DISCLAIMER: Codex Venator is one shared campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, created by Andrea Lucca, Alex Melluso and Enrico Romeo. The setting Codex Venator deals with issues such as racism; misogyny; explicit violence; religious extremism; experiments on living creatures; power abuse; limitations on personal freedom and occultism. This is not a setting with light themes and, for this reason, it is good that the reading is reserved for an adult audience.
In no case do the authors of these stories, of the adventures of Codex Venator or of other material derived from it intend to support or justify illegal behavior that is detrimental to the dignity of people.
Codex Venator's Ordo Fabularis thanks Magister Sermonis Alice Gritti for correcting the texts.

codex venator

The following diary contains spoilers on the second season of Codex Venator Napoli.

Chronicles of the Dreamlike Wayfarer

Diaries of Heilsèn Borbone: "Before the Storm"

Eliminate all traces of the Order of San Gennaro ... how can I ever do such a thing? 
After all I've discovered, after what I have seen… No, I don't want to do this!
But I can't disobey the Flame of Vesuvius. I swore eternal loyalty to her, and I must follow her orders so that we, members of the Order of the Rosicrucians, can see the Vision of the Emperor come true.

I was a fool! Part of me knew I didn't have to ask you that question, yet I couldn't stop myself from asking it anyway. How did it occur to me to ask you if the Order of the Saint, also tied to its own prophetic vision, was in conflict with ours ?! What an idiot! I hoped with all of myself that both Orders could coexist but, apparently, that of San Gennaro must instead be made to vanish into thin air. And all this will have to happen by my hand. I suppose that the Emperor has seen - in his Vision - that this Cult will be the cause of horrible events that will affect all of us. Yet, the more I think about it, the more I can't understand why, after what was established, I was not commanded to eradicate the Order, but only to destroy any evidence of its existence. I try to dispel any doubts that I am feeling right now towards the Flame. I must remind myself that each of his orders is nothing but a direct command from our Lord. That the Will of the Emperor speaks through the Flame, and we must follow every single direction, for the good of all of us. Because he knows everything! But unfortunately, I cannot get rid of the thought that there are other reasons behind his order. Reasons that have nothing to do with Prophecy, but are instead linked to the personal interests of the Grand Masters of the Rosicrucians. I hope I'm wrong. Perhaps my mind is only still influenced by all politics, and by the discussions that took place this morning during the meeting with the Noble Hunters.

The meeting was held at the Duomo, and fortunately it was less turbulent than I expected, despite the tensions being numerous and particularly evident. The three heads of the noble Neapolitan families were present with us, together with that of the "family" Esposito of mercenary hunters. There has been a long discussion of numerous issues that we must face in the coming days: from trying to calm popular movements (and re-establishing a link with citizens), to finding an effective way to clean up the city and rebuild the walls. We have also been informed of the presence of Imperial ships, obviously with the Clan men on board, near the coast. It seems that Don Pietro, that carrion that I discovered having even given the title of "Siniscalco" of the City of Naples, is preparing to launch an attack on us. The area facing the sea, for now, is the only one, since the Walls fell, where it was possible to re-establish a stable defense against the Abominations. Knowing that the Clan has one of the most powerful relics in the city, I fear only the thought of what it intends to do.

Unfortunately, there was no way to discuss further about it, as we were interrupted by an Inquisition messenger, who hired us for a hunt in the Market Square. We immediately stopped the meeting to head to the scene.

Once we arrived, we found ourselves in front of a popular demonstration against the Clan. The person in charge of the movement, who I thought I understood was called Masaniello, came to meet us desperately asking for our help. In the midst of that multitude of people, huddled inside the square and trying to escape with difficulty, there was in fact a huge Abomination.
His appearance was gruesome: although he vaguely remembered a human being, he moved on all fours, and the skin of his back was torn and turned outwards, covering him like a cloak. But what really terrified me was seeing the poor people present there who, struck by the liquid that came out without stopping from that being, were also transformed into Abominations. Unfortunately, we found ourselves forced to take up arms against those creatures, despite being up to a few seconds before the innocent citizens. There was nothing we could do to save them and, at that moment, if we had not defended ourselves, we would have been killed by that horde.

Thus began one of the most frenetic hunts I have ever participated in. In a few moments, a series of events followed, each one following the other, while we were surrounded by chaos and confusion.

I saw my uncle Zacharias, a second earlier at my side mowing down entire hordes of monsters, suddenly being pushed several meters away from me, from the charge, a Taurine-shaped Abomination. Not even the time to be able to go to his aid which, behind me, I heard a cry for help, launched by Gennaro, while he was trapped by the tentacles of another monstrosity. Then turning back to Zechariah, I now saw him take down the miserable creature who had attempted to attack him, only to be immediately attacked by another beast.

I could go on for hours describing everything I saw during the battle, but unfortunately, although this would help me to distract myself from the thoughts that plague my soul, I will soon have to prepare myself to go and carry out the heavy task that has been entrusted to me.

In short, I don't know how long we fought, but in the end we managed to kill every single Abomination without falling among our companions. Only Donna Isabella, while she was passed out due to the huge injuries she suffered, risked being brutally killed by a herd of creatures. We must thank the providential help of Argento Esposito who, by summoning a mighty steed and throwing himself into the fray to go to his rescue, managed to get her to safety.

That man always manages to be so amazing! I still cannot understand how he manages to hunt and make such extraordinary deeds, despite not having the gift of sight.

After the rescue of the Noble Slayer, I believed that I would not see anything so spectacular and extraordinary for the rest of the day. When, suddenly, as I was about to decree the end of the hunt, the earth began to tremble and smoke escaped from Vesuvius.
I saw an expression of pure terror painted on the face of the hunters who witnessed the fall of Naples, which then turned into one of amazement and wonder when they saw part of the fallen walls of the city rebuild. Thanks to the power of the volcano, imposing walls have risen, formed not only of solid rock, but of fire and lava. And we owe all this to Damian.

Unfortunately, however, I can no longer continue writing. It is time for you to prepare me and meet me with Augusto Sansevero. I learned that he too has become a Rosicrucian, and I will need his help to carry out the first task that was entrusted to me: demolish the Crypts of the Order of San Gennaro. With his knowledge, and with the right Imperial explosives, it won't be difficult to do it.
But I don't know if I will have the strength to go all the way in my mission. I don't know if I will be able to commit that horrible gesture, which I was ordered to do after we destroyed the Crypts.
I can't believe I'm going to have to burn Alec's body. Not after all that we Hunters have done to him. Not after I finally managed to give him a worthy burial, near the grave of the woman he loved so much. His Rosa, to whom he addressed his last words before dying.

He doesn't deserve all this, he doesn't deserve it ...

(Heilsèn's hand trembles tracing these last runes on the pages of the diary, which are bathed in his tears.)