THEDark Legion, the greatest enemy of humanity. Even worse than Humanity itself.

But what is theDark Legion? How did it originate? What is its planet of origin or its history?
Many of these questions will remain unanswered, but I will try, through the study of the documents of the Brotherhood, to give an idea of ​​what happened and also present the Apostoli who lead the army ofDark Legion, born from the powers ofDark Symmetry.

Before starting, however, if you have not had the opportunity to read our previous articles, I refer you to the documents secreted on the events that occurred from the Exodus, To Second War of the Dark Legion.

Now, after reading, we all know that the first encounters with theDark Symmetry happened on Pluto and that the real tragedy happened when the Imperial colonists broke the barriers present on Black. So to understand the situation, let's try to understand the duality of the Black planet.

The home planet of the Dark Legion

When we talk about the Black planet, we should think carefully about its nature.

After the various vicissitudes that in the past had led Pluto not to be considered a planet, to then reconsider it as such, no one had ever looked beyond the limits of the Solar System. It was the Imperial colonists who did this and encountered what in astronomy can be considered an interstellar planet. They gave him the name of Nero.

Black has a dual nature. On the one hand it is a world characterized by the surface devastated by a constant meteor shower and strewn with ruined citadels, under the crust there is a dense network of hundreds of underground tunnels. The other Black is the one that lies beyond the Seal of Repulsion imprinted to keep away theDark Legion. This scourge, for millennia, has been banished to another dimension thanks to this seal, placed on Nero since Great Enemy. We do not know who these monsters and heretics consider the Great Enemy, but certainly not Humanity.

With the opening of the Seal of Repulsion the essences of Apostoli, true spokespersons ofDark Symmetry, they began to show a physical body again. The first was Ilian, whose cold kiss was felt first by Pluto's explorers, and later by everyone else.

The nerve center of their power is the Citadels, where the Apostoli they control and manage their own troops. Here they allow their own Nepharites to pay homage to them by enjoying their power games in an attempt to win the favor of their dark lords.

One of Nero's most interesting features is its constant meteor shower. This phenomenon does not seem natural at all, it is as if the Universe itself threw all the meteorites at its disposal against it in the hope of destroying what is the very source of Evil. It is thanks to this constant meteor shower that almost all Citadels of the Apostles, except for that of Ilian, are in ruins.

Home planet of the Dark Legion
A representation of the Black planet

But now let's take a closer look at them Apostoli. Please be careful.

The Apostles, commanding officers of the Dark Legion

Ilian, Mistress of the Void

From the Nothingness of the Void Ilian emerged. The Cardinal shivered in his sleep feeling within himself that the world had changed. On Earth the waves of evil emerged from Nothingness leaving many dead behind them. Over the city of Methusalem the sky became dark, the clouds the color of blood for thirty days and thirty nights. And in men's dreams the beast howled at the moon. The Prophets said of the Lady of the Void. He had talked to them in his sleep: he wandered the paths of the Art and spied on our hidden thoughts. He perceived, observed, learned: he made no mistake as he entered our world. Portals of other dimensions were opened, and through them the Mistress of the Void summoned the Keepers of Dark Symmetry. They followed her, taking with them the secrets to manipulate the Dark. Thus the Lady of the Void became the guardian of that unclean knowledge.

From the Second Chronicle. “Ilian and the Dark Symmetry” by Plinio Varro
Ilian Dark Lady Legion

Firstborn of the Dark Souls, Ilian is the first of the §to have regained a physical form and appears to her followers as a woman of supernatural beauty, diaphanous skin, but this is only one of her many aspects.

Its main nourishment is the very essence of destruction and despair and the desolation that follows. The shadow of his power covers, like a cape, the worlds crossed by his hordes. She is also the principal custodian of the powers of theDark Symmetry.

Muawijhe, the Lord of Dreams

It was the great Prophet Aglialos who first spoke of the Lord of Visions. The Dark Lord appeared in dreams, dragging the fools and fools with him. He summoned howling beasts to haunt our thoughts, robbing us of sleep and peace. In search of an answer, Aglialos crossed the Fields of Desolation, and discovered the Great Necropolis. But the Gates were barred and he did not have the necessary powers to open them. Enraged, the Prophet challenged the forces closing the passage. Amid the blare of trumpets and fanfares, the Gates swung open.

As if from a hideous cave, monstrous creatures leapt out laughing and dancing. Strange colors flashed in the air and Aglialos felt his mind empty of his will. Then the Lord of Visions appeared. It filled the gap with its hideous bulk and the worms swarming in its head danced to the rhythm of the unnatural sound.
Muawijhe raised his hand to the Prophet and he, mad with terror, fled, seeking refuge in the safety of the Light

From the Fourth Chronicle. “The arrival of Semai and Muawijhe” by Lapidio Asolvos

Il Lord of Visions, Demon of Madness. Thus is known the Second Apostle. Twice a man tall, Muawijhe is the only one among the Dark Souls not to be able to actually change its shape. However, thanks to his mental powers he is able to project a different image of himself into the minds of those around him.

Its task is to spread madness among men and for this purpose it penetrates the dreams of men by awakening the dark side and forcing them to perform terrible actions.

Semai, the Lord of Hatred

When the glorious Crusaders brandished their weapons and marched into the darkness, the Inquisitors took up the challenge of even greater danger. Because Semai, Lord of Hate, had spread his poison throughout the world, seducing those who longed for power and perverse pleasures. Darkness grew in humanity, corrupting society like an unstoppable cancer. The Inquisitors did everything possible to flush out Evil and the signs of corruption. But not even the Light of thousands of purifying fires could banish the Darkness from the world.

Semai's flattery set brother against brother, mother against daughter; even the Brotherhood was contaminated by the perverse falsehoods of the Great Corruptor. The fires burned higher, but the shadow of the Dark Legion also extended its domain. Thus the Corporations fell into the hands of the Apostles. The Heretics reached the highest offices and from there avoided the gaze of the Inquisitors. Semai whispered dark and unmentionable secrets to them, crowning them as kings and princes, promising them eternal glory. And so great was the power of those visions, that many surrendered to them, awakening only when they were damned

From the Fourth Chronicle. “The arrival of Semai and Muawijhe” by Lapidio Asolvos

If ever it is the embodiment of hatred, greed, betrayal, envy and suspicion. Its mission is to trap, corrupt and tempt the human soul and lead it to join the Darkness.

Although among the Apostoli seems the weakest, If ever he is the one who works from within human society to make it collapse, but his intrigues do not stop at those against humanity, but also against others Apostoli, hoping to improve its position within the circle of power of theDark Symmetry.

Algeroth, the Warlord

May the magnificent Cardinal Augustus always be blessed and protected by the Powers of Light! Because, aware of its powers, the abomination of endless Darkness, the instigator of devastation, has set its gaze on the world. Algeroth brought with him his faithful lieutenant, Alakhai. With the help of the Tekrons they created the First Legion, corrupting the bodies left on countless battlefields. And then they marched against humanity. World after world fell to the mercy of the Legions of Algeroth, and its forces grew stronger after each battle as each fallen of the Brotherhood joined the ranks of the damned. New monstrosities and many perverse beings were shaped in the black undergrounds of the Dark Citadels.

Soon the Ezoghouls stormed the battlefields following the smell of death they would taste. The divided forces of humanity retreated before the Apostle's assaults. Heretics and traitors united in his name. Algeroth's evil and distorted technology spread throughout the world and the people were soon his slaves. The twisted spiers of the Citadels dominated the horizon. The Cardinal saw that all that the Prophets had foretold had come true. It was now clear that only by joining forces under one banner, the Light of Brotherhood, could humanity be saved. Thus the Cardinal decreed the birth of the Inquisition, to flush out the Heretics and traitors from our ranks and destroy the Dark Legion wherever they hid.

From the Fifth Chronicle. “Algeroth and Demnogonis” by Horka Mikhalos
War Apostle of the Dark Legion

Algeroth, Apostle of War and Lord of Dark Technology. It is the fourth of the Apostoli and he is the one who commands the troops of theDark Legion. His body is the manifestation of war and physical prowess, as it is composed of grotesque muscles fused with biotechnology, pipes, electrical cables, weapons and a huge bronze mask covering his face. It is pain and embodied destruction.

His was the hand that fatally wounded the Cardinal Nathaniel Durand, his is the hand that gave rise to the Bio-Giants.

Demnogonis, the Corruptor

Thus the Dark generated Demnogonis, the Corruptor. Born of pain and suffering, misery and famine, plague and disease, the Lord of Corruption launched his challenge to the Cardinal. He cursed the air, the water and the blinding Light of the Brotherhood.

He anticipated the time when the world would be distorted and corrected by the Evil brought by the Dark Symmetry. The corpses on the battlefield decomposed. Evil creatures were created from corrupted matter and the tormented souls of the dead and wounded. Thus were born the Legions of Demnogonis who spread Evil from world to world. Thus began the purifying fires. Since those days the funeral pyres have been burning on the battlefields and in every place where men breathe their last.

From the Fifth Chronicle. “Algeroth and Demnogonis” by Horka Mikhalos

Il Fifth Apostle. Born of death and putrefaction. Demnogonis, the Corruptor it is the manifestation of the contagion. Its power is such that the planets are infested with its soothing stench. His purpose, and his legions, is to sow disease, pain and death in the universe.

The Heretics, the very essence of the plague of Dark Symmetry

The power ofDark Symmetry is strong, as his armed arm demonstrates, theDark Legion, but it wouldn't be a real problem if the Heretics they had not infiltrated every level of power.

Quoting the chronicles:

The Dark Legion is an unparalleled threat. In his forays into the world of men he destroys everything he encounters. Corruption and disease follow its path. But not everyone in the Legion operates this way. In our cities the Dark Prophets roam, speaking to the foolish and the weak. They promise them glory and power if they walk the path of Darkness. Thus the hosts of the Darkness swell, while the poison spreads.

Heretics spread corruption from world to world and the damage they cause is equal to that of the Legion itself. The Inquisition is tasked with finding the Heretics and extirpating them from the world. But they are powerful in Evil, and still escape the Cardinal's Light.

From the Sixth Chronicle. "The Crusades and the Inquisition" by Galileo Acrostide

In this dark future world, not all human beings have decided to face the enemy. Some have bowed to it waiting to receive damnation and eternal suffering.

Power struggles are an integral part of corporate life. The promises ofDark Symmetry they have corrupted millions of people. Power from Great Darkness is constantly looking for souls to plagiarize. Thanks to the ability of the Apostoli to convince man's hearts with promises of power and wealth, doubt is instilled in their minds. Some of these seeds blossom leading the Heretic on the path ofDarkness. The mission of these outcasts is to prepare the way for change.

Each Heretic is devoted to one of the Apostoli who, opening his own Book of Gifts, decides to pay homage to it with special powers based on his field of "interest". Heretics of Demnogonis they infect the population with diseases, or even work in hospitals. Insane prophets of doom inspired by Muawijhe, instill doubt in the population about the imminent end. Terrorists work in the name of Algeroth to sabotage armament construction facilities.

Anyone can yield to the power ofDark Symmetry and it is therefore right that the Second Directorate area of Brotherhood,Inquisition, constantly watching over any possible infiltration of these individuals into society.


The army ofDark Legion it is immense. The powers ofDark Symmetry they increase day by day and the human species is fighting its greatest battle.

I've always found this part of the setting interesting Mutant Chronicles because I felt it more relevant, more pressing. The powers of the Apostoli and the Warhammer Gods of Chaos are very similar, yet I've always felt these to be more and more, how to say, human.
And then you want to put the charisma of Five Apostles than the Gods of Chaos?

My favorites have always been Ilian and Muawijhe. If you had to choose yours, who would you give your heresy to?