DISCLAIMER: Codex Venator is one shared campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, created by Andrea Lucca, Alex Melluso and Enrico Romeo. The setting deals with issues such as racism; misogyny; explicit violence; religious extremism; experiments on living creatures; power abuse; limitations on personal freedom and occultism. This is not a setting with light themes and, for this reason, it is good that the reading is reserved for an adult audience.
In no case do the authors of these stories, of the adventures of Codex Venator or of other material derived from it intend to support or justify illegal behavior that is detrimental to the dignity of people.

Codex Venator

Warning: what you are about to read is the Voghera Codex Venator campaign. There may be spoilers.
Too many times the hunters of Viqueria have returned to their city heavy with blood and death, but stripped of their memories. At the dawn of a warm winter morning, Petra Dal Verme decides to put her thoughts and adventures to herself, so as not to succumb to the curse of memory. 
This is his diary.

"Let me tell you a story to chill the bones
About a thing that I saw "
(Dance of death - Iron Maiden)

My brother,
I entrust this letter to the faithful hands of Aloisio, with the recommendation to deliver it to you away from prying eyes. 
I would have liked to introduce myself to you in person, but my wounds are struggling to heal, despite the patient hands of the teachers: therefore I ask you for forgiveness, for the pain that I am about to cause you with my words.
A letter without ambassador has reached the door of our noble houses, grim and tempting.
"And you, silly legacy of what your ancestors once were, will bow your head in blind obedience." - "Don't keep me waiting."
I do not transcribe anything else of what I have read, in the unfortunate event that these lines should not reach your hands. 
A dark power declares itself stronger than the land of the Empire and the spirit of the Dogma, and claims Viqueria as its own. Perhaps, as you read, you will have already received news of what happened at the Villa delle Bambole: a servant of this crownless king tried to bend us to the will of his master, among those cursed walls. He did not succeed, but the memory of the icy flames that burn the skin, under the chainmail, and of the screams, is just enough to tear off any arrogance. 
I cannot lie to you, Enrico: what I have seen has the color of blood and hatred - I fear that a long and dark night is about to descend on our beloved city.  
However, my spirit is the most inadequate. 
I failed. 

I had the opportunity to prove my worth to my hunting companions, and I wasted it. Even more, my reckless actions have endangered the lives of our family members.
As I write, I can imagine the dry fold of reproach in your voice. Evil awaits and takes root, hidden everywhere, and you mourn your ineptitude? 
There is more. 
As you will certainly know by now, the Sannazzaros have abandoned the Castle of Valle Scuropasso, and now live within the walls of Viqueria. There, in the corridors of that manor lost in the woods, while we Cacciatori waited for Filippo Sannazzaro to receive us, a valet little more than a child showed us the tapestry hall. 
Among the fabrics that narrated the most recent history of the Sannazzaro family, only one carried the story of an ancient ruin - many days have passed, yet I still cannot leave the restlessness that I felt before that sight behind me: a black yarn of fine wool and silks, stretched as far as the eye can see, and just beyond the contours of a castle surrounded by flames. 

I asked the valet what that tapestry represented: the disasterhe said in a thin voice.
I couldn't find anything but this: in the past, the Sannazzaro castle was destroyed by an indomitable fire - and now an atrocious suspect eats my thoughts like a worm, a suspect I dare not put down on this parchment, for fear of make you my accomplice.
If you can, do a search for me: bring the story of the Sannazzaro family to light, find what has been written about the terrible disaster. Trace their genealogy, as far as you can find it, and pay particular attention to the lineage of Philip ... and that of Alexander.

I appeal to your wisdom, your knowledge and your discretion.
Burn this letter as soon as possible. 
Not a day goes by without me thinking of Bartholomew.
Forever Yours,