Disclaimer: Those you are about to read are letters from Eleonora III of Bourbon, a character belonging to the Codex Venator campaign of the city of Naples. You will find in these pages all the summary of the first season played, so if you are new to the world of Codex Venator, I suggest you to pay attention to any spoilers. If you don't know the world of Codex Venator, we refer you to Official site and to a very small one presentation written long ago.
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The following message is contained in a short letter, sealed with the coat of arms of the Bourbon Family and addressed to the Seneschals of the cities of Italy. Together with it another letter is delivered, contained instead in an unsealed envelope and addressed to Guillaume di Borbone. 

To the respectable Siniscalchi of the Noble Cities all,

My noble gentlemen, 
I introduce myself. I am Eleonora III of Bourbon, noble huntress of the city of Naples, and I am writing this message to you since I am forced to make a simple but important request to your Lordships.

In recent times I have personally experienced numerous events that have shaken our beloved city. During the many hunts I took part in, I had the opportunity, together with the other Neapolitan hunters, to get in touch with different realities and to become aware of various phenomena that I consider to be of considerable importance. To date, for a number of reasons, I have therefore felt the need to draw up a complete report of what I consider to be the most relevant events that have taken place in recent months; the content of the letter that was delivered to you with this message is precisely the aforementioned report. It is intended for my father, the Noble Hunter Guillaume of Bourbon, currently on a mission in the wild lands and whose exact position I do not know. Since I know with certainty that he occasionally stops in the various cities scattered along our peninsula, what I ask you, my noble lords, is to deliver him this important letter in case you become aware of his presence in your city. Normally I would not dare to make such a request to individuals of your rank and your importance, but there is a reason if I find myself using such a device.

Although my father is the recipient of the letter, I want you to read this report as well, since I think it is necessary for everyone to know what is happening in Naples, or at least to the representatives of the Empire. I would also be very grateful if this information was also shared with the noble hunters of your city. However, although I am sure that you know perfectly well how to act in such situations, I ask you to treat with care the disclosure of some facts that you will become aware of, since they could cause unpleasant reactions in the most ... susceptible Hunters.

I therefore refer to you, noble lords of the most peaceful cities, and to your will, confident that you will accept my request and will know how to act in the best way.

In faith,
Eleonora III Bourbon
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