are extending their influence on Earth. Such an act cannot go unpunished.

To solve the problem, the Arso Consiglio instructs the Knight Furia, the only woman in the quartet, of travel to the world of men and capture the sects.

The huntress, bored by a life spent in idleness, envious of her brothers and eager for greater power, accepts the task on one condition: once the mission is over, the command of the four Knights will pass from Death to her.

Not without reluctance, the Arso Consiglio accepts his request. Thus began the hunt for Fury on Earth.

Gameplay of Darksiders III

Compared to the two previous titles in the saga, the first focused on the hack and slash component and the second on the rpg component, Darksiders III episode points to a formula as simple as the original title.

Killing enemies makes money anime, the currency of this game, and with them you can level up and get an attribute point or buy consumable items and weapon upgrades. The features of the character are only three and easily explained: Life, Damage with the weapon and Arcane power.

Fortunately, it is in the weaponry and in theirs upgrades that this game manages to give its best. Scattered all over the world, to be re-explored every time you get a new power capable of opening new paths, there are minibosses, loots and humans able to give us new enhancements and surprises.

The platform component of the game is very painful and, after giving us excellent moments with the Death Knight, proves to have taken a few steps back. Although there are some times when the wise use of all Fury's powers will be needed, most of the time you will simply be required to swing with your chain and use the latest unlocked ability.

The fights are fluid and give a good challenge to the player, who will have to constantly keep in mind the position of opponents outside his field of vision and any attacks behind him, and may require some attempts before being overcome.

Fury is not as powerful or agile in combat as his two brothers, so more attention is required from the player a more tactical approach with powers. Mastering the right timing of the dodge will give you a chance for extra damage and will be needed to defeat any type of boss.

Soundtrack and Visual Appearance

The visual aspect of the title resumes, with the necessary graphic improvements, the style of the other two. Simple, clean and perfectly able to make us distinguish the enemies and the paths to follow.

The soundtrack proves to be up to par, without ever reaching truly noteworthy levels, both positive and negative.

Screenplay by Darksiders III

I dialogues are one of the strong points of Darksiders III and allow to observe in real time both growth of the protagonist, perhaps the one with the greatest development to date, is to give excellent information on the setting.

By following the side quests, you can get news that completely disrupts the Balance, both of the player and the game world. Obviously, being a third chapter, to better understand the dialogues and references to which some characters allude, it is necessary to have played the first chapter of the series if nothing else.

Longevity, Dlc and Replayability

The length of Darksiders III stands on fifteen hours, varying according to the difficulty chosen and the degree of completeness that the player wants to achieve. The ranges within which the title moves are 10 hours to complete the story and 25 hours to complete the game by discovering every secret.

There are choices to be made, which allows for replayability of the title to find out new endings e unpublished dialogues.

Gods have already been announced DLC, within which it will be possible to recover the famous Abyssal Armor so dear to fans of the saga. Perhaps even the NG + will make its appearance, giving the opportunity to further increase Fury and to face the highest difficulties of the game with the power-ups already unlocked.


Darksiders III certainly will not compete for the Game of the Year, this is little but sure, but nevertheless carries on the saga worthily to which it belongs and makes you want a fourth chapter.

The game offers a good degree of challenge, now rare in the titles of this genre, and encourages the player to use his head to orientate himself and solve puzzles with very few tips. Fortunately, there is no single way to overcome an obstacle, which makes more than one approach to situations lawful. The purchase is recommended to anyone.