DISCLAIMER. Codex Venator is one shared campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, created by Andrea Lucca, Alex Melluso and Enrico Romeo. The setting deals with issues such as racism; misogyny; explicit violence; religious extremism; experiments on living creatures; power abuse; limitations on personal freedom and occultism. This is not a setting with light themes and, for this reason, it is good that the reading is reserved for an adult audience. In no case do the authors of these stories, of the adventures of Codex Venator or other material derived from it intend to support or justify illegal behavior that is detrimental to the dignity of people.
L'Ordo Fabularis would like to thank Magister Sermonis Alice Gritti for taking care of the correction of the texts.

codex venator

Livorno is safe.
Praise be made to the Unnamed for the success of the mission. 

While I am sitting at this desk, so many emotions crowd into my mind that I do not know what to narrate as the opening words of my writing. If I had to rely on instinct, or perhaps emotion, to decide, I believe that nothing is more suitable than the image of the First Hunter (who unfortunately, my sarcasm be forgiven, it is embodied in the person of that braggart with the gargantuan ego of Nicodemus). I still see him, with his trident in his hand, raised above the beast (the abomination that the people call Manticore) whose features were even more enormous than the ego of my kinsman: like the punisher that, ipso facto, he was.
There is some epic in the image of this man who pierces evil, freeing us all from his Mephistophelic influence; and I am terribly mortified by not knowing how to draw the deeds to be able to report them on these chronicles of mine, because undoubtedly all those who will come after us must know what heroism is, the strenuous defense of their homeland. Livorno will never be grateful enough to him for his service, and it is good that he has agreed to remain in office to train his successor. It was nice to see the Hunters finally united in this last yearning for life, or perhaps for death (the boundary between the two is always too thin).
Although it is always at the intervention of the Dogma (perhaps recalled by the faith of all of us who have been involved in the enterprise) that we owe the victory, I hope this may be the beginning of an era of balance for the City. 

There was a moment, in the heat of the struggle, when the Blood of some of us failed, getting lost in the impossible and carrying those poor unfortunate weak beings of flesh straight into the abyss of abomination. We had to kill them. This lack of them almost cost the lives of all of us. I admit I was afraid in those moments, but luckily it vanished after a moment. Killing a relative, someone close to you, still marks you in ways that ... Let's forget it. I loved Lodovico and I will never understand what happened… Perhaps oblivion is the only solution. 

The Inquisitor has perished in the clash, despite the boldness with which some of the bravest of us have thrown themselves to snatch him from danger. Praise be to the Unnamed who guided his blade to the final thrust. I do not know what was the name by which he was called among men, but I hope that my sincere thanks will still enrich his fame. 
It has been a long and exhausting battle, which I would like to describe in the manner of poets, but alas, when you are committed to fighting for survival you lose the overview. A similar thing has already happened to me ...

It's like ... like the memory of a dream. I could say that it was a prophecy that was given to me, but the fear of falling into heretical madness pushes me to not want to know anything about it. In addition, the sages of my people are used to saying that listening to the prophecies is the shortest way to get them fulfilled.
We have had enough misfortunes already, all we need is this!… I don't want to believe that we are all just puppets of something greater… That free will is closed to us. I find it disheartening. 

We had been informed of the sacrifice that would have been required for the success of the undertaking, yet nothing could prepare us for what was hidden under the city's cathedral. I was expecting proof of our Faith in the Unnameable. What I was not prepared to see was the change that the company made in me.
I will not deny that I have always possessed a fluctuating religiosity, made up more of the small earthly things than of the great philosophies, yet in the darkness of those tunnels I too discovered what it means to have Faith. Mine was the responsibility, as Head of the Hunt, for the safety of my companions, and those of my people always take seriously the responsibilities accorded to them. Nor do I deny that having a Forgiato available as a bridgehead was a relief, especially because the machine has done its duty with decent dignity. However, it remains clear that it is in the Blood of Hunters that the gene of victory lurks (and I begin to convince myself that Rodocanacchi is particularly distributed among us).
In total immodesty I admit that if the idea that a tribute was required for the passage had not occurred to me, we would probably all have perished inside the room in which we were, trapped by that invisible wall whose only key resided, precisely, in the shedding of blood. 

Do not look over his face, it could lead you to madness;

Do not pronounce his name, since your language would rot. 

This was written on the walls of the crypt, and this is what I have tried to do and enforce in my group. I don't like being the kind of guide who needs to restore order using authority, but in cases like the one we have experienced, you have to keep your hand in command and that's what I've accomplished. If my act of Faith is rewarded I will find out the day the Hunt brings me to His feet. 

This morning we received news of a convocation at the Seneschal halls to discuss the reconstruction of the City and the appointment of the one, or she, who will occupy the seat left too soon by the Inquisitor. I'm not sure what to expect after all the troubles that politics has brought to the Hunters' guild, and despite everything, I don't intend to miss such a forum. 

Around midday 

Here I am again, the ink-stained fingers moving as if guided by a higher force that requires more narration.
Yesterday's meeting brought, as I feared, good and bad news together. The Seneschal who was elected no more than a few weeks ago is missing, perhaps perished in the battle. All of us have found ourselves, under the gaze of the entire citizenry, having to take the situation in hand. It was not only voted for the Inquisitory seat, but also for the appointment of a new First Citizen. The choices fell on the people of Libero De Larderel, to whom my highest esteem and wish for a long life go, as the new Seneschal and Teodora Rodocanacchi as the new Supreme Inquisitor. Her studies in the Holy City and her fervent religious belief (she is Nicodemus's sister, what should we expect from her if not glory?), Make her the best person for the task ahead of her.
She brings further honor to our Family, proving herself a rare flower of nobility with the appointment of a Forged as her advisor. I knew of the tales of her talents, I still owe her a favor for past Caccia's actions and I already know that the esteem I have for her will only grow in the future. Similarly it will happen with Libero, whose passion for natural elements and lightning reminds me of some of the elves I spent my childhood with. I will do my part when he asks, I think I have already repeated it too much. 

After the time of the Remembrance of the heroes, of the battle and of the condolence, a period of reconstruction opens before us. We have the task of training the new levers so that they are ready when the danger returns, because I feel it in my bones that the battle is not yet over. Until then life can prevail over death, as well as light over darkness. The Unnamed will guide the steps of all of us along the way.