Dark Camelot is a complete and functional setting for role playing Adventurers!, which we talked about in this review. Written by Umberto Pignatelli and consisting of fifty easy-to-read pages, Dark Camelot impresses with the charm of the setting and the great variety of stories that can be created.

Dark Camelot presentation

On Christmas night of the twelfth year of Arthur's reign, a hooded figure sneaked into the Round Table room in Camelot, and wounded the king in the chest, using his own sword. Arthur's blood spilled onto the Round Table and the assailant fled, carrying the Excalibur sword with him.

King Arthur survived, but from that night he was dying. Not even Merlin's magic is enough to cure his condition. The Knights of the Round Table have been sent in search of the assassin and the sword Excalibur but, until now, they have found nothing. The kingdom is in turmoil; like wolves sensing the weakness of their prey, Arthur's enemies prepare to strike, and in the remotest of the kingdom sinister events and sightings are reported ...

Dark Camelot structure


The setting is, as easily understood, that of Camelot. So imagine living all the adventures of the knights of the Round Table. The characters will have to deal with fairies, orcs, goblins. They can find their way through the mists of Avalon or make their way to the winter court. The charm of the Arthurian cycle will be tinged with black, because this is a kingdom of Camelot in which darkness approaches victory. The Saxons prepare for the attack, the Picts make raids on the borders, orcs and goblins take the place of noble knights. Without Excalibur and with the Round Table cursed by Arthur's blood, the characters will have to make their way into a world as magical as it is corrupt. Even in the darkest darkness, however, there are moments of joy. Some still keep the old way. The subjects still deserve the King's protection. Some good knights still seek the Grail. What will the role of your characters be in all this? (Or character, since the setting allows you to experience the adventure alone)

Game Master Guide

Unlike Vigilantes, Dark Camelot clearly distinguishes why most of the setting is hidden from the players. In addition to revealing who the mysterious assassin is (identity that lovers of the Arthurian cycle will have already guessed), the atlas of Arthur's lands, his neighbors and the fairy kingdom is highlighted. As if this were not enough to live great adventures, the populations and their interests on Camelot are described. Given the wide variety of themes introduced into the setting, such as the conflict between the Christian and Celtic religions, the powers of both faiths and their relics are described.

The introductory adventure, designed for characters on their first adventure, will guide them through the decline of Camelot. Within the one-shot, it will be possible to understand the principles of cavalry, loyalty and honor. Will players be able to juggle these ancient values?

Pregenerated characters and Bestiary

Just like Vigilantes, Dark Camelot also provides a varied bestiary, which complements the one present in the basic manual, and many pre-generated characters. The positive aspect of this great variety is to allow anyone, very easily, to try the setting. Any player will find a good character waiting for him and, perhaps, with whom he will be able to connect.

Where to get Dark Camelot?

As for the basic manual and Vigilantes, we recommend buying this little pearl directly on the "La Terra dei Giochi" website link. Given the low cost, the same as the Adventurers! I consider it a must have product for anyone who loves the Arthurian cycle.