Warning: Unlike "The Hunter's Diary"This content deals with events that did not happen during one of the sessions Codex Venator. They are secondary stories, insights into characters and "filler" episodes written during the break. Welcome to Codex Venator: Off Season!

This you are about to read concerns Guido Trivulzio but it is not narrated in the form of a diary. Guido many times omits things or aspects of his character that he is not ready to face, not even on paper. In this episode you will see him a little closer, besides his black armor.

off season

Off Season: The awakening

The flames still inhabited Guido's nightmares. The spokesman for the Trivulzio family had tried everything that came to mind to drive them away: The wine could not put out the fire; the confession offered no relief to his soul and the apothecary's potions failed to support him. To escape his nightmares, he slept little and tried to wear himself out during the day. The lack of rest led him to get up in a bad mood and not see improvements with the passing of the hours.

That morning was worse. Much worse. 


Guido's sleep was interrupted by a messenger from the Elders and by his annoying knock on his door.


The bother must have been a boy, or a little more. His voice betrayed the youth and the recklessness with which he called his name. The Elders knew that Guido would not be angry with him, since the young Trivulzio were taught pride before education. Do not shoot the messenger. The Elders called and he had to answer, regardless of the time or day. All these good reasons didn't stop him ...

"Guid ..."

"What's up?"

The door had swung open, revealing the man's burnt body. He had run up, annoyed by the call, and had not bothered to cover the remains of what was once Guido Trivulzio. As he turned to the young messenger of the Elders, he had snarled, letting more anger escape than he shouldn't have wanted or wanted to show.


The young man's eyes were terrified. In Guido's memory, not many people in the family saw him like this. The boy probably did not understand that the man was sleeping and expected to find him presentable.


"Alessio, a Trivulzio does not hesitate in this way."

Guido ruled, trying to bring the young man back to reality. Unfortunately for him, Alessio needed a few minutes before returning to himself. 

To give the page time to recover, Guido turned and headed for the clothes. He passed in front of his mirror. She didn't look at him. She never looked at him from that Hunt. While the man was finally wearing breeches to cover him, Alessio allowed himself to take a few steps in his room. Austere like his master, Guido's lodging had very few trappings and offered few comforts compared to the life of the other Trivulzio. Only a painting, thrown or fallen to the ground, attracted Alessio's attention. The painting depicted a tall man with curly hair and green eyes. The well-defined face identified him as Guido before the accident.

"Why is it on the ground?"

Alessio wondered, bending silently to pick it up.

"Why did you disturb me?"

Guido's voice reached the young man's ears distorted by the helmet, giving him a feeling of familiarity. When he turned to the man, he noticed how he had worn the chainmail, helmet and trousers. He had tried to make himself presentable, although Alessio didn't know if he did it for him or for himself.

«The Elders summon you, Guido. They expect to see you as soon as possible "

The young man had instantly regained his composure and remembered his role, standing as a messenger of those who led the Trivulzio family. Guido nodded in understanding.

"Help me put on the armor and you can take me to them yourself."

Perhaps a little reluctantly, Alessio spent the next few minutes assisting Guido as he prepared for the battle. Ever since the cerusico had said that nothing could be done about his appearance, if not waiting for the ritual of Remembrance, Guido always showed himself this way. The fact that the young man had seen him naked represented all the annoyance aroused in man.

When the last of the swords was well tied, the knight made a silent gesture to the young man to make his way. For the long corridors that separated the reception area of ​​the Elders from the lodgings of the rest of the family, Alessio traveled with a ghost.

Off Season: The meeting with the Elders

"Ah, Guido. Long last!"

An intense smell of incense and the complacency of the Elders greeted the entrance of the knight who, without saying a word, advanced to the center of the room and bowed, waiting. Usually, the Elders allowed to get up shortly after listening to the treats.

"We've summoned you to talk about our guest."

This time it was not so. Guido immediately understood that there was something in the air. The Elders spoke in turns, often and willingly completing the other's thoughts. They knew many things and, thanks to their wisdom, they made sure that the Trivulzio family did not commit nonsense or mistakes.

«Our family has been lucky enough to receive the visit of a Dogma master of arms. A crusader is among us! "

The Elder did not hide his complacency at the news. From time to time someone received training from one of the Dogma crusaders but usually this meant imminent danger or a crusade on the horizon. The situation worried Guido.

"We want you to be the first of our hunters to undergo training."

The knight raised his head, doubtful and full of perplexity.

“It's a great honor, I don't doubt it. However, I have already been trained for battle. I don't want to waste anyone's time. Maybe some of the younger ones could benefit more than me ... "

The Elder's scepter struck the floor hard, calling the knight to silence.

«You are not the guide of the Trivulzio family, Guido, although you like to think otherwise. Your childhood games with other families, because such they are in our eyes, do not interest us. What we want to know is whether our spokesman obeys the Trivulzio, and therefore us, or himself. Outside this room, you can keep all the insubordination you prefer. "

Those words lashed the knight. If he could, he would have let his anger erupt with the force of a volcano right now. Every day he risked his life for the Trivulzio family, his loyalty was not to be questioned. The Elders shouldn't have dared! They could not…

"Command and execute, My Lords."

Guido had felt the gaze of the Elders on himself and evaluated the pros and cons of his anger. In the end, as always, the sages who led the Trivulzio family bent him to their will.

"Well. Very well, Guido. It seems that you may still be useful to us. You will meet the master of arms in an hour in the courtyard of the recruits. We await your relationship by sunset. If, as you claim, you already know what you're doing in battle, you should make great progress in a single day. "

In that sentence there was more mockery than challenge. Guido knew well the opinion that the Elders had about him, especially after the flames had taken on his previous appearance, but he constantly tried not to show how badly their disgust endured.

«As you wish, My Lords»

"You are dismissed, Guido"

The paternal voice of the last of the Elders, who until then had been unusually silent, allowed him to leave. The knight stood up, made a small bow and turned, heading for the exit.

“Ah, I almost forgot. Guido ... "

The same man called his attention as he prepared to go out.

“We think the time may have come for you to find a wife. Start reflecting on the question »

The father's voice had suddenly become bored, as if the man was talking about something particularly uninteresting. Guido turned and left without answering. He felt the flames of hatred rise in his chest. The Elders clearly wanted to humiliate him with one failure after another. With such an appearance, which woman could ever marry him?